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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Gods are a central concept to Dungeon Crawl. The game's pantheon features 25 distinct deities, and they provide increasingly powerful abilities to their worshipers, but punish them for any violation of their individual commandments. Your character may only worship a single god at once, and most gods punish followers for abandoning them, so choose wisely.

The pantheon

Joining a god

You may become a follower of a god in a number of ways. You can begin with a religious background (Berserker, worshiping Trog; Abyssal Knight, worshiping Lugonu; or Chaos Knight, worshiping Xom). Otherwise, you may pray ('p' in .18 and older, > in .19) at a god's altar, where you will be shown a description of the god (and their commandments) and are given the option to worship them.

Orc priests, orc high priests and Saint Roka may offer hill orcs the opportunity to convert to Beogh (guaranteed the first time they see one of these monsters). This conversion can be done by using the special 'a'bility Convert to Beogh. All orcs within sight of the player will be pacified the first time the player uses this ability in a game.

Some species have religious restrictions on which gods they may worship.

Changing or renouncing gods

You can abandon your god for another by praying at your new god's altar, or by renouncing your faith with the "Renounce Religion" ability. The latter can be done at any time as a special ability (command a). In addition, good gods will excommunicate you for casting the spell Necromutation, and Yredelemnul will excommunicate you for casting Statue Form.

Abandoning a god will always incur penance and usually results in divine retribution, with a few exceptions. Leaving a good god will incur penance, but they will not exhibit wrath upon you unless you begin worshiping an evil god (Beogh, Yredelemnul, Lugonu, Kikubaaqugdgha, or Makhleb). Additionally, Zin will punish you for joining Jiyva or Xom, who are chaotic gods (along with Lugonu). Bear in mind that the good gods never forget about you; even if you join an evil god 100,000 turns later, you will still incur their wrath for doing so.

Switching between good gods (Zin, Elyvilon, or The Shining One) will not result in any divine retribution. In fact, half of your piety will carry over from one god to the other upon conversion. Note that switching back to the first god will not restore piety; the number is simply halved again.

Ru will never inflict divine retribution for abandonment, but any sacrifices that the player makes are permanent.


Altars for most gods (except Lugonu, Jiyva, and Beogh) are likely to appear in the Ecumenical Temple, which holds anywhere from 6 to 14 altars. Any altars not found in the Temple are guaranteed to appear in the main Dungeon between level 1 and level 9. Additional altars may be found in various other locations deeper into the Dungeon and its sub-branches.

Lugonu's altars may be found in the Abyss or in the rare corrupted version of the Ecumenical Temple. Jiyva's altars may found at the entrance to or inside the Slime Pits, and, very rarely, early in the main dungeon. Finally, altars to Beogh can appear in the Orcish Mines, or more rarely in the main dungeon, most commonly near the entrance to the Orcish Mines.

Players may also find a faded altar in the early Dungeon. Praying at a faded altar allows the player to convert to a randomly selected god with additional piety.

0.20 release introduced transporter vaults, which have a chance of an altar to Lugonu or Jiyva, as well as other gods

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  • In 0.19, Uskayaw the Reveler and Hepliaklqana the Forgotten joined the pantheon, and Pakellas the Inventive, the engineer god of magical devices, was removed.
  • Pakellas the god of magical gadgets joined the pantheon in 0.18.
  • Prior to version 0.9, one did not incur penance by switching from one good god to another. This was removed, since it allowed for Zin worshipers to safely switch to Jiyva by momentarily switching to TSO or Elyvilon. Switching between good gods is still safe, since no wrath will be exhibited, but if you leave for an evil god you will be facing the wrath of both (or all) of your former gods.
  • In 0.8 instant divine retribution was removed. You could also find altars in the main Dungeon at level 1.
  • Prior to 0.6, altars were not always guaranteed to appear in the Ecumenical Temple or between Dungeon levels 2-9.
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