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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
An arcane textbook containing magical spells of unknown origin.

Spell books are items that allow player to memorise spells.


There are two types of spell books: standard ones with a set name and list of spells, and randomly generated (randart) books that contain multiple random, but often thematically linked, spells.

Besides just finding them on the dungeon floor or in shops, spell books can be obtained by using acquirement or as gifts from Sif Muna or Kikubaaqudgha. Mage and warrior-mage backgrounds get a starting book, and Wanderers sometimes get one or two books, either of which may be randarts.

Spell books are identified automatically once the player steps on the square where the book is located. Once you pick up a book, the book is destroyed and new spells are added into your spell library.


Spell books are not exactly rare, but there are so many different ones out there that finding a specific spell book may be difficult or even impossible in a given game. While book shops provide a large, random assortment to choose from, spell books are also generally rather expensive. Thus, obtaining a specific spell book that you want can be a hassle, but you can alleviate this by worshiping the right god.

Sif Muna and Kikubaaqudgha both grant spell books as gifts. Sif Muna is the most generous in this regard: since the types of spell books granted depend on magical skills, you can influence them by training specific skills and thus raise your probability of getting the most useful spells for your play-style. Followers of Sif Muna will eventually have access to every spell in the game this way. Meanwhile, Kikubaaqudgha only grants Necromancy-related books (including the Necronomicon at the final piety level). It is also worth noting that Kikubaaqudgha starts granting books sooner than Sif Muna. Vehumet doesn't gift spell books, but instead periodically grants you the ability to memorise a single damaging spell (mostly Conjurations, but other spells like Ignite Poison or Airstrike are possibilities).

Note that you keep the spells from your gift books in your spell library even if you abandon your god. Some advanced players take advantage of this, serving Kikubaaqudgha until they get the Necronomicon (and can survive divine retribution), then leaving for another god who offers further powers.

Standard books

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