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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

The following is a list of all rods which have existed over previous versions of Crawl:

Rod Removed in Spell A Spell B Spell C Spell D
Iron rod 0.20 Scattershot - - -
Lightning rod 0.20 Thunderbolt - - -
Rod of clouds 0.20 Cloud Cone - - -
Rod of demonology 0.14 Call Imp Abjuration Summon Demon -
Rod of Discovery 0.8 Detect Secret Doors Detect Traps Detect Items Magic Mapping
Rod of fiery destruction 0.14 Throw Flame Bolt of Fire Fireball -
Rod of frigid destruction 0.14 Throw Frost Throw Icicle Freezing Cloud -
Rod of ignition 0.20 Explosive Bolt - - -
Rod of inaccuracy 0.20 Bolt of Inaccuracy - - -
Rod of shadows 0.20 Weave Shadows - - -
Rod of Smiting 0.11 Smiting - - -
Rod of Striking 0.16 Striking - - -
Rod of Summoning 0.12 Recall Call Canine Familiar Summon Swarm -
Rod of Destruction (fire) 0.13 Throw Flame Bolt of Fire Fireball -
Rod of Destruction (ice) 0.13 Throw Frost Throw Icicle Freezing Cloud -
Rod of Destruction (inacc, magma, cold) 0.13 Bolt of Inaccuracy Bolt of Magma Bolt of Cold -
Rod of destruction 0.14 Lightning Bolt Iron Shot Fireball -
Rod of destruction 0.18 Random Bolt - - -
Rod of the swarm 0.18 Summon Swarm - - -
Rod of Venom 0.14 Olgreb's Toxic Radiance Poison Arrow Poisonous Cloud -
Rod of warding 0.14 Abjuration Condensation Shield Cause Fear Deflect Missiles


All remaining rods were removed in 0.20. The lightning rod was converted to an evocable item, and the rod of clouds and iron rod were converted to the wand of clouds and scattershot respectively.

The rods of destruction and the swarm were removed in 0.18.

The rod of striking was replaced by the iron rod in 0.16.

The rod of shadows and rod of clouds were both added in 0.14.