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The learndb entry as it was before it was deleted can be seen at To read ortoslon's selection of ~150 favorites, visit

  1. A tree race, that moves super slowly but can spread roots to scout ahead. Gains different fruits it can drop from its branches as it goes up in level.
  2. Randomly replace the Slime Pits with the Oklob Farms branch!
  3. Nymphs!
  4. Nymphs who will have sex with the player!
  5. Plumber class, starts with +1 plunger, +0 pipe wrench and no pants.
  6. Rename orb guardians to guardian robots again, and let them repair each other when damaged.
  7. Randomly determine (but don't tell) the number of runes needed to be able to go to Zot (between 3 and 6).
  8. Rune shop! At Geryon's, sells three runes, for 3000, 9000 and 27000 gold.
  9. Full colour animation cut scenes.
  10. A graphical tile interface, so players don't need to read to play Crawl! [IMPLEMENTED]
  11. More elaborate instadeaths.
  12. Keystroke combos for super moves and fatalities.
  13. The royal jelly is dead, long live the royal jelly (promote any existing jelly on the level to a new royal jelly).
  14. Spife fork.
  15. More fruits: pineapples, tangerines, passionfruit! Because dpeg loves fruit.
  16. Character is affected by scurvy if they've not eaten fruits for a long time.
  17. The pineapples should combo with scrolls of charging.
  18. Crawl really needs mind flayers
  19. Ask lorimer about stuff that's really not working in NH and add it.
  20. You should get a combo multiplier for subsequent kills.
  21. And it should say "M-M-M-MULTI KILL"
  22. On the player's fiftieth ascent with the Orb, a special golden-yellow pandemonium demon named Jubilex should be generated.
  23. wandering mushrooms should summon oklob plants.
  24. ... and 13-headed hydras.
  25. There should be a spell/god/an effect that makes everything explodable. [IMPLEMENTED in 0.13, scrolls of immolation]
  26. The penance for this new god should be that he makes your inventory explode.
  27. Fire magic title should be Pyromaniac, not Pyromancer.
  28. Cocktail spell: takes a minor food item from your inventory and turns it into a grenade.
  29. If nothing else, the ability to create explosions on demand should be a Wizard-mode ability.
  30. Burning Man festival in Hell!
  31. Vampire players should have a chance of meeting a unique named Buffy.
  32. No free pass for naming the character "Angel".
  33. Or Spike.
  34. Hutts as a playable species.
  35. Deck of Xom
  36. Vampire bats should get echolocation!
  37. forgetting how to eat instead of how to breathe, so that the char will gradually starve
  38. Killer Klowns get a tickle attack that leaves the player helpless for d3 turns.
  39. Killer Klowns get flower and butterfly splatters instead of blood splatters
  40. sticky poison spores!
  41. Modification of the HP bar to display unicode heart symbols instead.
  42. When at full "hearts" your melee attack will shoot out across the screen.
  43. enchanted food has a chance of not being destroyed when digested and is reusable after coming out
  44. Turtles in the sewers!
  45. A lobster god that gives the player crustacean powers with increasing piety, with a claw hands mutation ability.
  46. Add in Magnopterans, dpeg!
  47. axes of distortion can play loud music
  48. Real Life(tm) Church of Xom. Church today, mosque tomorrow.
  49. Add randart traps. Beware of Joseph, the electrocuting blade trap!!
  50. A mystical word that you can write on the floor that makes monsters stop attacking you. Something Elvish!
  51. A game-tracked 'illiterate' conduct, to reduce the side-effects of #56 on game balance.
  52. If several oklobs can see each other, they should organise themselves and be more intelligent. I demand firing patterns (Feuerwalze) and so on.
  53. let the "polymorph other" spell bounce!
  54. player-controlled ghosts! show your opponent *how* your MDFi kills!
  55. if you apply more than three different temporary brands to a weapon it has a chance to get a permanent distortion brand
  56. torment statue: torments you every single turn that you are in its LOS.
  57. Ogre Ballerina. They lose quite a few weapon skills, but in return they've got much higher evasion and stealth scores that really helps them survive.
  58. Sexy Gnolls!
  59. Sharks should be able to use lasers to highlight important points in their Powerpoint presentations.
  60. Nose Piercings: Permanently wear an extra ring. Removal/wearing costs max hitpoints. See idea for fashion god. Minotaurs automatically get to wear noserings free of penalty.
  61. Gloves and boots are found as separate left and right parts. Bonuses from the items can only be obtained with two matching items. Handedness can only be identified via scroll of identify.
  62. Randart socks. One missing from each pair, can only wear the when you find other one in abyss.
  63. Voice acting for crawl. Ijyb voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, Sigmund by Sean Connery.
  64. Inscribing your weapon with !x should make the game prompt when Xom tries to animate it.
  65. DWIM (Do What I Mean) key that takes the most appropriate action for your character automatically.
  66. Xom should occasionally gift -2 stones of distortion. When thrown, you're randomly abyssed. Oh, and they're cursed. You can't change your quiver.
  67. Wands of digging should be lethal to rock trolls
  68. Level with all walls replaced with oklobs
  69. PvP!
  70. An extra limb mutation: one more ring slot, allows one to wear a [[shield] and wield a 2-handed weapon, among other bonuses. But cuts evasion and doesn't allow heavy armour!
  71. when you abandon a god all his gifts explode
  72. after a set amount of your summoned demons die a pan lord comes up looking for them
  73. new earth ultimate spell: lcs storm!
  74. Evoke a katana to commit seppuku
  75. A farmer class which starts with an inventory full of food and a hoe (new polearm) and a straw hat and an axe, a shovel, and a bag of seeds (Crawlvest_Moon)
  76. Yaktaur Commando with Gatling crossbow.
  77. a Sauna portal vault with lots of steam and ogres
  78. miniature hydrae, which CAN be decapitated with quick blades
  79. add a unique Blademaster named Tz'zird to the Elven Halls
  80. why chop off only hydra heads? let there be a chance for every monster with a head, depending on the weapon and the monster! for example, orc slaying randarts should be likely to decapitate orcs...
  81. Very low intelligence should degrade the amount of information you get about monsters and items: "hobgoblin" -> "two-legs", "orc warrior" -> "hard two-legs", "spear" -> "pointy thing".
  82. Dwarves should get extra nutrition from rats.
  83. dogs that shoot bees out of their mouth when they bark
  84. invisible horrors should come in large packs
  85. Brands for unarmed fighters!
  86. Cockbras.
  87. Monsters killed with sufficient force should disperse chunks instead of leaving corpses. Implemented as of v0.6
  88. When Okawaru walks away for a smoke, Xom should send gifts instead.
  89. Eel golems.
  90. a new race that can see through rock (all walls turn translucent; basically, permanent vitrification card)
  91. New command for followers: Strip Tease.
  92. "scroll of acquirement" mimics should be able to acquire monsters
  93. Jelly Bees! Hive is boring, why not combine it with the Slime Pits?
  94. Pet cats of holding. Ignores t commands. Okawaru will smite you if your kitten dies, even if you're not worshiping him. Has claws that do 1 damage. To you, most of the time. Picks up things that you want, and hides them under plants, dressers, and the refrigerator.
  95. [ Danei] feature request: Reverse life protection on cursed rings, that makes normal attacks drain your EXP
  96. Peanut Butter Monster. May appear in the Slime Pits.
  97. Self-aware hydrae, intelligent enough to cut it's own heads off. Also listens to Fall Out Boy.
  98. 40+ AC will cause instant death
  99. When the player is confused, the map rotates or flips after every move.
  100. Blink yaks.
  101. Vampires instantly die in the presence of a Sun Demon - even a friendly one. This includes players. Especially players!
  102. Dance fighting
  103. Rap battling, too!
  104. You have to feed your followers!
  105. Halflings get racial mutation addiction(3).
  106. You can drown if you stumble onto a fountain while confused.
  107. hydra petting zoo branch
  108. add living fire giants to the tombs.
  109. upon picking up a rune, sometimes boris appears and tries to take it from you
  110. sigmund keeps coming back ala boris. but this time, he's a figment of your imagination
  111. Add "Are you sure you want to target yourself?" prompt to casting Ozocubu's Refrigeration.
  112. Food allergy mutations. "You eat the banana. You feel sick!"
  113. tentacle monster player race with unarmed reaching, more and more attacks with XL
  114. Is dancing wands in 'bad ideas' yet? Because it should be. As a real-life avatar of Xom, I think a dancing polymorph wand would be hilarious.
  115. Buff sigmund- replace regular Sigmund with centaur-sigmund (complete with double-attack).
  116. Xom can revive staves into Oklob Plants spitting the according damage type
  117. Ettin race. can dual wield, and worship two gods. AI controls your character every other turn.
  118. Exploding jackals.
  119. swimming must be a skill! train by walking around in shallow water, a chance to drown in deep water.
  120. The orb of zot functions as a portable pocket dungeon. Evoke it at any time to go inside a small circular room. Everything within your line of sight enters as well.
  121. runes function as a rod with a top spell of the corresponding school. though, there is a chance of getting retribution from all gods simultaneously.
  122. if you manage to get rid of the Orb (lava, deep water, nemelex, anything else) - it appears in a huge castle in the abyss (defended much better than zot:5!), all portals become accessible once again.
  123. Dead wanderers turn into wandering mushrooms instead of ghosts!
  124. Remove the KoCK of Lugonu combo - i mean, isn't Lugonu female, after all?!
  125. Rename lcs to "Shit bricks"
  126. Rename HOPr to Muad'dib
  127. Fire ants. That's right, ants with flamethrowers.
  128. A severe tmig miscast - you turn into a pulsating lump of flesh.
  129. Add an altar of scientology to the Ecumenical Temple.
  130. certain books in the dungeon are written by L.Ron Hubbard. Memorise-Identification will convert you to Scientology.
  131. Certain rods in the dungeon are sex toys. Evoke-identification will change your orientation.
  132. New Unique: Smokey the Bear. Upon death, combusts like a scroll of immolation. Plants in LOS turn into Conjured Flames.
  133. When a troglodyte goes berserk and powers up, they shall shout "By the power of Greyskull"!
  134. Make only a few class/species combinations available for a new player, with unlocking of more for earned points.
  135. The "of double penetration" and "of triple penetration" brands for double and triple swords respectively.
  136. Vampiric weapons in your pack should drain corpses and quaff potions of blood
  137. Throwing heavy things like plate mail at small creatures such as rats and spriggans must have a chance to kill them instantly.
  138. A +MUT mutation!!!
  139. Since you can't see into clouds of smoke, you can't see if lava is there. You know where this is going.
  140. Implement annoying notifier that your character is mortal; and more important - he is suddenly mortal
  141. a bunch of kobolds wandering the dungeon calling themselves the lollipop guild
  142. Single boots should be more common than pairs of boots. They provide half the armour benefit of a full pair of boots, and wearing one boot (or two boots from different pairs) halves your Dexterity.
  143. Centaurs and Nagas carry mimic bardings and piles of gold.
  144. Uncontrolled teleports on the same level as the Royal Jelly always brings you next to it.
  145. randart gods
  146. Wand of Random Hilarity - summons hostile dragons.
  147. Give tiles access to learndb. The catch? They have to access it through Microsoft's "Clippy" office assistant paperclip.
  148. Mountain Dwarves are unable to drink water. If you try, they complain and demand booze.
  149. if you're good enough at earth magic you should get groovy earth mamas following you around, man. they can sell brownies, incapacitating the monsters while raising a few gold. totally righteous scenario, man.
  150. turpentine rune located on the last level of Toontown. P-p-p-p-please, Eddie!
  151. A mutation that makes your genitals shoot bees.
  152. Okawaru hating magic, Trog-style!
  153. New item: can of paint. Useful in labyrinths.
  154. Guns.
  155. that shoot smaller guns.
  156. Multiplayer crawl. Adventuring parties!
  157. Sneak up to an orange statue and squeeze it for a healthy and refreshing beverage.
  158. A charisma stat.
  159. A patch for irc that makes David Gahan the voice of henzell-bot
  160. Sigmund sometimes has a pet death yak
  161. Make daggers poison the meat of target, making it inedible!
  162. Daggers of venom, that is.
  163. shapeshifters as a playable race
  164. Two races at a time! Vampire spriggans! Merfolk centaurs! Ogre ogre-mages!
  165. Polyphemus should be blind
  166. New Spell: Bread Bolt. One of the most damaging translocation spells, it first requires the learning of portal projectile, haste, and a spare bread ration.
  167. Armoured Llama: wears llama barding, travels with Y packs, goes berserk when it sees a Y die
  168. mutant camels
  169. Player-run fruit stand: Surely someone needs all these apples and pears. Extra income for players!
  170. Catchy tunes that play over! And over! And over!
  171. Crawl with sound.
  172. decaying rune should eventually dematerialize so you have to go get another one
  173. decaying rune actually decays, slimy rune slips out of your pack, serpentine rune summons snakes, fiery rune burns your scrolls, iron rune weighs a ton, etc.
  174. the abyssal rune abysses you, the pan runes summon demon lords, the golden rune acquires gold, and the silver rune quicksilver dragons.
  175. The serpentine rune has snake-level move speed and poison bite, and doesn't want to be picked up
  176. Where does the light in the dungeon come from? CatEater says, "all the miscasts by previous adventurers left the walls permanently contaminated with unharnessed energy." I say, make it mutagenic!
  177. Drag Queen found in alternate hive end.
  178. implementing bad ideas 666
  179. zombies with bite attacks should be infectious
  180. Fighting a death cob increases your hunger level
  181. eating a death cob transforms you into a lich.
  182. orange crystal statue vault
  183. chokobos
  184. Spriggan Assassins start with a shotgun.
  185. If you enter 100 bad puns into your notes, you gain a repulsion field mutation.
  186. If you butcher while confused, you butcher a chunk of flesh off yourself
  187. the "decaying rune" should decay and vanish after 20k turns
  188. even in your inventory
  189. Horned lizards, twice the size of you and complete with blood-squirting eyes and recoil-damage on unarmed, like jellies but subject to AC and gloves don't help!
