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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

For the obsolete item, see potion of blood.

Blood is a liquid present within most natural creatures.

What has blood

Most player species have blood. The player species who don't are: undead species (Ghoul, Mummy, bloodless Vampire), Gargoyle, and Djinni. Players may turn into a plant, nonliving, or undead transformation (Tree Form, Statue Form, Storm Form, Death Form...), which removes blood while it lasts.

Draconians and players in Serpent Form are cold-blooded.

Most monsters that are natural, and that are not insects, arachnids, jellies, or eyeballs, have blood. Some non-natural monsters, such as vampires, will also have blood. If a monster has either the "warm-blooded" or "cold-blooded" tag, it has blood.

Useful Info

While blood seems cosmetic, creating blood splatters all over the Dungeon floor, it is used for a few mechanics within the game:

  • The spell Sublimation of Blood can only be cast if you are in a form with blood.
  • Vampiric attack flavours (e.g. attacks from vampires; not including the vampiric weapon brand) only work on a target with blood.
  • Skysharks check for blood with their Bloodzerk attack flavour. If a Bloodzerk deals damage to a target with blood, the skyshark will gain might for a short period. If the skyshark damages a valid target with bloodzerk again, it will go berserk.
  • The player demonspawn mutation, Ignite Blood will create flame clouds whenever blood would splatter.

Blood temperature

Creatures with blood can either be cold-blooded or warm-blooded:

In addition, cold-blooded monsters are slowed twice as long by Metabolic Englaciation.
  • Warm-blooded creatures have no specific vulnerabilities (other than having blood in the first place).