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  |name        = Dagger
  |name        = Dagger
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| '''[[Morg]]''' || [[File:Dagger_morg.png]]
| '''[[Morg]]''' || [[File:Dagger_morg.png]]
| '''[[Vampire's Tooth]]''' || [[File:Vampire's_tooth.png]]
| '''[[Spriggan's Knife]]''' || [[File:Spriggan's_knife.png]]
| '''[[Spriggan's Knife]]''' || [[File:Spriggan's_knife.png]]

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Name Dagger
Skill Short Blades
Damage 4
Accuracy +6
Base delay (%) 10 (100%)
Min delay 5 at skill 10
Hands 1H
Size Little
Ranged? No

A double-edged fighting knife with a sharp point.

The dagger is the smallest combat short blade, extremely accurate but surpassed in terms of damage by the short sword. However, the dagger receives the largest stabbing bonus in the game. Backgrounds that lend themselves to a "stealth-and-stab" style of combat (such as assassins and enchanters) may go through the entire game with a dagger, as a skilled stabber with a good dagger can one-shot sleeping dragons and giants with ease.

Mundane Dagger.png
Magical Dagger2.png
Artifact Dagger3.png
Morg Dagger morg.png
Spriggan's Knife Spriggan's knife.png
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