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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
The card depicts the figures of great beasts lurking in a sandstorm.

The Elements card summons natural creatures with some elemental ties. Three out of the four elements will be represented in each draw, and the beasts chosen scales with card power level:

Fire Ice Air Earth
Power level 0 v Fire vortex.png Fire vortex Y Ice beast.png Ice beast h Raiju.png Raiju l Basilisk.png Basilisk
Power level 1 9 Molten gargoyle.png Molten gargoyle h Polar bear.png Polar bear k Wind drake.png Wind drake Y Catoblepas.png Catoblepas
Power level 2 D Fire dragon.png Fire dragon D Ice dragon.png Ice dragon S Shock serpent.png Shock serpent 8 Iron golem.png Iron golem

It can be found in the deck of summoning.


In 0.20, the mottled dragon was replaced with a rime drake.

In 0.19, the boulder beetle was replaced with a catoblepas. Also the Elements card was one of only 23 cards to be kept as decks were simplified.

In 0.18, the salamander firebrand was replaced with a fire dragon.

The Elements card was added in 0.16 as a replacement of the eliminated the Herd card.

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