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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various orc monsters. For the player species, see hill orc.

Although bloodthirsty and cruel, orcs are by no means dim-witted. These subterranean brutes boast dangerous spell casters, dark priests of Beogh, and skilled warriors among their ranks, even if the vast majority of them are unskilled thugs who rely on sheer numbers to overcome foes. Great hordes of orcs inhabit the Orcish Mines, but they can be found throughout the Dungeon, the Depths, the Vaults, and the Elven Halls as well.

Orc Types

o Orc.png Orc- These untrained brutes are commonplace nuisances. They are lightly armed, lightly armored, and only especially dangerous early on. However, with the right weaponry they can still damage stronger characters, so don't allow them to swarm you while you take out bigger threats.

o Orc wizard.png Orc wizard- Early casters who come with a versatile array of spells: they can hit you with fire or cold Conjurations, hasten or turn themselves invisible, and will confuse or slow you given the chance. Handle with care while low level or low on willpower.

o Orc priest.png Orc priest- The most notable feature of the orc priest is its smite attack, which is unavoidable, irresistible, and can target you so long as the priest is in your LOS. Early on, this damage can be deadly. They can also heal themselves and their allies. Definitely make priests a high priority.

o Orc warrior.png Orc warrior- Hardier than ogres and able to hit you much more effectively. They are often equipped with strong weapons and armour, but their low EV and willpower makes them vulnerable to wands. They are dangerous in melee, and deadly to early characters.

o Orc sorcerer.png Orc sorcerer- Their capacity for draining you, summoning nasty demons, and paralysing you makes them one of the least pleasant orcs to face.

o Orc knight.png Orc knight- Basically a stronger orc warrior that is capable of buffing other orcs to deal much more damage. They may carry crossbows, making them very dangerous at range. As with orc warriors, giving them disabling status effects renders them much easier to deal with.

o Orc high priest.png Orc high priest- Capable of smiting you like a normal orc priest, but they also add summoned demons into the mix.

o Orc warlord.png Orc warlord- The beefiest orcs, orc warlords are extreme hazards in melee, and if they generate with crossbows, are deadly at any range. Handle with extreme caution, and be mindful of other orcs in their presence; much like knights, they can might everything around them.

Unique Orcs

o Blork the orc.png Blork the orc- An upgraded orc wizard, usually armed with a decently powerful weapon.

o Urug.png Urug- A nasty orc warrior who generates with a stack of javelins and the skill to use them well.

o Nergalle.png Nergalle- An orcish necromancer who summons and then hastes spectral orcs to aid her in combat.

o Saint Roka.png Saint Roka- The strongest orc of all, Saint Roka is an orc warlord of Beogh with smiting attacks and a large retinue of followers.