The Slime Pits

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Version 0.29: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
The Slime Pits are the amorphous realm of acids, jellies and slimes. Even the walls drip with painful acid. Any trace of intelligent beings has long been dissolved. Still, there are rumours of great treasures deep down, hidden safely away in secret chambers without any entrance.

Slime entry.pngThe Slime Pits are a 5-floor branch full of amorphous horrors. Four guaranteed treasure vaults, a large amount of experience, and the slimy rune of Zot await anyone able to find their way to the bottom of the Slime Pits, but its difficulty and unique challenges make it dangerous for all but the best-prepared characters. Stairs to the Slime Pits can be found on the bottom floors of the Lair. While the entrance is found in the Lair, it is much more dangerous than the 2 other branches that can be found there (Swamp, Shoals, Snake Pit or Spider's Nest), and should be attempted later in the game.


Superficially, the layout of the Slime Pits resembles the Orcish Mines: each floor is either a single large irregular chamber or several smaller chambers connected only by stairs. Like the Orcish Mines, you can use a wand of digging to connect separate chambers together, easing travel. Bear in mind, however, that the walls of the Slime Pits are harmful to touch; every time you end a turn adjacent to a wall (even diagonally), you take a small amount of acid damage. Running through long, narrow hallways results in significant exposure to this damage. You can make your own 3-tile-wide hallways to be safe, but whether or not it's worth the time and wand charges is up to you.

Useful Info

Entering the Slime Pits unprepared can be an extremely costly mistake for low-level characters. The branch is home to high level jelly monsters that are fast and can inflict immense damage. Acid blobs rapidly corrode your equipment at range and melee, azure jellies have multiple cold attacks, quicksilver oozes have antimagic attacks and can engulf you, and rockslimes can trample you. You'll also find shining eyes that induce numerous bad mutations.

It's much safer to explore here after acquiring (in order of importance):

The wide open floors and caustic walls make it impossible to effectively bottleneck opponents; expect to be swarmed by slime creatures and worse if you rush in too quickly. Fortunately, almost every monster here is mindless and silent, making it easy to creep forward, attract the attention of a single opponent, and lure it back a safe distance before killing it in privacy. When possible, limit yourself to quiet spells unless you feel confident about reliably nuking herds of jellies.

Exploration of the Slime Pits will turn up very little apart from monsters and traps. There is no loot to be found outside of the boss' chambers, and only one unique is capable of spawning here (Dissolution, a deadly jelly priest who should be killed as quickly as possible to avoid his Summon Eyeballs spell).

One thing to keep in mind about the monsters you find in Slime is that few possess resistances other than poison or acid, and even fewer have any AC or EV worth mentioning. The major exceptions are rockslimes. The lack of EV means that low-accuracy, high-damage spells such as Iron Shot, Lehudib's Crystal Spear, or Starburst are highly effective, while the lack of AC can make spells such as Airstrike or Lee's Rapid Deconstruction (but not Shatter!) quite effective.

Slime: 5

The fifth and final floor of the Slime Pits is an open chamber with a large, non-corrosive stone structure in the middle, made from four quarter-circle vaults. The floor is populated with eyes and jellies like the floors above, but in the center of the structure you'll encounter the boss of the Slime Pits, the Royal Jelly (see its article for advice on defeating it). Once TRJ is dead, the translucent walls of the treasure vaults will vanish.

Alternatively, you can avoid all of this conflict by worshiping Jiyva, the god of slimes. Doing so will render all monsters in the Slime Pits neutral to you, and at high enough piety, the walls of the vaults will disappear, allowing you to grab the rune and the loot. Of course, said loot will swiftly be devoured by nearby wandering slimes, so if you want any of it, act quickly; a potion of haste, Swiftness, and Apportation can all help you save particularly choice bits from being devoured (though at the very least, you'll be left with the artefacts and the rune).


G Golden eye.png Golden eye G Shining eye.png Shining eye G Eye of devastation.png Eye of devastation
G Glowing orange brain.png Glowing orange brain G Great orb of eyes.png Great orb of eyes J Jelly.png Jelly J Slime creature.png Slime creature
J Quicksilver ooze.png Quicksilver ooze J Azure jelly.png Azure jelly J Acid blob.png Acid blob J Rockslime.png Rockslime


J Dissolution.png Dissolution @ Donald.png Donald J The Royal Jelly.png The Royal Jelly


  • 0.27 added rockslimes and quicksilver oozes, while removing death oozes and eyes of draining.
  • Prior to 0.19, the Slime Pits had six floors, and killing The Royal Jelly simply turned the walls of the final floor's vaults into translucent rock, leaving the problem of getting inside the vaults to the player. Some jelly creatures were also capable of eating items on the floor.
  • Prior to 0.18, there were an amulet of resist mutation, and an amulet of resist corrosion that were both useful for exploring Slime Pits. The later was changed into a ring.
  • Prior to 0.17, Slime:6 prevented Teleport control.
  • In 0.13, spiny worms could be found here. They were removed in 0.14.
  • Prior to 0.7, the walls of the Slime Pits did not inflict acid damage.