Scroll of recharging

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Scroll
Name Scroll of recharging
Icon Scroll of recharging.png
A scroll that restores the charges of any magical wand or rod chosen by its reader. When used on a rod, it increases the rod's maximum charges and increases the rate at which is regenerates power.

When read, a scroll of recharging will prompt you to select an item.

If you select a rod, the rod will be improved in three ways.

  • Its maximum MP capacity will increase by 1-2 (up to a maximum of 17).
  • Its current MP will be completely restored.
  • Its enchantment level will increase by 1-2 (up to a maximum of +9). This affects its melee capabilities and speeds up its MP regeneration rate.

If you select a wand, the scroll will add charges to that wand, as shown in the following table:

Wand Charges Added Max Charges
Heal wounds
1 - 7 9
1 - 13 15
1 - 22 24
Random Effects
1 - 46 48


  • Deciding when to use recharge scrolls, and on which items, depends greatly upon your needs. If your character needs healing, recharge scrolls are best saved for wands of healing. If your character has a high Evocations skill, improving your permanent rods makes more sense than recharging temporary wands.
  • If you are frequently using wands, keep an eye on their charges and recharge them while out of combat, rather than taking the time to recharge during a fight. This is particularly crucial in dire situations when an extra turn or two can mean saving your own life.


Scrolls of recharging were removed in 0.21. Wands now destroy when reaching 0 charges, and merge together on pickup so that each type of wand will only ever take up 1 inventory slot. Wands also identify on pickup, rather than requiring a scroll of identify.

In 0.16 many maximal charges increased.

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