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* [[Pandemonium lord]]s' spell sets and attack brands are revealed.
* [[Pandemonium lord]]s' spell sets and attack brands are revealed.
* Monster summons disappear whenever the summoner changes alignment from being charmed/uncharmed, pacified, or slimified.
* Monster summons disappear whenever the summoner changes alignment from being charmed/uncharmed, pacified, or slimified.
* [[Confuse]]d monsters now get a 1 in 3 chance to move normally, like players do.
* [[Confusion|Confused]] monsters now get a 1 in 3 chance to move normally, like players do.
* [[Giant]] monsters no longer tear through [[web]]s.
* [[Giant]] monsters no longer tear through [[web]]s.

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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.23 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup released on February 7th, 2019.


Branches, Environment

  • Traps have been overhauled:
    • Traps that generate on the ground are always revealed.
    • Exploration has a chance to trigger a "trap effect" independent from terrain traps. The possible effects are alarm, shaft, and teleport near monsters.
    • Monsters only trigger traps in sight of the player.
    • Alarm traps now always Mark the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
    • Net traps now try to net the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
    • New trap: dispersal trap. When triggered, every actor in sight of the trap is blinked.
    • Trap placement in Ossuaries, Zot:5, and Tomb has been overhauled. In Zot:5 and Tomb, all mechanical traps save for net traps have been removed.
    • Grate traps (triggered by pressure plates) have been removed.
  • A new Gauntlet portal that replaces Labyrinths:
    • Gauntlets have the player choose a path through several combat arenas, each of which contains (sometimes exotic) monsters and loot.
    • Access to each arena is one-way using transporters. Teleports and the Passage of Golubria spell are disabled.
    • All paths lead to the minotaur who guards the exit and a pile of treasure.
    • Gauntlets are found where Labyrinths previously generated.
  • Support for seeded play:
    • A new option for pregenerating the entire connected dungeon based on a fixed seed has been added. This takes a bit of time, but ensures that any playthroughs of a particular seed will use the same dungeon.
    • This option is not yet available for online play, but can be used offline. See the manual section "Seeded play" for details.
    • The dungeon RNG has been separated from the gameplay RNG to allow this feature to work.
    • Each game seed generates a unique dungeon (including layout and monster and item placement) that is always the same for the same version of Crawl, as long as levels are generated in the same order.
    • If you see that two games with the same seed generate a different dungeon, please report this as a bug!
  • New early vaults featuring thematic item shops and monsters guarding manuals, as well as new ghost vaults for many branches.
  • Two new dungeon layouts enabled, one for Dungeon and one for Lair.
  • Translucent doors that can be seen through when closed have been added and are now used in some Elf layouts and some vaults, including most runed door vaults.


  • The player can no longer be put to sleep when paralysed or petrified.
  • Tengu Permanent Flight becomes immediately available at XL 5.
  • Tengu EV bonuses are no longer applied to +EV from equipment.
  • Wanderer starting spell libraries are announced along with equipment.
  • Wanderers that start with exactly one level 1 spell start with it memorized.


  • Nemelex Xobeh has been reworked:
    • Decks are accessed through abilities and no longer exist as items.
    • Nemelex offers three abilities: "Draw Escape", "Draw Destruction", and "Draw Summoning", which provide card effects.
    • The deck abilities do not have rarities; card power levels are determined by invocations and piety alone.
    • Nemelex periodically adds cards to the three abstract decks.
    • Triple Draw works on the three decks as before, offering a choice of three cards. The piety cost is increased.
    • Deal Four deals four cards from a deck and has a reduced piety cost.
    • Stack Five constructs a player-ordered stack of five cards drawn from any of the three decks to be drawn later. Creating a new stack discards the old. The piety cost is the same as old stack five.
    • The Velocity card no longer hastes enemies, instead always slowing them with a chance proportional to power.
    • The Storm card has been revised. It now performs a wind blast followed by one to nine electrical explosions.
  • Elyvilon's Heal Other is adjusted:
    • The formula depends only on monster type, not specific monster max HP.
    • Player ghosts and Pandemonium lords are now immune.
    • The targeter displays the pacification chance.
  • Ashenzari protects followers from exploration based trap effects.
  • Qazlal's cloud immunity is extended to elementals created with Elemental Force.
  • Fedhas' protection of plants from player spells is extended to LOS-wide attack spells.
  • The acid damage from Makhleb's Minor Destruction has been reduced.
  • Exploration-based piety is no longer granted for the Temple, deep water, or lava.
  • Monster conversion for Beogh, Gozag's Bribe Branch, and Jiyva is attempted upon sight instead of on the turn after the monster enters LOS.


