Storm dragon scales

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Storm dragon scales
Size to wear Any
Armour Class 10
Encumbrance rating 15
Maximum Enchantment +10
Grants rElec
Time to Wear 5

The scales of a lightning-breathing dragon. It is heavier than most dragon scale armours, and gives its wearer great resistance to lightning discharges.

Storm dragon scales are a heavy suit of armour obtainable by slaying a storm dragon. The scales provide the same protection as plate armour, with a slightly lower encumbrance rating, while also giving electricity resistance.


Storm dragon scales are in a weird position. Plate armour has the same AC, but tends to be found much earlier (thus, sees the benefit of enchants for longer). Later on, characters focusing on heavy armour will prefer the more universally useful crystal plate armour or gold dragon scales, while hybrid characters would likely prefer the lighter weight offered by the other dragon scales.

However, for characters who cannot get rElec easily, a set of storm dragon scales remains a strong option to be considered. They are most useful in areas like Zot, where electricity damage is commonplace.


Storm dragon scales Storm dragon armour.png
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