  190. Pac-Man! A yellow B that makes a WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA noise when digging through rock. Drops a single Power Pellet when defeated, equivalent to a Royal Jelly with a Might effect.
  191. Miscasting Tukima's Dance makes your character dance.
  192. When you pick up the Orb of Zot, you are immediately cast into the Abyss.
  193. Special title: Ketchupist. Special feature for vampires who don't drink any blood.
  195. Candlejack as a new uni-
  196. Swiss Army Turtle Shell
  197. Sigmund trap. Or trapdoor Sigmund
  198. Trapdoor hydra!
  199. Monsters should pick up books. Leave annihilations laying around orc, and come back to find an orc wizard casting poison arrow on you.
  200. Wax elementals in the hive.
  201. Merge the RNG with GLADOS, add Summon Companion Cube
  202. Statue species: blink to get around. Start with Apportation memorized, the book of Spatial Translocations lying one tile away and scrolls of noise to attract monsters until you get to XL2.
  203. Stab damage with conjurations!
  204. Kenku cannot see transparent walls until they collide into them.
  205. Change "The RNG chooses: Xom." to "Xom chooses: RNG."
  206. Spell range depending on strength and dexterity---you need to launch them bolts, magic won't help you there, haha.
  207. Wand of the Gourmand: "The hydra looks slightly more full!"
  208. corpse mushrooms duplicate the acidrobin settings
  209. a klown brand!
  210. komodo dragons have poison spit, but with sickness added on
  211. A scroll only gifted by Xom or dropped by chaotic creatures which does nothing when read, but causes a random god to smite you the next time you are under 20% HP
  212. Death Sheep. Only appear as corpses.
  213. Witch class. Very vulnerable to steam.
  214. Curarrows
  215. Imps occasionally tell Yo Mama jokes.
  216. When a jelly eats a royal jelly, its new friends will be what it ate!
  217. Equally unbalanced high level spell. Summon demonic mammals: hell hounds, hell hogs, etc.
  218. Beaks interfere with spellcasting, causing a penalty equivalent to -4 ev
  219. Make Boris a god, able to be worshiped. Serve him faithfully and return to life on a different level after you die; abandon him and he'll show up on every single level.
  220. SK_RUNNING determines movement speed.
  221. Sif Mune: Gifts curses instead of spellbooks
  222. Sif Moot: Gives artifact spellbooks containing text-only RSS feeds of 4chan threads, and the occasional Mexican restaurant menu.
  223. Deep dwarves can eat scrolls of recharging to regain lost max MP.
  224. Orc non-priests can bow down to Saint Roka as their messiah. Their goal is then to ensure that he gets the Orb and gets out safely.
  225. Wishing! Pleeeease
  226. Player race: giant spore.
  227. Dying aptitude
  228. Troll skeletons and zombies randomly turn alive and regenerate their flesh.
  229. Double swords, quarterstaves, and other two-sided weapons get the chance for two brands. Triple swords get three!
  230. Delayed Mephitic Cloud
  231. Captain America's shield as a new unrandart!
  232. Boomerangs that hit multiple targets in range, pick up nice stuff in LOS, and do your laundry before returning!
  233. Letting zid make design decisions.
  234. Now playing! Crawl automatically adds a : note each time you listen to a new song. View how your musical choices changed with your character's fortunes!
  235. Swiss Army Boomerangs
  236. Pet mice that will run into crowds of hostile monsters and explode.
  237. Remote controlled spammals.
  238. Pigeons of returning
  239. Recursion traps. Rolls a random character, if you fail to win it you take 1d666 damage
  240. Cyclops should wear shades.
  241. Vials with potion effects that can be thrown to enemies
  242. ... who then remove the stoppers and throw them back
  243. Tiamat as Playmate of the Month!!!
  244. 1/666 chance of replacing the Orb Guardians with test spawners
  245. The Orb of Zot is your FATHER!
  246. Lich form players get death lines, a la Boris
  247. player mummies curse their enemies when they die.
  248. 1/27 chance of reaching the orb chamber and finding a talking fungus. "Thank you, *playername*. But our Orb is in another dungeon.
  249. You ascend, only to learn that it was all a dream.
  250. Background mutagenic radiation below D:9
  251. Ice beasts should have scotch whisky for blood.
  252. and casting Alistair's only makes them *stronger*!
  253. Maprot.
  254. New race: Grue. No line of sight, can sense surroundings, including critters and items, is only harmed by light.
  255. new condition: l33t. A11 m4ss4g3s sh0w up l1|c5 th15.
  256. Levels below 10 have a 1% chance of being made of oklobs
  257. The dungeon is comprised of all of what are now branches. The branches become segments of what is now the main Dungeon.
  258. Giant panda as a monster. May know kung-fu.
  259. Choking! No, wait, never mind. Don't do it. Please.
  260. A spaceship branch, a la POWDER
  261. Trog has reformed and has supplanted Sif Muna.
  262. Chokos of chocking!
  263. New unique Lorimer. Speech "It's a bad idea!"
  264. Somewhere under D:10, one random deity retires, bequeathing all of its followers to Xom.
  265. A reality-based post-endgame zone where the monsters are human soldiers with electronic-speed hive minding and tanks and 2009 military stuff
  266. being hit with a ballistic missile instakills a MDFi-27
  267. Transmuters should be able to flow past monsters with a liquid-shape spell. Monsters caught in the transmuter's liquid form take acid damage. (Because Slash'EM is awesome!)
  268. Plate mail and ~15 skill should make a MD mostly immune to damage
  269. New branch: Cyberspace. an "8-bit rune" at the end.
  270. Ratling traders on D:3-5, which sell bread and meat rations for $1 each, with infinite stock. (Because ADOM is awesome.)
  271. Alignment based conduct that involves complicated surrender mechanics which bug the game constantly. (Because INCURSION is awesome.)
  272. Zot Effects (there were actually implemented in trunk for a while, and should be reinstated)
  273. Enforced 45 minute cooldown between save and restore, since ADVENT is awesome
  274. A wizened archmage class. You start with powerful spells... and a "crippled" mutation that makes you move more slowly.
  275. Dead canaries on the bottom of the Mines
  276. Spriggan Glade branch. Hey, it's bound to be more interesting than the Dwarf Fortress people always want...
  277. Dire Penguins
  278. Xom likes to make up names for you. These become the name shown on the HUD.
  279. In-game FR interface.
  280. Add canaries to the orcish mines, and invisible clouds of curare-gas.
  281. Lava should usually be accompanied by dwarf colonists using the lava for power generation, machinery, traps, and cool useful lava flows!
  282. Fixed chance of instant death on every turn, this allows for precise calibration of game difficulty!
  283. If the player is carrying more than 40aum of fruits, there should be a chance per turn of them being attacked by hungry swarms of fruit flies.
  284. A new area-of-effect spell "Caffeinated Cloud" that stimulates creatures caught in it, giving them movement boosts, higher attack damage and the ability to solve Sudoku problems really fast. Works best on Spammals (TM).
  285. Add a portal vault available only online. It is packed from wall to wall with monsters pulled from the last IRC alias - by would be a bat and wasp, for instance. dpeg would be dragon something something boggart
  286. Introduce randart ammunition.
  287. Make Okawaru and Trog gift randart ammunition
  288. add hidden fighting game, with 10 special moves for each unique
  289. reverse gravity. flip the switch to bring water from Swamp to Dungeon, then flip it again to flood Zot and wait until The Orb surfaces at D:27
  290. play Benny Hill theme when the player is pillar-dancing
  291. allow player to dodge missiles real-time. make a danmaku-themed branch for hardcore shmup fans
  292. Blade hands should be treated as a short-blade for stabbing purposes.
  293. new light armour: bandage. if you're killed when wearing this, you'll resurrect as a mummy
  294. accelerometer controls for iPhone Crawl port. shaking the phone will reset Abyss
  295. make bottled efreet look like other potions. "tastes like chilli"
  296. new spell: Summon Developer. summons a temporary invulnerable ally that deals super damage to bugs, however developers have a chance of summoning additional bugs on each turn.
  297. 45+AC makes you a statue
  298. to make food more interesting, split 'e' into three commands: bite, chew and swallow
  299. {315} done out-of-order is fatal
  300. add spa centers that cure pissedoffitis for 2000 gold
  301. implement a psychoanalyst chatbot that will treat player for an hour after each death
  302. new misc item: Geiger counter. ticks near mutagenic monsters, ruins your stealth if you're glowing
  303. new unique: Timothy Leary. ResCorr won't save you from his acid attacks
  304. make Crawl a rhythm game. you execute critical attacks if you catch the beat
  305. scroll of Lua. lets you change settings ingame
  306. CAPTCHAs for felids
  307. when the player is hasted, ssstrreetchh aaalll mmmeessssaageesss. when the player is slowed, skp ll vwls
  308. new mutation: acrophobia. uncontrolled levitation makes you sick and confused
  309. new monster: mime. acts like it's surrounded with walls
  310. Facebook integration. the player will only meet ghosts of his friends
  311. Twitter feed for Henzell's milestone and death announcements
  312. Make rods a useful weapon, like staves.
  313. when the player quits, he may choose to retire instead (leave a shop that sells his equipment)
  314. Possible "Xom" effect for Scrolls of Random Uselessness
  315. Xom apologises for bad effects.
  316. {334} for good effects as well
  317. Xom sometimes forces you to activate a random ability, including Renounce Religion.
  318. Make stat drain permanent
  319. new weapon: paintball rifle. deals pathetic damage, but makes invisible monsters visible if hit
  320. new class 2 demon: The Executioner's Caddy
  321. sell Crawl t-shirts with all Xom speech printed on them
  322. new item: vomit bag. can be filled during sickness and evaporated for massive poisoning, confusion and Xom amusement
  323. make enslavement work better on monsters in leather
  324. Leave Ijyb on floor two like usual, turn him into a boggart though...
  325. Boring beetles should 'taste bland' when their chunks are eaten, without regard to gourmand or saprivoiousness
  326. Wearing heavy armour while in steam should give you a chance to be cooked for extra damage.
  327. explosive snozzcumbers - quiver for extra fun!
  328. thrown bananas cause monsters to slip back two tiles.
  329. daggers should be slicing weapons for Spriggans.
  330. Generate randarts based on most recent BR artifact sumbitted.
  331. Corpses of monsters that were about to teleport when you killed still teleport.
  332. Banana of returning.
  333. You can get a banana of returning by wielding it and reading scroll of vorpalize weapon.
  334. Allow Nemelex worshippers to sacrifice dungeon features.
  335. Polymoth. Like Moth of Wrath, but polymorphs instead of berserks all adjacent critters, friend and foe alike.
  336. Organic food shop: organic bread rations, organic apples, etc. (just the name and higher price); slow service.
  337. On death, players may choose an arbitrary spell for their ghost to learn.
  338. player ghosts know all spells contained in spellbooks that are lying on their floor. well, they had to do something before you came. being dead is boring.
  339. add Tmut spell which melds your golden dragon armour into your body, so you can wear another one
  340. define sexes for PCs and mosters. add potion of appeal which berserks all monsters of the same sex in sight and enslaves the opposite sex. evaporate this into an orge band to see how ogres are made
  341. spring traps. like shafts, but up and much more painful (can meld your helmet permanently)
  342. alarm clock traps, timed like bazaar entries. wake all monsters on the level if you fail to find and deactivate them
  343. Zin spams you with advertisements until you donate money
  344. Pandemonium should have a game show subwing. Three doors: behind one is an oklob, behind one is Boris, behind the third is a randart.
  345. small paralyzed monsters can be eaten alive if you're carnivorous
  346. Also, demon spectators behind a glass wall. (The imp shouts: DOOR NUMBER THREE! NUMBER THREE!)
  347. ghosts of Ely worshippers should cheer you
  348. new spell: Turtle Form. changes your controls to (turn left, turn right, step forward). each of these takes a turn
  349. Nemelex worshippers' lowest title should be Hoover
  350. High Elves which wandered into deep water and survived become Deep Elves
  351. in soviet russia, abyss escapes from you!
  352. option for text adventure-like controls. "THROW SPEAR AT OGRE" "What spear?" "THROW JEWELLED SPEAR AT OGRE" "What ogre?" "QUIT"
  353. some demons should have detailed pronunciation guides in their descriptions
  354. separate bad_ideas into bad_bad_ideas and good_bad_ideas
  355. Shmorki Shmines
  356. market Crawl as a touch typing tutor so it would be preinstalled in universities' computer classes
  357. make Tiles work in pure DOS ;-)
  358. nagas' tail extends each time they eat permafood. bumping into their own tail is fatal ("why would you want to do that?")
  359. let damage that is absorbed by your AC heal you
  360. dissecting corpses should bring up a surgery minigame. because The Thrill of Combat is awesome
  361. lava fountains
  362. hitting a royal jelly food with a bolt spell should spawn acid blobs/azure jellies
  363. Artificer class can create artifacts.
  364. Implement the Konami Code (↑↑↓↓←→←→BA)
  365. Xom should greet players when they ascend and tell them it was all a dream.
  366. new PC species of powerful spellcasters that die when their MP runs out
  367. A new spell that temporarily turns your hp into your mp and your mp into your hp!
  368. sultanas, strawberries, grapes... small food needs more variety. add rice.
  369. sometimes use entry vaults for otherwise perfectly normal dungeon levels
  370. synchronize Crawl and Nethack releases
  371. if you line up three draconians of the same color in a row, they disappear
  372. Multiple oklobs should follow the Game of Life rules.
  373. 200d4 turns after Xom's 'you feel gritty' effect, you collapse into a pile of sand.
