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(Removed staff of enchantment)
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In [[0.13]], the [[Staff of channeling]] will be removed. The new [[Staff of energy|staves of energy]] will allow the player to channel energy.
In [[0.12]], the [[Staff of enchantment]] was removed.
In [[0.12]], the [[Staff of enchantment]] was removed.

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A magical staff is a device which enhances your spells in one of a variety of different ways. It occupies your weapon slot and can be used as a +0, +0 staff in combat if need be. Unlike normal weapons, they cannot be enchanted in any way (and neither can they be corroded). Instead, some magical staves deal additional elemental damage based on your skill in Evocations and the corresponding school of magic, or provide other effects.

All magical staves auto-identify when wielded, but be aware that they can be cursed.

Enhancer Staves

The following staves all serve as spell power multipliers for spells of their respective spell school, while penalizing spells of their opposing school (if any). Some may also add elemental damage or other effects when used in melee:

Damage Dealt: 0 to 1.25×(School+Evocations/2)
Chance to Activate: (Evocations+School/2)×6.66% per hit

Other Staves

The following staves have effects independent of spell schools:

None of the above staves grant any melee bonuses.

There are also a number of artefact staves, but they are technically classified as weapons rather than magical staves. Click here for more details.


Magic staff 1.png Magic staff 2.png Magic staff 3.png Magic staff 4.png Magic staff 5.png
Magic staff 6.png Magic staff 7.png Magic staff 8.png Magic staff 9.png Magic staff 10.png


In 0.13, the Staff of channeling will be removed. The new staves of energy will allow the player to channel energy.

In 0.12, the Staff of enchantment was removed.

Prior to 0.8, the chance of a magical staff auto-identifying when wielded depended on the skill of the wielder in its corresponding school (or Spellcasting if none applied).

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