Bolt of Inaccuracy

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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Bolt of Inaccuracy
Level 3
School1 Conjuration
Casting noise 0
Spell noise 3
This spell inflicts enormous damage upon any creature struck by the bolt of incandescent energy conjured into existence. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to aim and very rarely hits anything. Pity, that.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 10d(4+Power/10)
Max Damage 10d(12.6) ~ 68 (Evocations at 27)
Max Power 1000
Range 7
Targeting Bolt

Bolt of Inaccuracy is a level 3 Conjurations spell (but since it's only available through a rod of inaccuracy or extremely rare uses of the tome of Destruction, Evocations determines its potency). It deals severe irresistible damage to anything it strikes, and has a range almost equal to your line of sight that is unaffected by the number of targets it hits, but it can only reliably hit the least evasive monsters in the game.


  • Although this spell will miss its target often, its damage output becomes absurdly high at high Evocations skill. Considering that it costs you nothing except for a very small amount of hunger and the half turn it takes to wield the rod, it is actually a very powerful (if situational) spell to any character willing to train the needed skill.
  • Sleeping or petrified opponents are easy targets, and even if you miss, the spell produces such a small amount of noise that you're unlikely to wake a sleeping target up. Consider it a long-range equivalent to Stabbing. Long lines of opponents in narrow hallways are also good targets; although you probably won't hit everything, you're likely to hit at least something.
  • The following monsters have such lousy EV that you should be able to hit them semi-regularly (not a complete list):
  • Hitting your target with Corona, Sticky Flame, or Fedhas Madash's Sunshine ability will significantly increase your accuracy, making it a much easier target. The Shining One's Halo aura is even better, automatically highlighting almost everything on the screen.
  • Vehumet worshipers also enjoy improved use of this spell, as he increases Bolt of Inaccuracy's range to include your entire line of sight (great for sniping sleeping shining eyes).


Prior to 0.12, this spell was available in one of the rods of destruction.