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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Norris @Norris.png
HP 138-280
HD 20
XP 5022
Speed 10
AC 1
EV 9
MR 140
Attack1 36 (hit: plain)

Type of Meat Clean
Resistances None
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type human, human
Flags Fighter
See invisible
A relaxed peace-in-death cultist with a healthy tan and a soothing voice. He doesn't really care if it is you or he who dies — “both” would probably be the best option.

“Death and death alone gives meaning to life and this meaning is entirely negative.”
-Georges Poulet

Useful Info

Norris the Nihilist is a dangerous unique spellcaster. While he generally arrives unarmoured and has no resistances, he tends to open combat by debilitating you with spells before sweeping in with powerful two-handed weapon attacks.



Spell set
Slot1 Brain Feed Priest flag
Slot2 Smiting (7-17) Priest flag
Slot3 Invisibility Priest flag
Slot4 Confuse Priest flag
Slot5 Paralyse Priest flag

Tips & Tricks

  • He has high HP, but little staying power. While you can protect against some of his spells with see invisible, clarity, stasis, or high magic resistance, hitting him with a fast overwhelming offense gives him little time for trickery. Just be aware that he hits hard in melee; flimsy characters in particular may find it worth enduring some smites and intelligence damage to keep him at range.
  • Norris also appears in Dungeon Sprint: Red Sonja.


  • In 0.19, Norris himself finally bit the dust.
  • In ancient versions of Crawl, Norris' tile showed him carrying a surfboard.