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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Rapier
Skill Short Blades
Damage 8
Accuracy +4
Base delay (%) 12 (120%)
Min delay 5 at skill 14
Hands 1H
Size Medium
Ranged? No
A slender, sharply pointed sword, with an uncommonly elegant design.

The rapier is the short blade with the highest base damage, making it a desirable choice for both stabbing and actual melee combat (though quick blades are generally considered more powerful). Rapiers are fairly uncommon, but some early- and mid-game monsters wield them (such as the unique summoner Eustachio, the deadly scientist Nikola, and the deep elves of the Elven Halls). Coupled with a flat-damage brand such as electrocution, pain, or distortion, a rapier can be a devastating weapon.

Note that rapiers are special-cased to have a minimum delay of 5, even though all other weapons with a base delay of 12 have a min delay of 6.


In 0.19, the base damage of rapiers was increased from 7 to 8.

Rapiers were added in 0.16, replacing cutlasses.

Mundane Rapier1.png
Magical Rapier2.png
Artifact Rapier3.png
Captain's cutlass Captain's cutlass.png
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