  374. "Sick" status gives you an additional breath attack
  375. support for vi-like-keys on Dvorak keyboards
  376. Zin speaks Yiddish.
  377. blocking a distortion weapon attack with your shield causes your shield to get sent to the abyss
  378. Sticks to Snakes turns books into tentacled monstrosities
  379. evil gods piety declines over real-world time
  380. When brown oozes and azure jellies meet, they combine to form a PBJ creature.
  381. Staff of Oklob This fixedart looks exactly like the Staff of Olgreb, but wielding and unwielding it creates a nearby oklob. If evocations is high enough, can be evoked to create even more oklobs.
  382. Wield a bad potion and cast Sandblast for a spray of poisonous shards of glass!
  383. Change name (like Pizza Hut -> The Hut, SciFi -> SyFy, Xenon -> XBox 360)
  384. Flaming corpses should be named after players from the high score list who burned to death.
  385. Xom occasionally offers you a wish.
  386. You should be able to lick the dungeon walls for 4 nutrition.
  387. Introduce IVAN style vomit command. Entities standing in sufficient amounts of vomit take slight acid damage each turn.
  388. A ballista crossbow that shoots spears. Only ogres and trolls can wield it.
  389. A portable catapault that lets you pick up small monsters and shoot them.
  390. Ogres and trolls can wield monsters as weapons. Snakes count as a reaching brand.
  391. (extension of 407) Scrap current food system in favor of a nutrition for exploration system. Licking dungeon tiles is the only source of nutrition, and can only be done once per tile.
  392. make DC:SS an OS to compete in the Cloud with Gazelle and Chrome ...
  393. allow one player to play as Xom (control his effects, speech and gifts) while some other player worships Xom. or admit that developers have been doing that all the time
  394. Pain makes goldfishes talk
  395. When you hit a snake with a staff, you "whack" it! If you whack enough snakes before the end of Whacking Day, Xom gives you a prize.
  396. Elephant slugs are really just pregnant. They give birth to more slugs when you hit them!
  397. append "Sigmund will miss you." to "Are you sure you want to quit?" prompt if the player is quitting early, Facebook style
  398. new lvl1 Air spell: Magic Sneeze
  399. Add demogorgon.
  400. Special Class: Dungeon Plumber. All the fountains are dry, and the dungeon guards are going crazy with thirst. You need to fix the plumbing before union monsters go on strike! You pacify a floor by finding and repairing the fountain. Reach the orb of zot to recieve your paycheck!
  401. Add magic markers to the game so you can scribble elbereth over the entire dungeon.
  402. see previous item, now make a good idea. Every place you scribble elbereth gets its own panlord on the ascent
  403. Get five curse toes in one place, and they merge together to form Voltron! Whoops, I meant a curse foot!
  404. 5 Unarmed Uniques, called Rangers. Come in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Pink.
  405. Minotaurs should have three ring slots.
  406. Give centaur captains the haste spell.
  407. Replace scroll of acquirement with Crystal Orb Home Shopping Network.
  408. Replace crystal ball of fixation with crystal ball of infomercials.After a hundred turns are passed of doing nothing, you are finally given the chance to place your order. Meanwhile, you're entranced and vulnerable. Will cause penance if used within sight of an altar.Your item is delivered 700 turns later by a pack of hostile butterflies.
  409. A jelly player race. They don't really have problems finding food, but they can't pick anything up. I'm not sure how they'd read spellbooks either.
  410. shop prices end with 99s
  411. Monsters should die of old age after 150*HD turns.
  412. Bicycles!!
  413. rename javelins to Bolts of Wood
  414. Monsters should save their wands of confusion for when you're on a staircase. Then you fall down and die!
  415. Add pet cats to crawl (can steal from shops). You can only find them in mysterious boxes (Schrodinger). 10% chance of getting a cat. 80% chance of getting a dead cat. 10% chance of getting an executioner, pre-hasted.
  416. Xom turns you into a random food item for a dozen turns. Not fatal except over lava, deep water, and in the Slime Pits.
  417. Xom Extract: these potions have a random effect.
  418. The hound of the Baskervilles: unique h with a glowing outline, deadly bite, and a bloodcurdling howl.
  419. Frogs should have a flat 10% chance of dying when they croak.
  420. Replace electric golems with magnetic golems. Watch out, characters in plate mail!
  421. The Singing Sword should randomly make monsters sing along when it starts singing, like a musical.
  422. Below "Near Starving", characters get a chance of one-turn confusion each turn, increasing with decreasing satiation level.
  423. A new Xom effect that has a small chance of changing the player's species once in a game.
  424. Mirrors in the dungeon! Monsters that see themselves in mirrors respond according to their intelligence. Dumb creatures will attack their mirror images.
  425. A dungeon branch with a Canadian theme! Quaff maple syrup potions and eat moose chunks!
  426. Moose bites are very painful, you know.
  427. Safari portal vault.
  428. An official tiles version.
  429. Skunks that can 'cast' mephitic cloud.
  430. Shaft traps, should just be a copy of nethacks trap doors.
  431. An orb of fire unique.
  432. Orb of lighting, It summons electric golems.
  433. Orb of hellfire
  434. Shapeshifters will imitate creatures from other Roguelikes. Hey, what's the Wizard of Yendor doing in the Vaults..?
  435. Orb of meph cloud!
  436. Level 3 Enchantment/Poison spell Meth Cloud. Anything caught in the blast is inflicted with Berserk and Rot.
  437. Hellsmite!
  438. Hell-healing
  440. torment hell!
  441. Helldying
  442. Helleportation
  443. Hellfitic cloud
  444. Hellyvilon
  445. Hell Dwarves
  446. Gnolls that smite.
  447. Prefix all terms in crawl with HELL
  448. Hellcrawl!
  449. Hellgnolls
  450. Heaven branch. No enemies, but all of your former dead allies are there to welcome you, and casting dig on the floors earns you gold.
  451. Hell butterflies
  452. Every turn a butterfly flaps around, it has a chance of creating a storm (air elemental).
  453. Trog has a high piety ability called 'burn bookstore', causing book shops to burst into flames, sending random fireballs and firestorms in the surroundings.
  454. you can play as an oklob plant! Worship a plant god!
  455. imps should have a 1/100 chance of spawning with blowguns
  456. Electric mushrooms.
  457. giant bats leave guano. So do unseen horrors.
  458. Another frog unique! Comes with a spiny frog pack. On Lair:1.
  459. wearing or removing rings when confused makes you drop them, ideally into nearby water.
  460. Chance when walking while confused with a bladed weapon to trip and fall on it, doing damage based on your stab skill
  461. reduce inventory space to 27 slots. 26 latin letters and æ
  462. red wasps and bees, lava, traps, curse skulls, statues, orange crystal statues, GODDAMN EXECUTIONERS, teleport traps, fiends
  463. orb of quicksave
  464. teach basics of the probability theory in the manual
  465. enslave 100 butterflies to get permanent levitation
  466. Make white butterflies shoot charged shots.
  467. characters in dragon form should be able to sell items
  468. vampires with an amulet of gourmand give preference to particular blood groups
  469. new misc item: magnifying glass. conjure flame on an adjacent square in 30 turns!
  470. hidden minigames: Nemelex Solitaire and Xom Minesweeper, Naga Nibbles and Abyss Pinball, Whack-a-Sigmund
  471. trapdoor spider solitaire
  472. glass vaults where monsters line up to spell a rude word (example: 1x4 room with a hill giant, a bear, a naga and a troll)
  473. rock worms are dead! add metal worms and death metal worms (draining attacks)
  474. stare contests with floating eyes. they blink if you stare long enough. also known as starve contests.
  475. A brown J called the peanut butter that appears on the same level as jellies and spits out worthless items..
  476. Enemy spellcasters sometimes miscast, with hilarious results.
  477. kamikaze casters who miscast lvl9 spells near you
  478. wizard mode commands consume mana and can be miscast
  479. when you abandon Zin, he throws donated money back at you and it scatters all over the dungeon, one coin per square
  480. Elyvilon worshippers have a random chance of pacifying themselves everytime they heal themselves. Self-pacification results in an automatic win.
  481. If zombies are in groups of 4 or more, they will randomly waste turns dancing.
  482. CAO drops connection on banishment
  483. The bad ideas section of the learndb should actually be meaningful.
  484. new resistance: resist nerf. casters with rNerf get full range for all spells
  485. scroll of vorpalise weapon turns Geryon's horn into a saxophone
  486. Xom swaps your inventory/spell letterings around and remaps stuff to letters that aren't on your keyboard
  487. Level 6 transmig spell Iron to Gold, 1 piece per aum
  488. A spell called "Projected Noise"
  489. You should be able to tenderize meat with crushing weapons.
  490. when you win while worshipping Xom, the resulting morgue file will contain only one line. "Oh, you're no fun anymore!"
  491. all mummies start with a scythe
  492. character with high divinations will get glimpses of future (short FooTV clips)
  493. make Orb of Zot invisible. place a visible orb of fixation on the same square.
  494. Add seasons to the Crawl dungeon! Extra plants in spring, more fruits in summer and autumn, frozen lakes in winter! Lots of uniques are vacationing on the beach in summer, so extra uniques in the Shoals!
  495. random uniques ala POWDER and other RLs
  496. make money with sponsored vaults
  497. "You die. Your possessions no longer seem so burdensome."
  498. deformed armour for mutated chars
  499. female uniques get new state: changing. similar to sleeping, but they scream, drop their armor and go berserk when they notice you.
  500. enemy casters give you the finger when they're silenced
  501. delayed long-range apportation
  502. Electric eels should become whips of electrocution when you kill them.
  503. The city R'lyeh is near the coastline of the Shoals and players casting Shatter in the Shoals have a chance of waking up big C.
  504. Crawl's seasons should be Southern Hemisphere seasons, for obvious reasons.
  505. Shapeshifters which die while a dragon should be allowed to be cut up for a shapeshifter hide, which can be enchanted for mutagenic armour.
  506. shouting +5 buckler of poison resistance
  507. Playable Grid Bugs!
  508. unique giant spore which explodes in a screenful of lava, miasma and berserk red wasps
  509. LCS of returning
  510. Wandering Oklob plants!
  511. Yak unique that plays the saxamaphone
  512. Sand castles in the Shoals!
  513. Psyche should be an escaped lunatic in a straitjacket, and should have conversation along the lines of "Look, no hands!" after casting spells.
  514. An android unique that will keep functioning even after being torn in half. TORN IN HALF!
  515. A duplicate self spell that clones the player for a short period. The clone is a summoned @ under AI control, but has all the player's spells (not just 6!), skills and equipment. Monsters will be unable to distinguish the player from his clone and will attack both impartially.
  516. Cerebov should also get the Duplicate Self spell.
  517. Your duplicated self should be able to duplicate itself, and your duplicate's duplicated self should be able to duplicate itself, and your duplicate's duplicate's duplicated self should be able to duplicate itself, and so on.
  518. Quicksand in the Swamp!
  519. You should have a chance of losing your boots wading through shallow water.
  520. Sigmund competes in the tournament, one point per XL killed.
  521. blink centaurs, blink dragons, blink hydras
  522. unrandart: The +1 animal skin of Okawaru
  523. Give demigods demigodly apts
  524. telefragging
  525. toenail golems combine with fungi to get rotting attacks
  526. Characters should have allergies, which are hidden upon creation.
  527. new monster: Redneck Tree
  528. You should be able to throw poisonus corpses at enemies to poison them
  529. food acquirements summons a herd of sheep
  530. Sigmund should have intrinsic blink and regeneration, like imps do. He should also leave behind smoke where-ever he walks, and be able to see through smoke
  531. Sigmund golems
  532. Shining trapezohedrons.
  533. A vampire unique named Edward
  534. Players with the "executioner" Axe 27 title should come back not as ghosts, but as executioners.
  535. trapdoor oklob
  536. The orb of zot runs around and you have to catch it
  537. Caltrops.
  538. God gets angry if you ignore his gift.
  539. Telefrags! If you teleport onto a monster, it goes splat!
  540. On the way up with the Orb, if you miss a pan lord on one level, it should automatically go upstairs as you do and join you on the next level up.
  541. as long as trog gifts orcs weapons of orc slaying, that 'you feel suicidal' message should mean something. 1/4 of all attacks you make should hit YOU!
  542. Sometimes if you are about to escape and win with the orb, Xom will decide he's not sufficiently amused and banish you
  543. casting blade hands in lichform gives you bone claws like wolverine
  544. Void Wasps: instead of curare, inject you with a distortion venom that lasts five turns, increasing severity of effect as it stacks.
  545. Distortion Spore: Like a regular spore, except causes distortion effects on all caught in its blast, including banishment.
  546. Book of atheism. This plain, non-descript book, when read, excommunicates you.
  547. Sonja packs in Zot:5.
  548. Remember streaks of deaths: N consecutive deaths by kobolds, ...
  549. A yak god
  550. seriously it could gift ranged weapons, summon a yak/yaktaur party... The yak god should gift you animal skins! You get the max piety skill Yakform.
  551. Allow monsters to draw from decks. The orc priest draws the Crusade Card! You are now a faithful defender of the dungeon.
  552. A wealthy adventurer who sics dogs and bees on you.
  553. Blink hydrae that close in on you in Abyss, only to disappear in a puff of smoke two steps away.
  554. Put moths of wrath in the lair. The death yak does berserk!
  555. Mimic Master: Turns all items within its sight into mimics.
  556. Mummies can pillar dance so long normal monsters eventually starve and die
  557. Monsters drop pre-butchered stacks of chunks if you've already opened them like a pillowcase!!!
  558. Killer Klowns should get pedo bonuses against small player races.
  559. Sun Demon comes with Planetary Demons and a ring of Kuiper Demons.
  560. Rock Worm monsters show up around new unique. Mau'dib.
  561. Naming your character Kenny automatically enables (just) immortality. You will see your corpse dragged of by rats first, though.
