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Version 0.14: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This page is about the monster-only spell. For the targeting mode, see List of spells by flag (smiting).
Level 4
Casting noise 0
Spell noise 0
This spell smites your foe with divine wrath.

Smiting is a monster-only spell which instantly and unavoidably deals 7-17 damage to a single target. This spell can affect any target within the caster's line of sight regardless of obstacles in the way (except for transparent walls), ignores AC, and cannot miss its target. It is notoriously deadly in the early game, so much so that it led to wide usage of the term "smite-targeted" to refer to any unavoidable LOS-targetable effect.

Although its damage output is relatively minor for an established character, smiting can quickly destroy low-level characters who underestimate the threat posed by an orc priest at the edge of their field of vision. Mid- and late-game characters can better survive the spell, but it is still capable of wearing them down or finishing them off if already wounded. No matter how skilled or well-equipped you are, there are only two effects in the game capable of reducing the damage from Smiting:

As such, most players consider smite-capable enemies to be high priorities, killing them quickly or fleeing behind a corner to lure them into a more manageable range.

The following monsters can cast Smiting:

Divine Smiting

Certain gods may smite those who have angered them. When this occurs, it deals 4 + 1d10 + 4d(your experience level) damage, which can potentially be quite devastating. However, there is a Piety/400 chance that your current god will shield you from this, negating it entirely. Whether the smite hits you or not, this event still decreases your penance counter.

Player Version

Although you cannot learn the spell Smiting, worshipers of Beogh are given a Smite power. This functions identically, except that its damage is determined by you Invocations skill:

Damage = 7 + 33 * (1d(30 + 6 * Invocations) - 1)/191

At 27 Invocations, this allows for a maximum of roughly 40 damage, though low to mid 20's are much more common. Also, each use of this ability consumes some piety as well as MP, making it impossible to spam for long.

Smite Targeting

These player-usable spells have the same targeting rules as Smiting, despite not being smiting attacks.

These spells have similar targeting rules, but can target any grid square, not just those that contain a creature.

Note that smite targeting cannot fire from behind a transparent wall, but can fire from behind an iron grate.


Prior to 0.11, players could gain access to smiting through a rod of smiting.