  • Spell damage message punctuation has been adjusted to reflect damage done using the same scale as melee damage.
  • Damage brand message punctuation has been similarly adjusted.
  • Monster descriptions in 'xv' display spell ranges.
  • The Religion screen '^' gains a fourth pane for gods that need Extra information:
    • Ashenzari displays information about bondage status.
    • Beogh displays a list of named followers, with gifts.
    • Gozag displays bribe information.
    • Hepliaklqana displays ancestor upgrades.
    • Nemelex Xobeh displays deck information.
    • Wu Jian displays information about martial attacks.
  • The Hepliaklqana ancestor reaching full health interrupts resting. The exact behavior of this interrupt can be configured by rest_wait_ancestor.
  • The new display_chars cloud_weak, cloud_fading, and cloud_terminal indicate remaining cloud duration in console.
  • WebTiles users can use a "Forgot Password" link to reset their password via a link sent to their registration email address. This feature is not yet enabled on most official servers.


  • Unrandart changes:
    • New Unrand: the +8 demon trident "Rift" {distort, reach+}. A distortion demon trident with a reaching range of 3 and smite targeted attack.
    • The Singing Sword's sonic damage effect is stronger, can trigger at low tension, and triggers only on-hit. It also gains the vorpal brand.
    • The Spriggan's Knife converts all stabs to sleep-tier stabs and loses Dex+4 and MR+.
    • The robe of Misfortune is +5 {*Contam *Corrode *Drain Harm *Slow EV+5} and is now always identified.
    • The sceptre of Torment is now a +7 eveningstar of pain, and its torment does not affect the wielder.
    • The arc blade's effect now casts static discharge only once, but at very high spellpower. The weapon's enchantment is now +8.
    • Finisher loses Str+3 and gains a chance to instant-explode the target.
    • The robe of Clouds is now +3 {+Thunder rCloud rElec}, providing evocable storm clouds in place of its old mist.
    • The storm bow no longer occasionally creates rain clouds.
    • The skin of Zhor gains SInv and a passive Metabolic Englaciation effect.
    • Unrandarts with melee effects that could anger nearby allies give a proper warning.
  • Wand charges for wands of digging, enslavement, flame, paralysis, polymorph, and random effects have been reduced.
  • Butchering a corpse always leaves a skeleton.
  • The blowgun targeter now displays the chance to affect the target.
  • Stash search can now search by handedness.


  • The custom `require` used in clua and dlua has been renamed `crawl_require`.
  • A new function `spells.path` has been added to the `spells` module to provide access to the targeter from clua.




The bugfix release of 0.23.1 was released on February 28th, 2019.

  • Vampiric attacks by the player against allies created from Sticks to Snakes and the Ratskin Cloak no longer restore HP or give vampires satiation.
  • Damage from Ozocubu's Refrigeration has been increased to the correct amount.
  • Placement for the uniques Aizul, Bai Suzhen, Donald, Jorgrun, and Mara has been fixed so they can place throughout their intended level ranges.
  • The chance of Boris to respawn has been lowered to match previous rates.
  • Yellow draconians now correctly receive their rCorr mutation at XL 7.
  • 45 bugfixes, adjustments, and cleanups in total.