  562. Portal vault "Plane". Filled with snakes.
  563. Red-black trees, the self-balancing horror.
  564. All characters get the ability to switch to Xom at any time.
  565. advertise as "fastest yet" while having huge startup speed regression
  566. Xom says, "Gimme!" Xom slaps the Orb of Zot out of your hands when you pick it up.
  567. Give all pure melee ghosts the ability to blink directly next to you.
  568. Change snake:5 so that for every greater naga you kill, two more spawn somewhere in the vault. The goal is to just grab the rune without dying.
  569. An auction house for CAO that lets you put randarts/items you dont want up for 2-3x normal shop prices that other people can buy!
  570. Sphinxes should ask the player riddles and become neutral if the player answers correctly.
  571. Saving and quitting when confused switches your savegame with a random other savegame.
  572. Mountain dwarfs should have a 30% chance per move of tripping over their own beards when confused. Tripping over their own beards causes d10 damage and random curses in a Scots accent.
  573. Gods maintain anger at you from one game to the next.
  574. Banishing uniques sends them to the Abyss in someone else's game!
  575. When dying, you're prompted for a message for your ghost to say to those who find it.
  576. Unique kobold with weapon of draining that shows up early on D:1 if you're on a streak. This kobold is a unique unique in that it looks just like any other kobold until it kills you.
  577. When the staff of earth hits, sometimes the monster "feels VERY gritty" and flees to the nearest fountain.
  578. Golf Club Bag: When carried, staves and rods no longer use an inventory slot.
  579. Lawnmowers as mounts. Mowers are very noisy but cut down plants and fungi in one turn and ignore shallow water. Powered by potions. Allows a fairly rare auxiliary slashing attack for potentially catastrophic damage.
  580. New "irony" game option that makes sure you receive great but inappropriate weapons and armour. (Maybe the option should be to turn this off.)
  581. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog!
  582. Ogres are so heavy that they sometimes fall through the dungeon floor (like a shaft trap).
  583. Staying satiated gives you the Fat debuff, lowering dexterity and increasing your size modifier by 1 until you work it off.
  584. Being fat makes you fall through the floor (like a shaft trap).
  585. Shops hire friendly demons to carrier-deliver items for you across the dungeon. Sit back in your stash and relax!
  586. rename vaults 8 olympus and guarantee titans
  587. Need to wait for levitation to wear out before leaving a shop. Add option to end perma-levitation to the shop interface.
  588. Quicksand!
  589. Gods should have their own agendas they expect you fulfil, which sometimes conflict with your orb-hunting. "You get off the cross. Beogh seems jaded..."
  590. Cursed stones: you just have to kinda hit people with the one pebble stuck in your hand.
  591. Loadstones, from nethack, except disguising themselves as packs of rocks.
  592. You have to feed all your followers.
  593. Make "Professional Pillowcase Opener" an axe title.
  594. Emsee Ham'r, the elven God of Funk. 'Nuff said.
  595. Using the !send command in IRC causes Henzell to message the appropriate player in-game
  596. Xom may occasionally gift you with a long luxurious beard. 1 chance in 10, it gets caught in your mouth while eating, losing a turn.
  597. Imps have a wider variety of insults, sometimes even deriding your race or profession! Rhyming titles like "Biter" or "Partial Fartist" would be a great addition to the imps' repertoire.
  598. New Artefact: Single white glove. In addition to reversing the color of your @ it...
  599. Give transmuters a new nose-picking command, unlocked only after bladehands.
  600. Mimics hiding as trap ammunition
  601. If you fail at casting statue form, you can't more again.
  602. Centaurs can trip you with their tails.
  603. Who needs nymphs? Add zombie prostitutes. Beware, the disease may catching.
  604. Allow starving characters to eat boot leather
  605. Need more culinary realism. Your dwarf occasionally needs to find a corner, take of his plate, and go take a dump (and not the game log kind) or else he starts suffering.
  606. Every time an imp picks up a sabre, it puts on an eyepatch, and starts reading pirate dialogue.
  607. Your hair can permanently turn into snakes.
  608. Keebler elves.
  609. Elves drop wooden toys when killed.
  610. Rename sublimation of blood to hillbilly channeling.
  611. Sticky Frost
  612. Life yaks.
  613. Every twentyseventh gate to Pandemonium should lead to Pandamonium instead.
  614. Dwarf bread. Merely thinking of eating it instantly cures your hunger, and it doubles as a handy weapon (stats comparable to a mace).
  615. Greater naga dual-wielding large shields
  616. butchering with a venom weapon should poison the meat
  617. Mass Haste spell!
  618. Wandering mushrooms should drop hallucinogenic corpses.
  619. Tax collectors that chase down the player every 3650 turns and seize 33% of carried gold.
  620. Additional rune in Zot:6 for bonus score.
  621. The way to Zot:6 opens after grabbing the orb, naturally.
  622. Lava merfolk!
  623. Some glaives are found buried beneath glaivestones.
  624. 1/10 chance of a stack of stone being sandstone, which increases the effective range and power of sandblast when wielded.
  625. Crystal plate mail is broken by disintegration, cold, etc.
  626. TSO should gift his worshippers spicy chicken if they pray while starving.
  627. Runes and the Orb are edible.
  628. Toke-waru. Like okawaru, but gain piety through standing in magical smoke, not killing. Increases appetite.
  629. Instead of just poison, needle traps can also be curare. Or heroin.
  630. Heroin needles. Useable with blowgun. Causes enslavement.
  631. A hydra race, wherein each time you die you come back to life with an extra unarmed auxiliary attack.
  632. Ogres.
  633. Let phantoms regen like imps.
  634. warp zones. also, D:-1
  635. digging through empty space creates spatial vortices. that'll teach players how to use-ID wands
  636. Silence suppresses all ingame messages
  637. nondescript sling bullets. use on metal walls to summon iron golems.
  638. port Crawl to Flash, launch Evony-style ad campaign
  639. legendary Shuffle card shuffles skills instead of attributes - ortoslon
  640. mountain dwarves get inborn Elec vulnerability. please
  641. rock worms in labyrinths
  642. Kenku should get the message "You are feeling peckish" instead of "You are feeling hungry"
  643. Sokoban portal vaults.
  644. Sudoku portal vaults.
  645. Chess portal vaults.
  646. Crawl portal vaults.
  647. Portal vault portal vaults.
  648. To enter Zot, you must first fight a clone of yourself.
  649. Upon abandoning Okawaru, he, like some jilted lover, demands all his gifts back.
  650. Scrolls of Genocide.
  651. a unique that you have to beat at RftG to get a rune
  652. Balls that can be thrown to 'catch' monsters, which can then be forced to fight for you.
  653. you should be able to tenderize chunks with a quarterstaff to increase their nutrition value
  654. Add new milestone reporting for when ghosts are first spotted (not just killed or be killed). Call it... GSpot.
  655. Fish and other water creatures should leave coprses that float in deep water, but you have to apport them, as walking to them for collection will result in drowning.
  656. Berserk is addictive. If you are not frequently berserking, you begin to lose stats and everything on the screen turns gray.
  657. a pillowcase monster that is immune to weapons
  658. <nrook>kobold vaults should have kobold honey inside
  659. Similar to Xom cackling at you, uniques will taunt you and loot your corpse after you die. Ijyb doesn't loot; he just chops your head off and dances on your bones.
  660. Casting Fire Brand on a wooden weapon permanently lowers its plusses.
  661. Browse this list for ideas to actually add to crawl.
  662. Robe of the Archmagi increases the range of your spells.
  663. Ninjas, who cannot catch you when you're on fire.
  664. two-headed ogre player race
  665. Grant ogres the Attract Missiles mutation
  666. Xom can animate all chokos in your inventory, which will smite, torment, and paralyze you.
  667. Autoexplore - lvl1 Translocation spell. causes maprot on miscast
  668. Haste spell cranks up key repeat rate and does nothing else
  669. During berserk, you have one second to act per turn; too slow, and your character takes a swing at the nearest thing without your intervention.
  670. track blood pressure as an internal variable like stealth or MR. low pressure causes slowness, fatigue and lowers attributes, high pressure causes berserkitis, miscasts, heart attacks (same effect as torment) and makes spriggans 'splode
  671. statueformed characters may carry friendly rock worms in their bodies (auxiliary unarmed attack)
  672. minipax, miniluv and minitru vaults
  673. You spit the six-headed hydra like a pig!!! Six-headed hydra squeals in 5.1 Surround Sound! Two-headed orge is jealous!
  674. Silver statues summon 1s on death.
  675. Crawl porn! a video compilation of Sigmund being killed by characters of every possible combo
  676. Nice Form - lvl5 Tmut spell. monsters of your species have a chance of turning friendly each turn they see you
  677. Spoon Hands - lvl 3 Tmut spell. Like blade hands, but more bludgeony.
  678. Replace crystal ball of fixation with strange shifting cube (id's as Rubik's cube)
  679. new slime unique: Gish: made of tar, able to stick to you regardless of what you do (blink, tele)
  680. Items that allow you to turn invisible are invisible.
  681. miscasting Selective Amnesia erases one paragraph from crawl_manual
  682. steal good ideas from Spelunky. deep dwarves could save damsels to regain health
  683. Limited Offer! Enter your real mailing address into .crawlrc and Okawaru will send something special to you!
  684. IKEA shops. you pay for a lajatang and get a quarterstaff, two scimitars and sticky tape
  685. invocation miscasts
  686. light armour: swimsuit. AC:1 EV:0, lighter than a stone. reduces water movement penalty. confuses monsters if worn by ogres, trolls, kobolds. causes fear if worn by undead
  687. +0 pair of boots of Duke Nukem {Dam+8}
  688. Third level berserk mutation causes you to go berserk randomly when monsters hit you.
  689. Orb of Zig - Floor 27 of the ziggurat has a replacement, double value game-winning orb, in case you misplace the orb of zot. Dungeon starts spawning daevas.
  690. Enslaving yaktaurs allows you to milk them.
  691. All notes ogres make with the : command should be in capital letters.
  692. 3-headed ogres that shout in surround sound
  693. A "pillowcase" monster. If you score a powerful hit on it with an axe, you "open up the pillowcase like a yaktaur!"
  694. allow characters to repeatedly strike their own butt to identify weapons' plusses
  695. monsters that flee should know how to pillar-dance the player
  696. Intelligent monsters on levels with shops sometimes carry receipts.
  697. amount of exclamation marks in the level description determines how much prompts you get. if there are more than three, you're asked to solve a captcha
  698. Player ogres get a terrifying GRRRRAAAAWWWRRRRRR that causes enemies to flee! RAWR! TEAM OGRE!
  699. Some highly magical item which can meld three randarts into the new one. Heavily mutates its operator with mystic magical radiance in the process.
  700. fixedart that can be destroyed after killing boris to prevent him from coming back
  701. Killer/Death Hippos to Swamp and Shoals! They kill more humans in Africa than any other mammal, so they are DANGEROUS!
  702. unique for sewers: Boogerman. spells: mephitic cloud, mephitic cloud, mephitic cloud
  703. Spells should take up inventory slots.
  704. Hives generated on April 1 should contain only butterflies. Angry butterflies.
  705. killer bee larvae of wrath. all of them.
  706. telepathy. i wanna hear those giant orange thoughts...
  707. A monster type (or a unique!!) that chases you up and down staircases.
  708. Passage through some portals is interrupted by an emergency wormhole experience like in the first Star Trek movie.
  709. Twelve-course dinner food item; gives 8000 nutrition, but takes 200 turns to consume.
  710. A guardian naga race. Like a reverse demonspawn; fantastic aptitudes, gets 6 random terrible mutations.
  711. Add Venom Margery, Stone Margery, and Smite Margery. Flavor chosen upon generation.
  712. Add, to the inventory inspection screen for randarts, random descriptions of Dwarf-Fortress-like detail. Menacing spikes optional. Recursion optional.
  713. Brand spells should work on Blade Hands, and should be made permenant by a scroll of vorpalize weapon
  714. When you hit an ogre with a long blade, instead of opening it like a pillowcase, you dice the ogre like an onion!!! [IMPLEMENTED]
  715. magic dart traps, stone arrow traps, draining bolt traps, LCS traps, BLADE HAND TRAPS
  716. ziggurat shafts
  717. Tomb cards have a chance of summoning hostile mummies
  718. Playable shapeshifter race. Your form constantlym involuntarily shifts to level appropriate forms.
  719. Engorged demon. See {bread bolt}.
  720. Acidic corpses (spiny worms) should corrode butchering weapons.
  721. totally silent branch where you're also slowed down. "The air is thick as butter"
  722. every ziggurat floor has a 1/27 chance of being Abyss
  723. if you haven't been playing Crawl for a year, Sigmund spreads his arms, runs to you and hugs you with tears in his eyes when you return. THEN he kills you with a +5,+5 scythe of pain.
  724. teleport traps teleport after they have been discovered
  725. use whips of reaching as fishing rods. attach bait (worm corpses etc) to actually catch something
  726. very strong characters should be able to separate double and triple swords and break a lajatang into two broad axes
  727. D:1 bats turn back into vampires if you don't kill them in 100 turns
  728. Blade traps don't kill jellies, just split them in half.
  729. In Slime, fake stairs that's actually a jelly!
  730. carry stairways in your inventory. when you've explored the whole level, drop a > and descend. you may want to stash some <s for Zot
  731. You open the door like a pillowcase!!!
  732. Bolt of Gold
  733. When you kill a jelly with sticky flame, it becomes a delicious creme brulee.
  734. Yellow jackets that bite onto your face and sting and sting and sting. They would take up the same space as the player while this happens, so corridors wouldn't help.
  735. Kobold Proctologists: a new monster with a special boost to unarmed damage
  736. A noisy fixedart weapon which echoes Henzell (or ##crawl generally)
  737. A herder god which gives you abilities to summon crazy amounts of sheep fodder! A name? Neu Zeulandor
  738. Change Slime God's name to Lemuel.
  739. Add a "Lichtown" that could appear on maps under D:25
  740. have a 20 headed unique Hydra (maybe something along the lines of the actual goddess?) accompanied by a band of normal, just 15 head hydras?
