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Version 0.14: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Dithmenos altar.png "Spread the eternal night."

Dithmenos the Shadowed desires all to be darkness. In exchange for their life essence and that of the inhabitants of the dungeon, followers of Dithmenos gain a strange and otherwordly affinity to the shadows of their environment. Dithmenos despises sources of light, including most forms of fire, and forbids their use by worshippers; Dithmenos favours those who would instead destroy those sources of illumination.

  • No backgrounds start with this religion.
  • A temple god; guaranteed an altar in Temple or somewhere on D:2-9.


Racial Restrictions

Demigods cannot worship Dithmenos (or any other god). Dithmenos also refuses fiery beings (lava orcs) as worshipers.



Given Abilities

Piety level (-): “Gloomy”

  • No granted abilities.

Piety level (*): “Aphotic”

  • Umbra - You are surrounded by an umbra which expands with piety. This aura cancels out haloes, increases your stealth, and decreases melee/ranged accuracy of most creatures by 1+1d4. Dithmenos makes you immune to the accuracy penalty.

Piety level (**): “Caliginous”

Piety level (***): “Darkened”

  • Bleed Smoke - The player occasionally bleeds smoke on taking sufficient damage. The cloud always triggers on a 50% maximum HP attack. The lower bound goes down linearly to 0 damage at 200 piety.

Piety level (****): “Shadowed”

  • Shadow Mimic - The player's shadow sometimes mimics melee and ranged attacks (except needles) and targeted spells (so long as they're not self-targeted). This happens 10% of the time at 4*, and 50% at full piety.

Piety level (*****): “Eclipsing”

  • Shadow Form - Invisibility without magical contamination, resistance to many effects associated with darkness and 50% damage resistance at the expense of skill drain, a 50% reduction in melee damage output and a significant reduction in spell power. You bleed smoke on all incoming attacks. (Costs 9 MP, 10-15 piety, skill drain)

Piety level (******): “Eternal Night”

  • No new abilities.


While under penance, Dithmenos will sometimes punish you with one of the following effects:


While Dithmenos doesn't mind you using Lightning Bolt, he will object if you set a tree on fire with it. Air Elementalists of Dithmenos should be careful in wooded areas.


Dithmenos was added in 0.14.


Initially, this god was called "Dithmengos" which is an anagram for "Dsomething", an early placeholder name for the new deity.