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*[[Wand of paralysis]]
*[[Wand of paralysis]]
*[[Wand of disintegration]]
*[[Wand of disintegration]]
*[[Wand of enslavement]]
*[[Wand of clouds]]
*[[Wand of scattershot]]

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
An unusually magical sort of stick.

"[The principle of selection] is the magician's wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases."

-William Youatt, _Sheep: their breeds, management, and diseases; to which is added the Mountain Shepherd's Manual_, ch. III. 1837.

A wand is a magical device that contains several charges of a specific spell or effect.

A player may zap a wand in the inventory with the V key (that is, evoking it). This releases its magical effect at a target of the player's choice, and one charge of the wand will be depleted. The number of charges on a wand is always known, and wands of the same type will merge when picked up, taking up only one inventory slot and having the combined number of charges that the two previous wands had.

Once a wand's charges are used up, the wand is destroyed.

A wand's spell power equals 15+2.5×Evocations, though this is still limited by the spell power caps for the spell cast. For monsters zapping wands, the power is normally 30+hit dice, although this can vary greatly depending on the type of wand. Some monsters, particularly uniques, may start with wands in their inventory.

Xom is greatly entertained (200) when you use a wand of random effects on yourself or others.

List of wands

Image Wand Description Max charges per
individual wand on pickup
Usable by monsters[1]
Wand of acid.png Acid Corrodes the target temporarily 15 Yes
Wand of clouds.png Clouds Blasts a cone-shaped area with various destructive clouds 9 No
Wand of digging.png Digging Creates a tunnel through the targeted wall tile 24 Yes
Wand of disintegration.png Disintegration Disintegrates the target or object 24 Yes, but damage is reduced to 2/3 of normal
Wand of enslavement.png Enslavement Charms the target temporarily 24 Yes, confuses the player
Wand of flame.png Flame Shoots a puff of flame at the target 48 Yes
Wand of iceblast.png Iceblast Casts a field explosion of cold 15 No
Wand of paralysis.png Paralysis Paralyzes the target temporarily 24 Yes
Wand of polymorph.png Polymorph Target reforms as a random creature 24 Yes
Wand of random effects.png Random effects Randomly selects one of several effects 48 No
Wand of scattershot.png Scattershot Fires powerful blasts of metallic shrapnel 9 No


Wand bone.png Wand brass.png Wand bronze.png Wand copper.png
Wand glass.png Wand gold.png Wand iron.png Wand ivory.png
Wand lead.png Wand plastic.png Wand silver.png Wand wood.png

High-tier wands

Some wands are considered too dangerous to be generated in the inventory of monsters with HD less than 5. Monsters with the No high tier wand flag are also excluded. Ijyb is the exception to this rule.


  • Prior to 0.21, wands did not merge on pickup and had a maximum charge limit, though you could have multiple wands of the same type in your inventory. Wands had an unknown number of charges on pickup, and zapping the wand in this state would waste charges. The current number of charges could be discovered by identifying the wand, either by using a scroll of identify or by zapping the wand with Evocations skill (higher skill increased the chances of identifying the remaining charges). Wands were not destroyed upon reaching 0 charges, instead remaining inert in your inventory; scrolls of recharging existed, which would recharge on average about half a wand's charges. 0.21 removed wands of confusion and lightning.
  • Prior to 0.20, another type of evocable item called rods was available, and rods of clouds and iron took the place of wands of clouds and scattershot, respectively. Also, Deep dwarves had an innate ability to recharge wands. 0.20 also removed the "big three" wands (heal wounds, hasting, and teleportation), three highly valued helpful wands.
  • Prior to 0.18, wands did not display the maximum charges possible when identified. 0.18 also removed the wand of cold, draining, fire, fireball, frost, invisibility, and magic darts, but introduced wands of acid and iceblast. Wands of fire, cold and draining were considered high-tier wands.
  • Prior to 0.16, wands were not automatically identified when picked up. However, zapping a wand with an unknown number of charges did not waste any charges.
  • Prior to 0.15, wands weighed 10.0 aum each.


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