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*1: harmless
*1: harmless
*2: 10-22 damage (checked by AC)
*2: 10-22 damage (checked by AC)
*3: 3d15 explosion, or [[Petrification]]
*3: 80% chance: 3d15 explosion, or 20% chance: [[Petrification]]

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

A miscast effect occurs when a player fails to cast a spell successfully. These can range in severity from completely harmless to inflicting heavy damage and magic contamination, depending on the school of magic that is used.

Failure to cast spells causes various generally nasty things to occur, becoming nastier with spell level and spell failure. Miscasts come in a severity scale 0, 1, 2 and 3. 0 is always harmless, although it can occasionally make a moderate amount of noise.

There is a special case if Hell's mystical force produces a miscast effect that spawns any monsters: those monsters are not summons and are worth experience.

Unless otherwise stated, all miscast effects for a given school and level are equally probable.

Air Magic


  • 1: smoke or 6-12 damage
  • 2: 9-25 damage or 3d12 explosion
  • 3: 12-40 damage or 3d20 explosion


The Divinations school has long since been removed from the game, but its miscasts remain. They can be triggered by Sif Muna's wrath, the Staff of Wucad Mu, or any source of "random miscasts".

  • 1: confusion or no effect
  • 2: confusion plus either 1-3 INT loss or 3-12 MP loss
  • 3: confusion plus either 3-5 INT loss or 5-24 MP loss

Earth Magic

  • 1: harmless
  • 2: 10-22 damage (checked by AC)
  • 3: 80% chance: 3d15 explosion, or 20% chance: Petrification



Fire Magic

Ice Magic

  • 1: nothing, or 4-8 damage only if the player has cold vulnerability (rC-).
  • 2: 5-16 ice damage plus temporary -Potion, or 3d11 ice explosion
  • 3: 9-31 ice damage plus Frozen status effect, or Freezing Cloud


Torment, rotting, and draining damage have no effect on undead. For spells, no effect at all if Kiku** and Piety/150 chance. These effects are also frequently seen as death curses from non-plain mummies. For death curses, if Kiku**, then Kiku has a 1/2 chance of blocking it entirely, otherwise reduces the severity by one level.

Poison Magic

Poison resistance blocks the damage and stat loss, and renders the clouds harmless.

  • 1: 7-15 poison damage or Mephitic Cloud on your location only
  • 2: 14-30 poison damage, large Mephitic Cloud, or temporary poison vulnerability
  • 3: 20-54 poison damage, Poisonous Cloud, or random stat loss 1-5


Spatial vortexes and greater demons summoned in this manner are durably summoned, so they do not time out and cannot be abjured.


  • 1: 4-12 damage (1/2 chance), 4-10 damage and Blink (1/3), or spatial vortex (1/6)
  • 2: 9-31 damage (3/7 chance), 5-13 damage + confusion + 66% chance blink, 33% chance teleport (2/7), 1-3 spatial vortices (1/7), or banishment[2] (1/7).
  • 3: 15-43 damage plus Dimension Anchor, 9-25 damage plus confusion plus teleport, banishment[2], or 0-18 glow.


  • 1: 1-11 damage, summon 2-4 giant cockroaches, or random uselessness
  • 2: polymorph, 3-25 damage, weakness ,or 0-18 glow
  • 3: polymorph (1/2 chance), 3-20 damage plus 0-34 glow (1/6), 5-27 damage plus remove mutation (1/6), 5-27 damage plus 1-2 bad mutations (1/6)

Hell effects

Hell's mystical force selects a miscast or other effect with the probabilities given below. As noted further down, it will always try to place a Malign Gateway instead of banishing, as banishment is rarely more than annoyance for a character that can handle Hell.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Only caused by normal miscasts, not by hell effects.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Attempts to banish. This fails if it's a Hell effect miscast, or if you're in the Abyss with a depth/5 chance. If it fails, attempt to place a Malign Gateway. If that fails, reroll the effect.
  3. If this fails to place, reroll.

See Also

Magic contamination


In 0.16, many magic miscast effects received a significant overhaul.

Prior to 0.14, Hell's mystical force could paralyze the player.

Prior to 0.13, Zot traps inflicted a random severity 3 miscast, instead of having a hardcoded list of effects.