  741. Add a RAINBOW RAT!!! Bite would have 25-50% chance of putting AcidRobin mode on for 10 turns!! :D
  742. Lonar, the God of Loneliness. The longer you stay, the worst the effect he does. When you quit, you get 'Lonar appreciates deserters!' and get a gift depending on how long you stayed.
  743. crossbow bolts of draining for yaktaur captains
  744. Blink Zombies.
  745. Blink Eyes. You know you want to...
  746. Shorten Swamp to three floors, guarantee Boris makes an appearance.
  747. A new branch of hell - populated by the ghost of every Sigmund you've ever killed.
  748. The success rate of renounce religion is based on invocations skill.
  749. fulsome distillation on a giant mite corpse should have a small chance to give a potion of might
  750. Distortion Oklobs
  751. Yellow Draconian summoning Xtahua
  752. Kissing Prince Ribbit polymorphs him into a human. And makes him your ally.
  753. monsters can pick up your books and learn spells. You can stab them several times in a row while this happens.
  754. Killing uniques should let you throw them out of a ball so they can fight for you.
  755. if you blink at the same time you're about to teleport, you suffer a severe Translocations miscast
  756. jellies that consume amulet of gourmand start eating stones
  757. Pineapples. Delicious fruit that can also be used as throwing weapons. Xom finds throwing pineapples hilarious. Low-dex characters may injure themselves eating pineapples. Pineapples pineapples pineapples.
  758. Jellies eat shops.
  759. Shops eat jellies.
  760. Imps can wear heavy armour, including plate mail
  761. Yellow jackets. They're like killer bees but they latch on with their jaws and sting and sting and sting and sting. No paralyze or slow, just lots and lots of stinging!
  762. The Orcish Club, spinning brit-pop every thursday, punk on fridays, and electronica saturday
  763. Bogres, cross between ogres and boggarts.
  764. Acid splashes should have a chance of destroying carried runes.
  765. Unique oklob, with the ability to blink towards you and Boris-like reincarnation.
  766. A rF+++ unrandart that appears as a "non-smoking staff."
  767. when you abandon Xom, he shoots a wide-angle disintegration beam at you, which does nothing
  768. Add an acquirement god, who does nothing but gift you free acquirement scrolls and drastically increase the oklob spawn rate.
  769. Human Jesus! Can convert humans to your side, including all those uniques.
  770. giant-centipedes are multi-tile monsters that always start at the top of the floor. Destroying a section of the centipede leaves a mushroom. Attacking the center splits the centipede in two. The centipede will grow longer over time.
  771. Banks! Now you can buy on credit!
  772. Xom will get bored if you don't use explore mode and will shove you downwards.
  773. Xom is interested when people watch your game, and disinterested when they stop doing so.
  774. rename abyssal rune to abysmal rune
  775. add LOL Cat monsters
  776. Zot's difficulty increases with the number of runes you have collected.
  777. zot's difficulty depends on how many runes you've picked up in previous games
  778. In addition to regular monsters, crib the latest oklob layout from Zot Defense for the orb chambers
  779. In one out of five games, put Roxanne on top of the Orb of Zot
  780. Instead of a slow metabolism, halflings gain a constant metabolism that can not be affected by anyting, including sustenance, regen, vampirc weapons
  781. Chopping up Sigmund's corpse leaves a Sigmund Hide. Enchanting that hide gives you a Sigmund Suit.
  782. Tiamat can cast all the spells draconians have in addition to using all their breath weapons.
  783. An oklob plant unique, and a fungus unique named Gus.
  784. Agressive trolls that, upon being struck by a confused monster, will go beserk and kill whoever punched them in the face.
  785. Oklobs are native to the abyss
  786. Eating a banana produces a banana peel which can be used to create a banana peel trap when the thief god is implemented.
  787. In one of hundred times, replace vault guards on V:8 by elven master archers.
  788. attacking while wearing amulet of inaccuracy gives a sage card-like effect to weapon skill training
  789. Huge glowing neon-highlighted sign "Abyssal rune here" so players who spent eternity scumming Abyss have some chance not to skip it.
  790. A new map for the ossuary, the "Tomb of Doroklohe." Consists of a single square containing an exit, surrounded by rock walls.
  791. Add "ObamaCare" death panels to crawl. When you hit "farming" a panel of the gods will convene to determine your fate.
  792. Cannibalism occasionally causes 1 point of Int loss.
  793. Low Int characters gain Int by eating brains of really intelligent beings, like Elf Mages etc
  794. Player ghosts drop random piece of their equipment on kill (except orbs and runes) with XL/100 chance
  795. Player ghosts say things the player (or one !nicked to the player) has recently said in ##crawl.
  796. Winning player's ghosts participate in a special "King of the hill" tournament for ghosts. Winners are announced on ##crawl.
  797. 6s and 7s! And 6s always run in fear from 7s. know.
  798. If you get mutated enough, you turn into a pulsating lump and instantly lose.
  799. swamp: now with lots of electrical eels
  800. New player race rhinotaur - awesome melee capablities are balanced by a combination of fast metabolism and herbivorousness.
  801. Late game re-appearance of Sigmund ala Boris - WITH CYBERNETIC IMPROVEMENTS
  802. The fog in Swamp should occasionally consist of meph clouds.
  803. you can pick up electric eel fingerlings and administer medicine electrophoresis to cure sicknesses and frailness mutations
  804. meat rations of returning. you get these from giant spore explosions
  805. cheap 9-floor minizigs in bazaars
  806. Antaeus should have silence.
  807. butterfry beasts. One out of ten times, a butterfly corpse will spawn a parasitic wasp.
  808. As revenge for slaying an innocent, neutral butterfly, the shining one will spawn a hostile dragon.
  809. Allow players to leave one last note after they die.
  810. Crawl, the musical
  811. When there are too many ghosts for a floor in CAO, some will be flushed down into the sewers
  812. Crawl needs its own Leeroy Jenkins video
  813. temporary summons leave edible corpses which disappear in your stomach and leave you starving. "Purple smoke pours from your ass."
  814. Ceiling fan trap for people who are levitating or flying. No game is complete without that scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  815. nested bazaars. cheaper and cheaper!
  816. Monsters with polearms or staves know how to pole vault over water and lava tiles.
  817. Tinning kits. Make edible trophies of your enemies!
  818. Weapons of flaming should make fun of you on wield.
  819. New unique band. The whole Stargate SG-1 team. With staff weapons. And P90s. And Zats.
  820. Since grey elves are gone, add puce elves.
  821. trapdoor oklobs spawn under rations, only pop up once the @ gets within 4 tiles.
  822. Replace giant lizards with giant chameleons. Their glyph changes color to match the floor.
  823. Rename "Death's Door" to "Seki".
  824. Collect three minirunes to assemble one normal rune!
  825. curse eye: paralyze and torment
  826. implement 1000th bad idea
  827. Bows and Crossbows allow training and crosstraining
  828. bolt of silence
  829. crosstrain Darts and Conjurations
  830. Trog sends angry pillows as a form of penance, for you to open, like a pillowcase.
  831. Branch end entry vaults (actually, could be nice if just cosmetic)
  832. Start a branch of Crawl. Implement all of the bad_ideas.
  833. Being seduced and killed by a nymph should reward the player with ASCII porn after his chardump!
  834. Convert ascii porn into ziggurat monster sets
  835. A unique with the power to make infinite mirror versions of himself. Oh, and he can also smite.
  836. rename book of ice to book of unfire, to fit in with the book of unlife.
  837. God powers (invocations) are not subject to silence. This also allows enemy priests to cast(err, pray) while silenced!
  838. Limb removal. Left arm, no weapon. Right arm, no shield. Leg, double your move delay.
  839. Centaurs should be able to slice off a slab of their body and cook it to make a meat ration.
  840. Xom's Sausage Grinder. Converts corpses into mystery sausages. Think Upton Sinclair. 1/6 rations malfuncition in a horrible way, from strong poison to mutations, to ...
  841. Three words. Army. Of. Squirrels.
  842. Zerglings! And hydralisks!
  843. two new curse skull uniques, Bim and Zob. One preaches the glory of Oklobs, the other curses their name.
  844. Unique Zombie Poet: "I died yesterday / my body rises again / give me brains to eat"
  845. Tukima's Storm: All weapons in LOS animated. They attack everyone, including you.
  846. butchering a corpse with a weapon of distortion produces sausages instead of chunks
  847. now that toadstools grow out of corpses, wandering mushrooms should grow out of mutagenic corpses
  848. Orbs of fire should be able to firestorm.
  849. Allow Merfolk to swim in fountains.
  850. Hellspawn Kittens
  851. Level 11 Transmigrations Spell: Executioner's Axe Hands
  852. Since Blade hands gives you /scythe-like/ blades, it should be dependent on polearms skill instead of unarmed.
  853. In the abyss, the rune hunts you. And you *don't* want it to find you.
  854. Fake abyssal runes that crumble into dust when you reenter the dungeon.
  855. Since the Hive will eventually become just a single floor... turn it into a portal vault
  856. Rename repel missiles to attract missiles.
  857. Lehudib's Machine Gun: Shoots all the stones in your inventory and LOS towards the target.
  858. Power 3 for card decks: epic desc of cards
  859. Crawl Choose Your Own Adventure style book. Spoiler alert: Every route leads to death!
  860. Curse Skulls can perma-summon curse skulls
  861. You can use a scroll of remove curse to uncurse curse skulls and curse toes.
  862. Detect curse also detects all curse skulls and curse toes on the level.
  863. Fixedart distortion weapon that summons hostile blink frogs.
  864. Blink frog god. Followers of the blink frog god become blink frog jesus
  865. BLOODY SWAMP! An undead mirror image of Swamp, just harder! Filled with blood! Vampire heaven!
  866. Monsters should be able to pick up and use jewellery-- e.g., amulet of rage.
  867. Orc Mines:4 is replaced with orcish woodstock. It's all peace and love, man...
  868. bat packs
  869. bat caves ... with guano
  870. bat mobiles
  871. batplanes
  872. robin
  873. shopping brand!
  874. Wands of Bottling.
  875. Vampire Hydras. Each head has a seperate vampiric bite attack :)
  876. now that spammals are capped at two (three?) rats, call them Pinky and Brain (and Elmyra?)
  877. make potions susceptible to fire. they are evaporated if it gets too hot. "Your potions boil! You're standing in a vile venomous cloud of miasma."
  878. make scrolls susceptible to cold. ink crumlbes and falls off if it gets too cold. "G - 10 scrolls of paper"
  879. the moment you take the Orb, closing credits start rolling from the bottom of the screen, with obligatory blooper scenes (Geryon laughs because he used the wrong end of the horn)
  880. Two-headed ogres and ettins should be twice as vulnerable to mephitic/poisonous clouds.
  881. Once killed, Michael can reappear, Boris-style, on a new level - except this time around, he's a Daeva (Archangel?) with an entourage of angels.
  882. If you don't win in less than 200000 turns, the decaying rune finishes decaying down into nothingness.
  883. you can shoot poisoned needles at trapdoor spiders through cracks in the floor
  884. armour acquirements have a chance of summoning a hostile gold dragon
  885. artifact that allows to jump over one square (useful for crossing sewer streams and avoiding traps). should be named 'boots of reaching'
  886. be honest with players. rename: decks of dungeons to decks of bazaars, decks of destruction to decks of torment, decks of escape to decks of banishment
  887. cursed shops. you can't leave them unless you buy something
  888. Chopping corpses with a chaos brand weapon should make the chunks mutagenic.
  889. hydras should be capped at 27 heads, not 20
  890. Sword of Power annihilates corpses when used for butchering.
  891. Tukimancer: starts with book of Tukima
  892. A nightmare mode in which oods are generated early and everything randomly comes back from the dead (for no exp). Boris is somewhere on every level!
  893. When you chop up corpses with a weapon of distortion, the chunks should get teleported away from you.
  894. Oklob parmesan
  895. Hydra Sushi
  896. Death Ooze souffle
  897. Dungeon Chef: Your food is rated by a panel of your peers: Ijyb, Sigmund, and Boris.
  898. Necrophage steak
  899. Crawl plays Yakety Sax while pillar-dancing.
  900. Crawl plays Final Countdown upon entering Zot:5.
  901. Unique Lichform Goblin Janitor named Igor. Immortal like boris, goes around restocking traps, cleaning up loose junk.
  902. Special sales on specific types of items should be announced every now and then across the dungeon.
  903. slow god power: cause game to drasictally increase memory and CPU usage
  904. slow god power: induce brain damage in the player (needs implementation)
  905. Nerf dig spell! To much digging can cause cave-ins. Be sure to leave support columns!
  906. If you throw anything that qualifies for "sticks to snakes" you can play fetch with hounds!
  907. Crystal platemail changed to Orange Crystal platemail, grants sustain abilities and clarity when worn.
  908. Scroll of detect curse identifies any scrolls of curse weapon or curse armour in your inventory and detects mummies, curse skulls and curse toes on the level.
  909. a unique trapdoor spider that casts confusing touch, sticky flame, poison arrow and blink. call it Mr Tickles
  910. Tukima's dance for ghosts, and give them weapons to animate.
  911. Two heads mutation for ogres.
  912. flying curse skulls; curse skulls with teleportitis
  913. ghosts of characters who knew Portal spell may appear on D:1 regardless of where they died
  914. After you take the Orb, magic goes awry and everyone miscasts a lot.
  915. The leved edge shouldn't be undiggable; instead, the dungeon should collapse if you dig it. (Same goes for e.g. boulder beetles)
  916. level edge should be diggable, and levels should wrap around Pacman style
  917. rod of striking should misfire once in a while
  918. Add a hive vault on Hive:1 to encourage additional drownings.
  919. if you drown on Hive:1, you wake up on Hive:2, surrounded by curious friendly red wasps
  920. Frog skin armor, which grants you the ability to swim in deep water. Fixedart if you enchant armor prince ribbit's human skin.
