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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Magic is a very broad term in reference to Crawl, potentially referring to many things. An overview of the relevant articles is as follows:

Player spellcasting

Refers to the ability of players to memorize and cast spells. See:




Monster spellcasting

Refers to the ability of monsters to cast spells. Note that many monster abilities which are thematically 'innate' are actually implemented as spells in Crawl. The following articles and categories provide useful info:

Magic items

Many items in Crawl are magical. A complete list would be quite long, but they include:

Melee Short BladesLong BladesAxesMaces & FlailsPolearmsStavesUnarmed Combat
Ranged BowsCrossbowsThrowingSlings
Physical FightingArmourDodgingStealthShields
Magical SpellcastingInvocationsEvocations
Spell Schools AirCharmsConjurationsEarthFireHexesIceNecromancyPoisonSummoningTranslocationsTransmutations