Mottled dragon scales

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Name Mottled dragon scales
Size to wear Any
Armour Class 6
Encumbrance rating -5
Maximum Enchantment +6
Grants rSticky
Time to Wear 5

The scales of a mottled dragon. Although it does not provide its wearer with as much protection as the armour made from the scales of some larger dragons, it is somewhat lighter and less encumbering. It is also remarkably smooth, letting sticky flames flow off it like water.

Mottled dragon scales is a decent armour choice for stealthy or spellcasting characters, providing decent AC and GDR in exchange for a very small encumbrance rating, as well as protecting the user from Sticky Flame.

Unsurprisingly, you can get this armour by slaying a mottled dragon. It takes 5 turns to wear or remove.


The encumbrance rating on this armour is so small that even characters with a terrible Armour skill aptitude (such as spriggans, ogres, trolls, or deep elves) can easily overcome it. Unfortunately, it is rarely found lying around, and its special resistance to Sticky Flame is not very useful.

Some players will prefer the extra AC this armour gives, while others may find that a useful property (such as that from robe of the Archmagi, troll leather armour, or even just a leather armour of fire resistance) is more useful. Ultimately, it depends on your play style and what other equipment you have found.

Mottled Dragon Scales is the lightest Armour that does not permit casting of Ozocubu's Armour.

Armour Mottled dragon armour.png
Faerie dragon armour Faerie dragon armour.png


Acid dragon scales replaced mottled dragon scales in 0.20.

In 0.19, mottled dragon armour was renamed to mottled dragon scales.

Prior to 0.15, sticky flame was notorious for destroying scrolls in your inventory, making rSticky significantly more desirable.

Prior to 0.14, its encumbrance rating was 4, making it compatible with Ozocubu's Armour.

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