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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Trishula
Skill Polearms
Damage 13
Accuracy +0
Base delay (%) 13
Min delay 6 at skill 14
Hands 1H
Size Medium
Ranged? No

A blessed trident moulded by cleansing flame, with three points symbolising the combined might of the three holy gods. It is a favoured weapon of the Shining One's servants.
This weapon falls into the Polearms category. It can be used with one hand, and it is better for the dexterous.

The trishula, like the eudemon blade and the sacred scourge, is a formerly-demonic weapon which has been blessed by the Shining One. You can create one by having TSO bless a demon trident. The ensuing trishula is an excellent defensive weapon, combining adequate speed and damage with a reaching effect and the ability to wield a shield with little negative impact. Its holy wrath brand makes it excel in the late game, a perfect weapon to poke enemies with from behind a wall of summoned angels and daevas.

Unlike the other TSO-blessed weapons, trishulas are not randomly generated, although Mennas may carry one.

You can turn a trishula into a demon trident by using Kiku's or Lugonu's final ability to replace its brand with pain or distortion, though this is rarely a good trade.

Trishula Demon trident
Trishula.png Demon trident.png


A trishula is a stylized trident which is often seen as a Hindu or Buddhist religious symbol. Its exact symbolism varies from story to story, but it repeatedly sees use as a divine weapon wielded by numerous gods.


Prior to 0.10, these had 14 base damage but lacked reaching.

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