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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.


Cards are game elements that are not items, but only as the possible effects of evoking of a deck item, which are gifted by Nemelex Xobeh. There are two aspects to the potency of a card's effect, called "power" and "power_level" in the source code.


Power is used as a basis for determining the power of any spells cast by the card, and is computed as follows:

  • Base power is nine times your Invocations skill
  • Ornate decks add 150 to the base power; legendary decks add 300.
  • Characters under Nemelex penance subtract their penance score from the power.
  • Nemelex worshipers in good standing add (Piety × (Invocations + 25) / 27) to the power.

Power level

Many cards use the power level to determine what they do. By default, the power level of a card is zero; ornate and legendary decks can boost the power level:

  • Ornate decks get one (power in 700) chance to boost the power level.
  • Legendary decks get one (power in 500) chance and one (power in 700) chance.

Lists of cards

Currently available cards

Removed cards


Prior to 0.19, there were many more decks, decks cound be found on the floor and card power scaled off Evocations with and without Nemelex.

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