  921. new unique: Atlas. doesn't move, doesn't try to attack you. if you kill him, the dungeon ceiling collapses
  922. Sigmund evaporates and reforms as Norris!
  923. Sigmund with an amulet of lifesaving
  924. Unarmed trolls can tear a monster into pieces when they hit it hard enough, producing chunks instead of a corpse.
  925. TSOites in perfect standing should not leave ghosts.
  926. A Soviet Russia dungeon branch in which, after you've tormented enough fiends, the communist rune carries you out.
  927. Elemental god: Gives you elemental resists and adds most-useful elemental damage to attacks (cold vs. fire cirtters, fire vs. cold critters, etc). Invokeable abilities to increase AC, EV, movement speed, or attack rate.
  928. negative AC while wearing heavy armour guarantees suffering increased damage
  929. Xom gives atomic wedgies.
  930. Xom says "Take this gift as a token of my esteem." and then firestorms the player.
  931. Rename Xom "dpeg".
  932. Rename dpeg "Xom".
  933. Mutation that makes you glow.
  934. Add "of Win" suffix to randart item name generation. Will be hilarious when used with artifact similar to Robe of Misfortune.
  935. steal leashes from nethack and give them to hill orc priests of Beogh
  936. players should be able to carry allies in their inventory period pokemon
  937. Passwall allows you to telefrag.
  938. force_a_lenghty_uninterruptible_cutscene_message
  939. branch ends prevent autoexplore
  940. uniques leave ghosts too. Sigmund ghost: now with more poison resistance!
  941. Ogre bardings.
  942. shaft traps on Zot:5
  943. Necrophages and ghouls should rush over and steal the corpse you were going to eat.
  944. A unique shapeshifter that shapeshifts between different uniques.
  945. deep dwarves can get damage foam mutation that makes damage shaving more pleasant
  946. Stabbing a vampire with a steak (meat ration) should instantly destroy it.
  947. give every kobold darts of flame
  948. Bands stick together. (please, don't)
  949. altarrobin:worship the god at every altar you find after the ecumenical temple.
  950. Crawl shops allow buying on credit with 100% premium.
  951. Put all deaths on ktyp=stupidity.
  952. A unique jelly that demands item sacrifice in exchange for passage.
  953. Sapprovores should be able to eat animal skins (and boots and gloves).
  954. Name new races and classes so they spell things when abbreviated as a combo
  955. Executioners should wield three executioner's axes.
  956. chaingun wands
  957. rods of striking and wands of magic darts can be overloaded so they would fire all their charges in one turn
  958. monsters get different letters every time you play, so you have to identify them. "ώ hits you! Ouch! It really hurts! You die... (Must have been an ogre...)"
  959. a wand of probing to tell you who each monster is, and its hp and all that other good stuff
  960. evoke a scroll of immolation to make a flaming paper airplane and burn that sleeping ogre to death from afar
  961. Casting fire bolt on corpses should make meat rations.
  962. dip a box of beasts in lava, then evoke it to get all the meat rations - ortoslon
  963. Sniping bad_ideas[1000]. - CatEater
  964. woo 1000 bad ideas gathered! Now go and make a crawl variation with all these implemented.
  965. make inventory slots and spell slots interchangeable
  966. deep elf master archers wield two longbows
  967. Make glasses a new armour slot, eg. Frederick's monocle.
  968. Amulet of Resist Banishment.
  969. crystal meth golem
  970. Blink Slugs.
  971. Scroll of dental health care, prevents miasma breath
  972. The Deep Elf Master Archer comes into view. It is wielding a glowing AK-47.
  973. pillowcase golem
  974. Stone giants have a breath attack instead of carrying large rocks.
  975. Acid reflux mutation: you can re-use the effect of the last drank potion with the cost of some acid damage.
  976. Enable a gender prompt if the player chooses to be a HoMo.
  977. Orc priests run out of piety. And drown, if water walking.
  978. Enemy orc priests who run out of piety will have all the orcs near them turn against them.
  979. Monsters say "Hadouken" when they cast fireball.
  980. Octagon levels collapse and kill you if you dig all the pillars away.
  981. Sheep should drown in shallow water.
  982. Xom occasionally laughs when you do something stupid, even if you don't worship him.
  983. Healing spells.
  984. Artifact chokos.
  985. If you hit a jelly too hard with an axe, it should turn into two jellies.
  986. <Zaba_> Xom should be able to die from laughter
  987. A "giftwrapped rune" which can only be obtained as a miscellaneous acquirement (1 percent chance)
  988. Wanderers start with a cursed primary weapon.
  989. make melee damage be (1dX + 1dX) / 2
  990. Necromancer pghosts should be liches.
  991. Chocolate swords that heal monsters instead of hurt them, and make a tasty treat. Credit to GoblinHack for this one.
  992. A forge where you can melt down multiple rings into one randart ring.
  993. Monsters should be able to use evokable items like stone of earth elementals and disc of storms.
  994. Brand of dodging
  995. Sticky acid.
  996. New transmigration/earth spell, Black Merge; Liquidifies the floor of a given tile just enough for anyone on it to dip a little and stuck when it solidifies back, forever.
  997. Zin should ressurrect you, once, back to the temple.
  998. Give Roxanne Imp-like regeneration, and summon Oklobs
  999. Magical beards. Implement Toady One's dynamic beard system for dwarves!
  1000. "Yakslayer" randart weapon name.
  1001. a branch consisting of a centaur city that has a wooden rune in the end guarded by a six-armed centaur emperor with spriggan speed.
  1002. two blades of a lajatang may have different brands
  1003. Crystal Yaktaurs: Fire crystal spears instead of bolts.
  1004. Trapdoor death drakes. Trapdoor ogres. Trapdoor Sigmund!
  1005. Sigmund has 1 HP
  1006. More sphinxes to the Tomb, please. And not only to first level!
  1007. Distortion brand for ammo.
  1008. A swimming skill, for those who prefer to fight in lakes.
  1009. Ghosts earn XP similarly to how they would have if alive, and can even level up!
  1010. Rename Boris to Boris of returning
  1011. And brand Sigmund similarly.
  1012. Ozo's armour should let you walk on lava, like levitate on water.
  1013. A monster-only spell 'nerf' that temporarily reduces all of your spell ranges.
  1014. Vampires should get the spell "blink".
  1015. Strong mutation - changes your race
  1016. shorten the branches some more, then say it is to make the game more challenging by cutting content.
  1017. Crawl banner ads which, like all the Evony banner ads, feature dungeon babes in tight, boob-revealing, improbable suits of armor
  1018. Let players save their lives with quarters. This idea will eventually make the developers into millionares.
  1019. new unique: Pac-Man. tries to eat all player ghosts on CAO
  1020. playable race with detachable arms: left arm of returning and dancing right arm
  1021. polypiling!!!11!1
  1022. Draconian death knights with torment in Zot.
  1023. when a dancing weapon of returning falls from the air, it apports the player to its square
  1024. new light armour: socks. you can wear them on feet for cold resistance or put them on hands for confusing touch
  1025. Even better, if you wear socks for long enough to get the farming title, they emit mephitic clouds.
  1026. Removing item with Curse flag causes Zot trap effect to happen.
  1027. uniques should be able to talk in their sleep
  1028. color blindness mutation: you see everything as when wielding lantern of shadows, i.e. grey
  1029. if you enter a unique's name at the start of a game, you start with their equipment, items and spells
  1030. uniques' monster bands commit suicide when their leader is killed
  1031. wand of Polymorph God. "Xom evaporates and reforms as Zin! Zin thinks this is not funny."
  1032. when you fire an arrow in abyss, there's a chance it'll hit your back
  1033. Jellies sometimes burn through the floor and appear on the next level. Sometimes they land right on your head. Get used to your new cursed helmet. At least you make Jiyva happy.
  1034. new misc item: a nondescript boombox. when you evoke it, hip hop starts playing and all dancing weapons go berserk
  1035. Player draconians can be slowed by freezing attacks.
  1036. Geryon can only be killed with a weapon that killed the Lernaean hydra.
  1037. dip a scroll a paper into a potion of poison and make the ultimate thrown weapon: poisoned paper plane of piercing aka PPPP
  1038. to eat something, you need to wield it and evoke it
  1039. Every cursed item in your inventory adds a chance per turn that you will lose a random food item.
  1040. When a draconian casts dragon form, it turns into the dragon corresponding to its color. For example, black draconians turn into storm dragons, pale draconians turn into steam dragons, and yellow draconians can't cast the spell at all.
  1041. Zombies gain a drain intelligence attack.
  1042. Sushi rations, which you get by wielding a severed kraken tentacle and reading a scroll of enchant weapon.
  1043. Ice cave exit portal has a chance of taking you to Coc:7.
  1044. When polymorphed, Donald should turn into a duck whose only possible actions aside from movement are to quack and peck.
  1045. Some items, spells or monsters to be non-existant; decided at game start.
  1046. Draconians wearing dragon armour get a "cannibalism"-esque piety penalty from the good gods.
  1047. Slime creatures with a sickness attack.
  1048. A command for Henzell that makes him print all segments of a topic at once.
  1049. Make "Unemployed Unperson" a playable combo.
  1050. Pleasure brand for whips.
  1051. Diagonal steps should take 14 ticks.
  1052. New monster: yak-47
  1053. Cursed amulet of Insanity {rMut MUT+ Curse}
  1054. Rename Menakure to King Tutankhamun.
  1055. Cyberdemons.
  1056. A practice mode, where you get unlimited scrolls of acquirement.
  1057. A game-type-of-the-month: first one should be where you start in the Abyss at level 1 with 100 scrolls of holy word.
  1058. Ratling Master Fencers.
  1059. Wu Tang Killer Bees.
  1060. Levels cut from the rest of the dungeon are moved to Hell.
  1061. Poison kills should count, even if post-ghost-death.
  1062. allow draconian callers to summon 1s.
  1063. Antaeus wears Golden Dragon armour.
  1064. Makhleb should get annoyed when you pray but don't sacrifice anything
  1065. Blink Hydra
  1066. Every head that a hydra has will have a random 'class'. Warrior heads will deal more damage, priest heads will smite you, and wizard heads will fire magic darts, throw flame/frost, and make the hydra go invisible.
  1067. Left-handed items that only 1/9 of characters can use properly.
  1068. Hive should be extended to 3 floors, to keep it in line with Crawl's design philosophy and theme: The number 3.
  1069. Crawl should keep track of DEMAs between games, name them if they get more than n kills, and create custom artefact bows for them. The bows description should include a number of notches engraved on the bow, one per each kill.
  1070. goldfish can steal your gold and/or steal gold.
  1071. A lemuel themed zig level with nothing but oklobs, death drakes, and ocs.
  1072. Lemuel designing levels.
  1073. Pillowcase golems that always give the "like a pillowcase!!!" message no matter how hard you hit them.
  1074. Banana peel golems that deal little damage, but severely drain dexterity.
  1075. on zot:5, xom acts, even if you don't worship xom.
  1076. If you sacrifice the orb of Zot on an altar of Nemelex, you can gamble for the chance of multiple orbs, or a game over.
  1077. mimic you can wear that later animates itself and attacks
  1078. Miscasts can force you to forget very own name
  1079. If Blork the orc is polymorphed, his racial title changes. i.e. Blork polymorphed into a slug becomes Blork the slug.
  1080. Rename sublimation of blood to "sublimation of flesh" or "vaporisation of blood."
  1081. Condense! Level 2 transmutation/ice spell that lets you bottle potions from clouds.
  1082. sometimes teleport is called trelespoet.
  1083. <hayenne> Casting blade hands should turn you into Wolverine
  1084. Rename doors to pillowcases.
  1085. Quicksand.
  1086. Undead that escape with the amu^H^H^H orb die the moment they encounter the sunlight of the outside world.
  1087. Bears become neutral when passing over a tile with a honeycomb.
  1088. Potions shattering in your inventory should create a cloud on you, like Evaporate.
  1089. Torture chambers filled with trapdoor fiends, scroll of blink mimics, and amputation traps.
  1090. Vaults that run away from you.
  1091. When you pick up the orb, everything on the level should immediately berserk.
  1092. For Green Demons, Curarare Arrow
  1093. A new unique iron golem named Bender who belches flame and occasionally passes out sober.
  1094. Apporting the Orb should cast it into Abyss.
  1095. Royal jelly, upon encountering fire, rapidly spawns lesser J's in a frenzy to stop, drop, and "roll with his peeps."
  1096. Give orbs of fire large shields.
  1097. Sigmund should have a paralyzing stare.
  1098. broad lochaber triple axe.
  1099. A summoning spell that summons random uniques you've killed.
  1100. if "distressingly furry" items take fire damage, they should become "smokey" instead.
  1101. Acid blobs eat through the floor and make shafts when you kill them.
  1102. Book of Sigmund.
  1103. A new branch, the Republic of Sigmund, populated entirely by Sigmund clones. If you don't kill any Sigmunds by the time you get to the branch end, you may choose to ally with the Republic of Sigmund, and all Sigmunds in the dungeon will be neutral to you.
  1104. Upon dying, the game should play the whole game over theme from Total Distortion before allowing you to play again or close the game.
