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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The benchmark species against which others are compared, humans play a major, though somewhat inconspicuous role in the far-flung realms of Dungeon Crawl. Aside from a somewhat increased presence as specialized guardians of the Vaults, humans tend to be scattered widely across the Dungeon and its branches, arriving most often as unique, individually named foes rather than as generic types of monster - they are arguably the one species best represented in this way.

The following is a list of humans appearing as monsters in all their various incarnations across Dungeon Crawl:

Generic humans

p Human (monster).png Human - Occasionally found tending sheep, warming by fires, and generally eking out a meager existence in the dungeon.

Generic human variants
Deformed human.png - All manner of deformed and sickly humans (and other species) can be found in Cigotuvi's Fleshworks.
Human monk.png - Ghosts of human monks periodically appear within Wucad Mu's Monastery.

Human types

p Slave.png Slave - Held in Pikel's thrall, these pathetic figures are a threat to low-level characters.

p Wizard (monster).png Wizard - These curious magic-users possess an eclectic spell-set, replete with dangerous conjurations.

p Necromancer (monster).png Necromancer - Akin to the wizard, but with a focus on death magic. Generally come with an undead entourage.

p Death knight (monster).png Death knight - Warrior-priests of the dark god Yredelemnul who can invoke necromantic powers.

p Master elementalist.png Master elementalist - Exceptional mages which possess spells from all four schools of elemental magic.

p Hell knight.png Hell knight - Powerful warriors often found together that employ the very forces of hell itself.

Vault guardians

p Vault guard.png Vault guard - Plentiful lumbering oafs with heavy weapons and sturdy armour.

p Ironbrand convoker.png Ironbrand convoker - Recalls and buffs enemy units from elsewhere on the floor.

p Ironheart preserver.png Ironheart preserver - Soaks partial damage for other enemies, effectively doubling their HP until the preserver dies.

p Vault sentinel.png Vault sentinel - Wakes up nearby enemies, afflicts you with Sentinel's Mark, often has a crossbow.

p Vault warden.png Vault warden - Can open or seal shut doors and stairs around you, forcing you to kill him to escape.

Desolation guardians

p Servant of whispers.png Servant of whispers - Forsaken monks that have learned to still the air and unleash divine thunder.

p Ragged hierophant.png Ragged hierophant - Mages that maintain and support the Desolation's construct enforcers.

p Imperial myrmidon.png Imperial myrmidon - Elite cultists which strip your magic resistance in preparation for their dangerous Hexes.


p Demigod (monster).png Demigod - As half-mortal, one of a demigod's parents is ostensibly of human ilk.

p Killer Klown.png Killer Klown - Pie-throwing fools that are nevertheless found among the guardians of the Realm of Zot.

Unique humans

@ Jessica.png Jessica - A low-level spellcaster who appears in the very early dungeon, preying on the weak.

@ Terence.png Terence - A violent murderer hiding out in the early dungeon, he poses most threat to weak, low-level characters.

@ Sigmund.png Sigmund - An older, more dangerous brother to Edmund, he is the bane of low-level characters.

@ Edmund.png Edmund - A weaker, younger brother to Sigmund who focuses entirely on melee.

@ Eustachio.png Eustachio - A mustached summoner found early in the game.

@ Maurice.png Maurice - A sly thief capable of pick-pocketing his foes mid-combat.

@ Psyche.png Psyche - A winsome but unstable magess, Psyche comes with a mixed bag of spells and a nasty dagger.

@ Joseph.png Joseph - A mercenary in a stupid hat who can hit hard with his staff and sling.

F Prince Ribbit.png Prince Ribbit - His current blink frog exterior belies his true form, which is only revealed to be human upon death.

@ Erica.png Erica - An adventuress found in the mid-game; hydra-slayers everywhere covet her flaming blade.

@ Harold.png Harold - A middle-aged bounty-hunter; he's nearing retirement, but still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

@ Josephine.png Josephine - A decaying necromancer with an escort of wraiths.

@ Louise.png Louise - A sorceress who spent far too long in the Abyss and is eager for others to share her fate.

@ Donald.png Donald - An irritable adventurer at home in water; he often possesses a rare shield of reflection.

@ Frances.png Frances - A skilled warrior who once defeated a demon and wrested dark powers and demon servants from said foe.

@ Kirke.png Kirke - A skilled enchantress bent on transforming unwary victims into one of her hogs.

@ Rupert.png Rupert - A wild berserker with a devastating voice, Rupert charges headlong with a powerful, two-handed weapon.

@ Nikola.png Nikola - A mad scientist frightfully gifted with wielding electrical forces.

@ Cloud mage.png Cloud mage - Resident of the Cloud Mages' Chambers and exceptionally skilled with Air Magic.

@ Hellbinder.png Hellbinder - Master of the Hall of the Hellbinder, their infernal incantations bring damnation and demons upon their foes.

@ Margery.png Margery - A particularly skilled hell knight who once slew a dragon in single combat and still wears its hide as armour.

Obsolete humans

@ Michael.png Michael - A departed spellcaster, as unremarkable as his name would suggest. Removed in 0.6.

@ Duane.png Duane - A weak, large-eared mercenary who possessed a few minor spells. Removed in 0.8.

@ Norbert.png Norbert - A monster-slaying warrior who would deem your character as such. Removed in 0.8.

@ Francis.png Francis - A wizened wizard who could summon dangerous demons. Removed in 0.8.

@ Jozef.png Jozef - A tall bounty-hunter who was known for vexing characters with a number of traps and tricks. Removed in 0.11.

@ Paladin (monster).png Paladin - A very rare holy monster, complete with halo, who was in quest for The Shining One. Removed in 0.13.

@ Maud.png Maud - A female warrior known as much for her weaponry as anything else. Removed in 0.19.

@ Norris.png Norris - A cultist armed with brain and brawn, Norris charged headlong into death. Removed in 0.19.