Blade Hands (spell)

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Blade hands.png Blade Hands
Level 5
School1 Transmutation
Casting noise 4
Spell noise 0
Causes long, scythe-shaped blades to grow from the caster's hands, increasing melee damage significantly.

While transformed, any equipped weapons are melded, and casting spells becomes somewhat more difficult.

Blade Hands is a level 5 Transmutations spell that greatly increased your damage in Unarmed Combat.

Useful Info

Casting this spell gives you the Blade Hands status for a spellpower-dependent duration. You'll gain the following:

Combat Bonuses


Blade Hands does not block mutations (other than claws), does not change your size, and gives no innate bonus to HP / AC. It is considered its own form, so it'll end other statuses like Ice Form or Dragon Form.


Blade Hands is essentially two-handed Unarmed Combat. Even at 0 Unarmed Combat skill, you'll hit as hard as a giant spiked club, while keeping the off-hand punch and swinging faster. It's certainly strong. However, the spell takes quite a bit of investment to get running, especially if you want to use heavy body armour. And if you're in light armour, then your defenses will be low.

Tips & Tricks

  • Like all slashing attacks, Blade Hands is a terrible choice for fighting hydras.
  • This spell will meld away even cursed weapons, allowing Ashenzari worshipers to have their hands bound and still use Unarmed Combat.


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