  1106. Playing halflings.
  1107. Halflings, in general.
  1108. Halflings, in specific.
  1109. Halflings, in the past, present, and future tenses.
  1110. bad ideas are better than good
  1111. you've got quite a treasure there in your ecumenical cube
  1112. The time has come for you to destroy Boris's soulstone.
  1113. Hail, outlander.
  1114. I sense a soul in search of answers.
  1115. playable Hydra race. gain a head for each xl
  1116. Feeding jellies.
  1117. The jelly dungeon.
  1118. scroll of summon jelly
  1119. size altering mutations
  1120. While confused and on an altar, you should accidentally take on the associated religion.
  1121. While confused and on an altar, you should accidentally take the nearby orc as your wife.
  1122. While confused and praying, you should abandon your religion.
  1123. Potions should have a chance of explosion on being shaken (ie, heavy combat, teleportation, traveling up/down stairs)
  1124. Adding items to good ideas.
  1125. Worshipping Zin.
  1126. When intelligent monsters walk over a spellbook, they should be able to cast those spells.
  1127. If you get blurry 3, you receive the option to leave the dungeon, visit an optometrist, get a perscription, and then come back.
  1128. rename lichform into mummyform
  1129. Mummy curse that makes you Very Hungry
  1130. Mummy curse that makes mummies Very Hungry.
  1131. <mong>We need a Boaris. Exactly like Boris, except a hell hog.
  1132. Guns! Firearms! Shotguns and rocket-launchers!
  1133. The eight spells, only found in Octavo book. Lvl 100 spells. Cast them and you win! \o/
  1134. {xom ideas[161]}, but for Trog.
  1135. ranged weapons of distortion
  1136. new spell: create (easily destroyed) wall
  1137. <TGW> lab needs giant spores
  1138. sort pack items of identical type together - wand of fire next to WoF etc
  1139. Ghosts using missiles should get ammo of draining
  1140. Summon too many air elementals on a level and you suffocate to death
  1141. summon too many earth elementals on a level and the walls literally come tumbling down.
  1142. Targeting yourself with Dig should make a shaft.
  1143. Player Mu should curse the enemy that kills them
  1144. If a reaper gets summoned you can watch them duke it out :>
  1145. rename bolt of iron to I-Beam
  1146. Submerging ice fiends
  1147. T&D should give a slaying bonus against trapdoor spiders.
  1148. Ghosts of yred worshippers should have pain mirror.
  1149. The shining one wrath should include summoning shining eyes.
  1150. merge tso and jiyva
  1151. Wonton soup of hellfire!
  1152. A unique orange crystal statue that can't be disintegrated.
  1153. A unique silver statue that summons pan lords.
  1154. Replace "you are cast into the abyss" with "a trapdoor opens and you fall into the basement"
  1155. Death goblins that hit like ogres.
  1156. When you hit tiamat, draconians should jiggle out of her.
  1157. Give moths of wrath shadow creatures.
  1158. Orange crystal statues in labs.
  1159. No orange crystal statues in labs.
  1160. Imp race. Innate rF and regeneration, but has blinkitis.
  1161. A Crawl Feature Request race. Starts with tinning kit, ring of invisibility, and a permacursed knife of venom that poisons chunks.
  1162. A monotheistic god that gives you piety for desecrating other gods' altars
  1163. Wasp storm: a 65% irresistable poison storm that summons friendly red wasps.
  1164. another luck god that affects combat rolls, item generation, spell success etc
  1165. create a player note w/ vault name when you run into a vault so people know what the heck you're talking about
  1166. New god: Honey nut cheirbriados
  1167. Shouting mutation gives breath attacks longer range
  1168. A scroll of anagram, which allows you to rearrange the letters in any item in your inventory to make a new item. Thus you can turn pears into a spear. May have other uses too, but probably not.
  1169. Unique Oklob named Bolko that can blink, has 20 speed, and can cast Portal Projectile on its acid!
  1170. Add Oprah to the divine pantheon. Sure the devs may be against divine gifting, but with Oprah, everyone gets a car!
  1171. Horns 2 mutation immediately gives you minotaur apts.
  1172. Weapons of flame mulch 100% when thrown just like missiles of flame do.
  1173. take damage when unweilding (storing) a flaming weapon as it is still hot!
  1174. Cyclops and stone giant skeletons throw large skeleton rocks.
  1175. I'm pretty sure that should be "large rock skeletons".
  1176. Ugly stick. A -2/-2 club, turns things you hit with it into ugly things - or very ugly things if they're already ugly things.
  1177. Spiny swamp worms.
  1178. Giant spiked swamp worms.
  1179. A spell 'bolt of bees' that does physical damage and surrounds the target with allied bees.
  1180. Balrugs dual-wield demon whips and demon blades.
  1181. If a wizard is in the way, a balrug cannot pass.
  1182. Balrug fly is canceled over shafts.
  1183. Monsters should haste each other if they have the spell.
  1184. werewolf race: as you level up you can turn into different kinds of canine
  1185. The Royal Hydra: Splits when attacked, has corrosive attacks
  1186. amulet of contradiction {rMut MUT+}
  1187. xomform, all stats set to 72 but permanently confused
  1188. Zot Defense form. The better you do in a minigame, the higher your stats!
  1189. Scythe of Sigmund: this scythe gains +1 for each death caused by sigmund (carries over betwen games). It decreases by 1 each time sigmund is killed. Sigmund starts with this scythe 1 out of every 5 games.
  1190. Vehumet makes your spammals explode during prayer.
  1191. A speed god that rewards you for using haste.
  1192. A god that gifts nothing but randart flails... eventually you'll probably get one you'd want to use.
  1193. Get rid of DS's first mutation and have them start with horns instead, you know you'll get it anyway.
  1194. With T&D, spider form should let you become a trapdoor.
  1195. A spell 'exile' that's like banish but sends you to the swamp.
  1196. Ghosts with apportation should be able to cast it on the player, drawing him into melee range.
  1197. A brand that makes Angels out of humanoids killed with it.
  1198. a spell that gives temporary brand (returning) in translocations
  1199. Allow a strong enough character to break off a piece of a wall to use as a large rock of some sort.
  1200. dwarven god of dungeon building. dig as an ability, create stone walls, create traps (choose the spot, trap type based on piety level), sense surroundings
  1201. Summon rhesus macaques
  1202. Sporeblob. A group of 9 Spores that all stay close to the middle one, and move as a pack.
  1203. Scroll of pan lord summoning.
  1204. Amulet of the Gourmandian Spirit. Similar to guardian spirit, but subtracts damage from hunger instead of mana.
  1205. If you're undead or mutated, you can't pick up the silver rune.
  1206. Glowing hydras with mutation attacks on each head.
  1207. Green eye: like a hungry ghost but with smite targeting.
  1208. Monsters with potions of mutation should drink them.
  1209. Nets of returning
  1210. NOT nets of returning
  1211. anything valrus says
  1212. (12:22:36 AM) valrus: how about a script that adds anything I say to bad_ideas
  1213. Rename golden eyes to Golden Snitches.
  1214. (10:48:26 PM) Eronarn: mikee: randomly turn stairs into abyss gates (10:48:35 PM) mikee: while you're going down them
  1215. Fleeing animals that get cornered or blocked by something go berserk.
  1216. If you're low on hp, animals can 'smell your blood' and go berserk.
  1217. Remaining orb guardians each get stronger every time you kill one.
  1218. Unique imp who spawns with darts of dispersal.
  1219. crashitis mutation
  1220. cursed sustain abilities should totally degenerate you instead
  1221. Teleporting while confused can put you in deep water or lava.
  1222. A unique slime creature that summons other slime creatures.
  1223. Orc Prius
  1224. Hellwings teleport you right to the Vestibule, and lock the doors.
  1225. Give monster ogres giant whips of reaching
  1226. Berserk traps. Oh, the vaults you'll see...
  1227. Praying to trog enrages every visible monster.
  1228. Trog's Brothers in Arms sends in berserking butterflies as reinforcements.
  1229. Dungeon needs easily destroyed DryWall Habitat for Monstrosity.
  1230. If Sigmund kills you with a scythe of reaping, the game continues with you as a zombie.
  1231. Multiplayer Crawl: One player controls the @, another controls the dungeon creatures. Especially sadistic kills give extra points.
  1232. Lichen liches.
  1233. Broken glass in shallow water. Cigarettes buried in the sand.
  1234. (4:34:40 PM) petato: @??titanic sigmund creature
  1235. Sticks to snakes on a randart makes a unique.
  1236. Allow people with visored helmets to raise the visor so they can bite people.
  1237. Giant oklob spores, with accompanying oklobomycetes.
  1238. Give the monster's confusion spell smite targeting. To make orc wizards even worse
  1239. shopkeeper class
  1240. Rename orc sorcerers to "orcerers"
  1241. ignoring bad_ideas
  1242. Trog gifts spriggans with large rocks of returning
  1243. Boris drops his phylactery 1 in 10000 times you kill him. It's an amulet that keeps him from respawning, allows your ghost to recur multiple times in other people's games, and drops you in a random place in the dungeon, fully healed, if you die while wearing it in lichform.
  1244. New skill: Eating. Eating foods that are too tough for you cause you to choke; especially elegant meals moreso.
  1245. Blade Leg. Kind of like Blade Hands, but only one of them. Replaces aux kick attacks, but gives you ponderousness and prevents wearing boots (one boot is still ok). Pros cast Fly, and then cast it twice!
  1246. deaths to disintegration should launch IVAN
  1247. Ultimate cross-breed monster, breathes fire with many heads and lives in a nest (complete with a queen): fire hydrant.
  1248. The more sheep that are within the line of sight, the greater the odds of one casting a sleep spell on you.
  1249. Electric Sheep. All that wool can lead up to a static discharge.
  1250. Curse wisps. All the fun of trying to hit insubstantial wisps, now with Torment!
  1251. (9:30:50 PM) mong: xom
  1252. On mummy PCs: You miscast the spell. Sparks fly from your hands! You catch fire!
  1253. butterflies should turn into a moth of wrath when they level
  1254. "deaf cob", a rare death cob that casts silence
  1255. Using fire on a death cob results in popped cob?
  1256. One floor should have a yellow brick road going straight through it. Nothing else, no tinmen, no scarecrows, just a yellow brick road with an emerald castle at the end.
  1257. staff of translocation: distortion branded, which, yes, triggers when you wield it
  1258. petato: having really good traps&doors skill should give you the message "You open the door like a pillowcase!!!"
  1259. American player race. All roles restricted except for Gladiator.
  1260. Purgy drops a distressingly bulemic troll hide.
  1261. Crazy Yiuf will stop to pick up and eat any scrolls or books he finds.
  1262. Naga barding of walking. Centaur barding of slithering.
  1263. a level 9 summon boggart spell
  1264. Mutation: Breath weapon that creates butterflies
  1265. not implementing [1305]
  1266. Maurice steals the orb of Zot
  1267. Cheibriados invocation: Heal, then sleep three turns.
  1268. To resolve the vault/Vaults conflict, rename it to Volts and fill it with elec monsters.
  1269. 1 out of every 1000 monsters spawns in an albino variant
  1270. Pokeballs.
  1271. Collossal Kobolds.
  1272. Koitalic.
  1273. Diminuitive Kobolds
  1274. Kobolds merge like trunk slime creatures do. Titanic Kobolds!
  1275. skeleton as a playable race
  1276. summon small mammals summons kobolds and halflings at high levels
  1277. new unique edible (beige) ooze monster: the Flan
  1278. a vlad_the_impaler vault for D:2, now featuring nethack vlad in his rightful place!
  1279. Allow adventurers to quaff from a sealed flask, to internal combustion results
  1280. A deep elf monk (DEMo) starts with explosives
  1281. when a titanic slime creature is on the screen, disco mode engages ala discorobin
  1282. Killing plants within the view of an altar of fedhas leads to divine wrath, whether you worship or not.
  1283. If your AC, EV and SH are exactly 27 each, you enter god mode, with a quad damage multiplier
  1284. Bad idea, or greatest idea? Switchblade staff of power, it slices, it dices, it even juliennes fries!
  1285. To make things a little less mephitic in Hive:2, add some guardian bee-goyles (name is not under discussion) made out of rock that look like statues until you get within three tiles. And keep the generic, boring statues (now of bees) to keep the player guessing.
  1286. Allow watchers to play as xom when watching a chaos knight
  1287. Schrodinger's Demons - may or not be poisoned. 50% chance of dying upon entering your line of sight
  1288. Give agnes a wand of haste
  1289. Python, a unique anaconda that appears early. Despite being injured, it refuses to wear braces. Appears as a white space.
  1290. New edible holiday monster: choklob - an oklob dipped in premium milk chocolate
  1291. Flying Pizza Monster - Like a giant spore, but when you hit it, it explodes into a cloud of pizza
  1292. Pinata Yak Has high dodge, when you hit it with a blunt weapon, it explodes (ala disintegrate) into candy.
  1293. You can whip walls in the dungeon, and find random beating hearts.
  1294. black bears go through your garbage and make a mess at low hp
  1295. trapdoor wandering mushroom - follows you around out of LOS, hides underground, then pops up and confuses you
  1296. trapdoor wandering orange crystal statue
  1297. Tukima's dancing typos
  1298. 1/1000 draconians turn out rainbow, like tiamat
  1299. Confuse Sigmund, he starts quoting Sigmund Freud "He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore. "
  1300. If you die to an elf wielding the sword of zonguldruk, you rise as a zombie a few turns later. Complete with no healing whatsoever.
  1301. wraith of wrath
  1302. Allow wands of digging to make shaft traps.
  1303. s/Apportation/Yoinkinate
  1304. (2:13:59 PM) valrus: money in crawl should be measured in auc
  1305. Horseshoes for centaurs. You can even get ones with cleats, for extra damage!
  1306. branded arrows produce new sticks to snakes. Disperal, returning, penetrating, most importantly, exploding
  1307. Mountain dwarves operate at 80% capacity sober. 100% capacity buzzed, and 120% trashedbeing trashed may cause you to forget parts of the map...
  1308. rename throw icicle to "mozilla firebird"
  1309. rename forescry to mozilla thunderbird
  1310. If you carry Cekugob on you, it rarely decides to equip itself, whether you want it or not. Of course, it does not inform you of this.
