Book of Wizardry

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Type Book
Name Book of Wizardry
A book of various magic spells, useful for any sufficiently-talented spellcaster. Mages of a scholarly nature consider it a point of pride to have contributed in some way to this work, though more than a few of them have been slain by jealous rivals using their own spells against them.

Most spells in this book require much training before they can be effectively cast. Haste is valuable to almost any character, while everything else here can be extremely useful to someone. Agony is an excellent damage source for Necromancy-specialists, Invisibility is wonderful for short blades-wielding stabbers, and Spellforged Servitor is a phenomenal damage booster for those who rely on Conjurations.


Tile Spell Type Level
Agony.png a - Agony Necromancy 5
Force lance.png b - Force Lance Conjuration 5
Dispersal.png c - Dispersal Translocation 6
Haste.png d - Haste Charms 6
Invisibility.png e - Invisibility Hexes 6
Spellforged servitor.png f - Spellforged Servitor Conjuration/Summoning 7


The Book of Wizardry was removed in 0.16.

Prior to 0.14, the book of Wizardry contained Fireball instead of Spellforged Servitor.

In 0.13 Force Lance replaced Lightning Bolt.

In version 0.8, it contained: Summon Elemental, Agony, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Haste, Invisibility, and Teleport Self.

Prior to 0.8, it contained: Selective Amnesia, Summon Elemental, Teleport Self, Fireball, and Haste