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-The CrawlWiki Staff

This is a community-edited encyclopedia that aims to document all the information in the roguelike game Dungeon Crawl.

We need your help to maintain our site. If you find out something interesting, spot an error, or just want to help, please sign up. For those of you who have never added something before, don't worry. It's not very challenging and the wiki has a very useful help section explaining in detail how to do everything. Head over to the Community discussion page to see what is going on at the moment, or take a look at some of the currently listed projects.

You may also wish to visit the official homepage of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, or go directly to the download of the most recent version.

This wiki contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, stop reading now!

The Crawl Wiki is kept up to date with the latest stable release: 0.15

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