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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The benchmark species against which others are compared, humans play a major, though somewhat inconspicuous role in the far-flung realms of Dungeon Crawl. Aside from a somewhat increased presence as specialized guardians of the Vaults, humans tend to be scattered widely across the Dungeon and its branches, arriving most often as unique, individually-named foes rather than as generic types of monster - they are arguably the one species best represented in this way.

The following is a list of humans appearing as monsters in all their various incarnations across Dungeon Crawl:

Generic humans

p Human (monster).png Human - Occasionally found tending sheep, warming by fires, and generally eking out a meager existence in the Dungeon.

Generic human variants
Deformed human.png - All manner of deformed and sickly humans (and other species) can be found in Cigotuvi's Fleshworks.

Human types

p Wizard.png Wizard - These eccentric magic-users possess an eclectic spell-set replete with dangerous conjurations and enchantments.

p Necromancer.png Necromancer - Akin to the wizard, but with a focus on death magic. Generally come with an undead entourage.

p Death knight.png Death knight - Warrior-priests of the dark god Yredelemnul who can invoke necromantic powers. Often accompanied by several undead thralls.

p Master elementalist.png Master elementalist - Exceptional mages who have mastered spells from all four schools of elemental magic.

p Hell knight.png Hell knight - Powerful warriors that employ the very fires of Hell itself. Often found roaming the deeper portions of the Dungeon in groups.

Vault guardians

p Vault guard.png Vault guard - Unexciting but durable foot soldiers armed with heavy weapons and sturdy armour.

p Vault sentinel.png Vault sentinel - Vigilant guards who can put the entirety of the Vaults on alert, then mark intruders to ensure their elimination. May come with a crossbow.

p Ironbound convoker.png Ironbound convoker - Guardians that recall and strengthen reinforcements from elsewhere on the floor.

p Ironbound frostheart.png Ironbound frostheart - Armored ice mages; their magics imbue nearby walls with lethal cold.

p Ironbound preserver.png Ironbound preserver - Support units that absorb part of the damage inflicted on their allies, effectively doubling their HP until the preserver dies.

p Vault warden.png Vault warden - Chief enforcers of the Vaults. They are entrusted with the ability to seal doors and stairs, trapping trespassers until one or the other dies.

Desolation guardians

a Servant of whispers.png Servant of whispers - Forsaken monks that have learned to still the air and unleash divine thunder.

a Ragged hierophant.png Ragged hierophant - Mages that maintain and support the Desolation's construct enforcers.

a Imperial myrmidon.png Imperial myrmidon - Elite cultists which strip your willpower in preparation for their dangerous Hexes.


p Demigod.png Demigod - As a half-mortal, one of a demigod's parents is ostensibly of human ilk.

p Killer Klown.png Killer Klown - Pie-throwing fools that are nevertheless found among the most elite guardians of the Realm of Zot.

Unique humans

@ Jessica.png Jessica - A low-level spellcaster who appears in the very early dungeon, preying on the weak.

@ Terence.png Terence - A violent murderer hiding out in the early dungeon, he is most threatening to weak, low-level characters.

@ Sigmund.png Sigmund - An older, more dangerous brother to Edmund, his scythe and spells are the bane of low-level characters.

@ Edmund.png Edmund - A weaker, younger brother to Sigmund who focuses entirely on melee combat with an enchanted flail.

@ Eustachio.png Eustachio - A magnificently mustachioed summoner found early in the game.

F Prince Ribbit.png Prince Ribbit - His current froggy exterior belies his true form, which is only revealed to be human upon death.

@ Maggie.png Maggie - An inexperienced adventuress who hopes to achieve glory through dragonslaying.

@ Joseph.png Joseph - A mercenary in a stupid hat who can hit hard with his staff and sling.

@ Psyche.png Psyche - A winsome but unstable magess, Psyche comes with a mixed bag of chaotic spells and a nasty dagger.

f Maurice.png Maurice - A sly thief capable of pick-pocketing his foes mid-combat.

x Erica.png Erica - An adventuress found in the mid-game; hydra-slayers everywhere covet her flaming blade.

@ Harold.png Harold - A middle-aged bounty hunter nearing retirement; he specializes in tracking and trapping his quarry.

@ Josephine.png Josephine - A withered, decaying necromancer who travels with an entourage of wraiths.

@ Rupert.png Rupert - A wild berserker with a devastating voice, Rupert charges headlong with a powerful, two-handed weapon.

@ Frances.png Frances - A skilled warrior who once defeated a demon. She wrested her dark powers and demonic servants from said foe.

@ Kirke.png Kirke - An enchantress bent on forcing unwary victims to join her herd of hogs.

@ Louise.png Louise - A sorceress who spent far too long in the Abyss and is eager for others to share her fate.

@ Donald.png Donald - An irritable adventurer skilled at swimming; he often possesses a rare shield of reflection.

@ Nikola.png Nikola - A mad scientist frightfully gifted at wielding electrical magic.

@ Margery.png Margery - A particularly skilled hell knight who has slain multiple dragons in single combat, judging by her dragonhide armour.

@ Frederick.png Frederick - A powerful demigod who searches the lowest reaches of the Dungeon for worthy opponents.

@ Cloud Mage.png Cloud Mage - Resident of the Cloud Mages' Chambers and exceptionally skilled with Air Magic.

@ Hellbinder.png Hellbinder - Master of the Hall of the Hellbinder, their infernal incantations bring damnation and demons upon their foes.

Obsolete humans

@ Michael.png Michael - A departed spellcaster, as unremarkable as his name would suggest. Removed in 0.6.

@ Duane.png Duane - A weak, large-eared mercenary who possessed a few minor spells. Removed in 0.8.

@ Norbert.png Norbert - A monster-slaying warrior who would deem your character as such. Removed in 0.8.

@ Francis.png Francis - A wizened wizard who could summon dangerous demons. Removed in 0.8.

@ Jozef.png Jozef - A tall bounty hunter who was known for vexing characters with a number of traps and tricks. Removed in 0.11.

@ Paladin (monster).png Paladin - A very rare holy monster, complete with halo, who was on a quest for The Shining One. Removed in 0.13.

@ Maud.png Maud - A female warrior known as much for her weaponry as anything else. Removed in 0.19.

@ Norris.png Norris - A cultist armed with brain and brawn, Norris charged headlong into death. Removed in 0.19.

p Slave.png Slave - Held in Pikel's thrall, these pathetic figures were a threat to low-level characters but would be freed if their master died. Replaced with lemures in 0.26.

p Ironbound beastmaster.png Ironbound beastmaster - A warrior who mastered the art of taming dangerous beasts and could command several such creatures in battle. Removed in 0.28