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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Plate armour
Size to wear Small, Medium
Armour Class 10
Encumbrance rating 18
Maximum Enchantment +10
Grants nothing
Time to Wear 5

A full suit of solid metal plate: cuirass, pauldrons, vambraces, waist plate and greaves. It provides excellent protection.

Plate armour is the heaviest common body armour. It provides excellent defense, although at a large cost to your ability to cast spells or evade attacks. You are virtually guaranteed to find at least one suit of this by the time you've cleared the Orcish Mines.

Plate armour is unique for being the only non-unrandart armour type capable of generating with the ponderousness ego.


Although not suitable for all characters, plate armour is generally considered to be a good equipment choice. If found with useful properties (such as fire resistance), a well-enchanted suit of such armour can serve for the entire game. At the very least, heavy fighters won't have better alternatives for a long time. Those who branch into a hybrid fighter/spellcaster role may eventually want to switch to a lighter suit of dragon armour, while pure-strength characters may eventually end up in gold dragon scales or crystal plate armour.


  • Prior to 0.14, the encumbrance rating was 19.
  • Prior to 0.10, plate armour was known as plate mail.
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Plate armour
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