  1311. Give killer bees opposable thumbs, ability to open doors.
  1312. The pond on Hive 2 is shaped kind of like a toilet bowl. Players should get a chance of being flushed into Swamp instead of drowning.
  1313. Deep elf blademaster with tukimas dancing quickblades of distortion
  1314. Differentiate between red and green apples in inventory and stashes.
  1315. Better yet, elven, dwarvish, and orcish apples. Eat five of any in succession and you become that race.
  1316. Good gods like it when you summon demons in order to lure them into a hideous ambush, then slaughter them.
  1317. Gods might decide to smite you for stepping on their altars. Especially Trog.
  1318. orc knight yell berserks nearby orcs
  1319. give executioners an irresistible slow spell
  1320. Shed portal vault, that prompts the player for wall and floor colors on every entrance
  1321. When death cobs are hit by a flame attack, they explode into hostile death popcorn. Popcorn that is trying to kill you. You don't want to eat that.
  1322. xv tells you about a monster's taxonomy, including Latin nomenclature, and about its natural habitat, means of reproduction, etc.
  1323. if you zap a glass wall with a wand of polymorph, it turns into a glass golem
  1324. Oklob trees.
  1325. And Oklob walls!
  1326. Casting a brand spell while wielding a weapon of chaos should make the next 27 attacks have a 50% chance of being that brand and 50% chance torment everything in LOS.
  1327. a unique boggart named Humphrey
  1328. a unique named trogdor that starts as a man, becomes a dragon-man, then just a dragon (but he was still trogdor). Has a breath attack, "Trogdor burninates you!"
  1329. switch Lair:$ and Vaults:$, and see how long it takes for people to notice
  1330. 10 aum of silver darts should really weigh 10.97 aum.
  1331. Replace amulet of controlled flight with amulet of life preservation. Unlike other roguelikes, only prevents death by drowning. It's a rather big and bouyant amulet. If you want it to be useful, also grantsswimming.
  1332. Xtahua "crashes" through doors destroying them rather than opening them.
  1333. tie the shoals tides to lunar cycle, system timezone, and global warming
  1334. Casting ice storm and fire storm next to each other should generate a tornado
  1335. New transmutation spell - Choko Form. You transform into a choko. For the rest of the game.
  1336. Choko form, part two. If you're eaten by a monster, you have three turns to end the transformation before you're digested.
  1337. choko form, part three. Doing so causes the monster to explode in a shower of chunks, while you stand in a pool of blood. 50% current health, -2 max health.
  1338. Pikel should sell his slaves to things that pick up gold.
  1339. Using a crystal ball of fixation during combat grants great chei piety
  1340. Watered-down potions of mutation cause watered-down mutations. 'You have a cute tiny pair of horn nublets on your head!' 'You are partially covered in acne.' 'You tend to lose your temper in slow-moving queues.'
  1341. Give Agnes Haste.
  1342. A copycat sort of monster that uses all spells, abilities, and forms of attack the player uses in its sight against them, effectively "learning" them until its death.
  1343. Make Chei disapprove of eating the corpses of [once-]speedy creatures.
  1344. Make Chei approve of eating the corpses of [once-]speedy creatures.
  1345. Give blink frogs regenerative healing.
  1346. make the potion which makes you go beserk always yellow. "This tastes like piss, you are pissed off"
  1347. Make EH and other enchantments blockable.
  1348. Sacrificing a choko to Okawaru changes your religion to worshiping his brother, Chokowaru.
  1349. If Pikel becomes mutated, he turns into Pikelchu and shoots lightning.
  1350. Jellies eat stairs.
  1351. Jellies become hasted when they eat potions of speed.
  1352. Opening a bronze flask while confused creates butterflies. Or make a multicolored canteen for that purpose alone.
  1353. If Saint Roka does not join a Beoghite immediately, he becomes enraged about this false messiah and goes berserk.
  1354. Cyclopses and stone giants pick up large rocks.
  1355. A race that has to constantly die in order to stay alive; it gets 100% lifesaving, but game over if you don't use it often enough
  1356. Push spell - to have fun seeing lava swimmers
  1357. Randomly spawning test spawners.
  1358. Randomly spawning /friendly/ test spawners.
  1359. Display all weights in units of giant spiked clubs.
  1360. separate animal skin for every large leathery animal
  1361. separate leather armour for every large leathery animal
  1362. Hydras should grapple.
  1363. Anything should grapple, ever.
  1364. Potion of suicide, made from 100% death drake extract!
  1365. Titans bounce their lightnings at you, instead of firing them straight
  1366. An effect that introduces typos into common commands; autoexplore becomes autoexplode, etc
  1367. An artifact that occasionally recurses itself should occasionally create an artifact that creates an artifact that occasionally recurses itself, by creating an artifact that creates an artifact that... you get the idea
  1368. Instead of "Porcupine", orcish players should receive the title "Orcupine".
  1369. Brown ugly things eat items.
  1370. "unseen horrors" are renamed to "seen horrors" if you have see invisible
  1371. abyss exclusive unique name "The Thing That Should Not Be"
  1372. If an item is cursed, you shouldn't be allowed to change its inventory letter.
  1373. "Alive" vampires can join good gods, but get put in penance whenever they aren't alive.
  1374. plant corpses that spriggans can eat
  1375. Tukima's Polka Dance
  1376. Oklob Farm portal vault. Involves Oklobs, of course. Guardian Imps, with wands of polymorph other. And at the very end, four potions of cure mutation.
  1377. Oklob Farm portal vault. Involves Oklobs, of course. Guardian Imps, with wands of polymorph other. And at the very end, four potions of mutation.
  1378. Blade feet
  1379. Make an L Ron Hubbard themed lava portal vault
  1380. New class, buttermancy. Gets spell flight, forescry, summon butterflies, blink
  1381. New spell. Butterfly form. -50% hp, +20 EV, -10 str. Extremely fast movement, but you can only move in a fashion similar to a semi-controlled blink
  1382. new branch of hell. Tetris
  1383. Dressing and undressing yourself with blade hands or claws should damage clothing like robes and cloaks.
  1384. Quickblade of polymorphing. Call it.... the dagger of many deaths.
  1385. You have to take 41% of a step before attacking diagonally.
  1386. Allow kobolds to poison monsters by feeding them limbs.
  1387. dispersal thorn shooting trees of warp
  1388. Potion of Botox
  1389. Sell advertising space to GEICO insurance. How? Talking geckos, of course.
  1390. a polearm that becomes damaged after some use, then turns into a staff
  1391. Spammals should give a chance of producing a single tiny mouse which squeaks then runs into a hole in a nearby wall never to be seen again.
  1392. Summon Small Camels
  1393. A level 12 Ice spell that halts ALL Thermodynamic activity in the known universe, including the caster.
  1394. An activatable orb of silence that can be dropped for a pocket of quiet. Do your LRD digging without anybody noticing!
  1395. One level in Lair should be full of bears, rangers, and hefty wooden picnic tables which large races can use as a weapon, shield, or battering ram. To-Do: picnic basket miniquest, Snagglepuss unique, No Littering signs
  1396. Summon Slug
  1397. an option that lets the player rename spells
  1398. Vault Mimics. It looks like a vault, but when you step inside, it fallls into pulsating lumps of flesh.
  1399. yaktaur captain -> death yaktaur
  1400. Custom spriggan necromancer title: La petite mort
  1401. If a person presses ctrl-wtf in game, it sends an alert out to ##crawl that something watchable is going on.
  1402. Dowan and Duvessa get fixed results if you polymorph them. Dowan turns to water elemental, Duvessa turns into a death yak.
  1403. If you kill all the monsters in the dungeon long enough that they can no longer spawn, the universe suffers a heat death.
  1404. Long Arms DS mutation that allows you a reaching unarmed melee attack.
  1405. Goon god, inspired by something awful forum thread.
  1406. golden helmets give a small halo effect
  1407. Special title: Lord of the (pillar) dance, awarded to players who retread their path for over 300 turns
  1408. Frederick should be renamed Frederick of Hollywood and should drop lingerie.
  1409. New class: Slacker. Worships Cheibriados, starts with a bong, some darts, a scroll of magic mapping, and a stack of pizza
  1410. Skeletal Chiropracter. Heals skeletal monsters
  1411. Let players add monster chunks to their pizza. Mmmm...pepperoni and quokka.
  1412. Yaktaurs should have their own "yakish" racial armour and weapons.
  1413. Give the orb a tiny chance to be received via misc acquirement!
  1414. Oklobs cast teleport self when the player is not in their LOS
  1415. New class - Librarian. Starts with a robe, no weapon, no skills, no spells, but several random manuals and a random spellbook.
  1416. All minotaur labyrinths include a wand of polymorph other.
  1417. Shoals should have a staircase to the single level Scholl's branch. Level is full of curse toes and fungi, with the occasional J. Standing too long in shallow water on this level may ruin weaker boots.
  1418. Early unique '&', an ufetubus wearing a rubber Cerebov mask: "Insincerebov"
  1419. Mountain Dwarves are so incredibly racist they won't wear or wield non-dwarven items.
  1420. Mountain Dwarves have a beard statistic. Every time they level up, their beard gets longer and provides various boosts, including strength and max health. Fire attacks may singe their beard, permanently shortening it.
  1421. Only when playing Mountain Dorfs are all giant goldfish renamed to carp, and get a power/range boost.
  1422. New race: Circus Dwarf.
  1423. new monster: exciting beetle. Just like a boring beetle, only it makes you go berserk
  1424. If you kill a deep troll with fire, it should leave a deep fried troll corpse. Butchering this may leave a deep fried troll hide accompanied by delicious deep fried troll cracklings.
  1425. replace the demons in pan with satyrs and panda bears
  1426. Eyeglasses as a wearable item to correct for blurry vision.
  1427. buffed up berserk butterflies for the Hell branches-- "papillons enragees"
  1428. Summon Horrible Things should have a 0.1% chance, cumulative on each cast, of waking Azathoth from its slumber and causing the destruction of the player, the dungeon, and the world.
  1429. Boss Rush mode! You must fight all the uniques of crawl with no gear but what you scavenge from their decaying, bloated corpses.
  1430. Step from time accompanied by the "Hokey Pokey" song, you stick your left foot in the timestream, you take your left foot out....
  1431. hellfire.
  1432. smiting
  1433. Potion of devolution.
  1434. <Kyrris> What happens if I evap my potion of porridge? Oat clouds?
  1435. Casting airstrike on deep water causes tsunami
  1436. allow players to meet each other while alive
  1437. Spellbooks should explode for damage based on the number and power of unmemorized spells in them.
  1438. Wands of haste should occasionally malfunction and haste everything around you instead.
  1439. Eating while berzerk should make lots of noise, leave crumbs that turn into mold after awhile, and after berzerk the player should have terrible gas.
  1440. Deep elves' HP should be capped at the number of total spell levels (memorized + available) they have.
  1441. dapper wizard cat unique
  1442. Replace confused butterflies with drunken college students. Keep the behavior the same, but slower.
  1443. Dungeon Crawl Shit Stew: A variant which includes only features listed here in the bad ideas entry- preferably every last of the nearly 1,500 of them!
  1444. Chokoban!
  1445. Drowning guys with confusion is fun, a whale that will beach itself when confused is even better.
  1446. Make fighters worship Okawary from beginning
  1447. In addition to auto-explore, autofight
  1448. Having stat damage should slightly increase the severity of poisoning, and being poisoned should slightly increase the probability of stat damage from sickness.
  1449. make monsters respect item inscriptions
  1450. overinscribed items break
  1451. let giant eyeballs read player's scrolls
  1452. Sigmund appears at a random level of the main dungeon, with power scaled to match the level on which he spawns.
  1453. Mummies should be able to douse themselves with potions of water to temporarily nullify their fire vulnerability.
  1454. Animate Dead should turn sausages into dachsunds
  1455. New god: Flying Waffle Monster. Invocations: create waffle (costs piety, grants food); mire in syrup (attempts to slow all enemies in sight); waffle iron crush (crushing/fire damage in a circular area of effect).
  1456. Sticky flaming the royal jelly should have a random chance, per turn, of printing a message of "scented candle" type: "The level is filled with the scent of anise and coriander" (or "grapefruit", or "fresh-cut grass", etc.)
  1457. Force choke.
  1458. Zombies can't use stairs, but they don't know they can't, so they should try to follow you, only to fall to their death.
  1459. the Cloak of Conversation - grants Recite.
  1460. can't see yourself when invisible
  1461. Allow player ghosts in Sprint
  1462. Add killer ducks to Swamp/Shoals! As a nice side effect you will be able to polymorph into Donald the duck.
  1463. Xom should sometimes fill the entire level with Mephitic Cloud.
  1464. Quackblade Noisy
  1465. Hog unique: Boss Hogg.
  1466. Quicksilver dragon hides should make armour that gives you permanent haste. Until you glow like a christmas tree.
  1467. casting blade hands in spider form gives you 8(4) separate blades of attack die - courtesy of Stoats.
  1468. Base a wealth god off of donald trump. Revolves around gold, hiring and firing summons. Gain revenue for each shop you've found.
  1469. Gloorx Vloq in Sprint!
  1470. After killing off a Kenku Necromancer, the game leaves you with the following message: "Oh my God, they killed KeNe! You bastards!"
  1471. All orbs of fire are generated peaceful if your login name is turnerjer.
  1472. Make swamp maps out of regular dungeon levels! Yay!
  1473. ponytaurs!
  1474. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - the D20 game!
  1475. new item: a a zot trap trap, can be evoked to remove a zot trap
  1476. Treating bad ideas seriously enough to revise an entry two times!
  1477. Treating bad ideas seriously enough to make bad ideas that refer to bad ideas!
  1478. metahumour
  1479. Horns? Fucking horns, that have demolished so many a Demonspawn's dreams of so much epic-tier headgear??? I hate horns. Either let me wear an additional ring on either of those things, or gimmee tusks. TUSKS! Tusks, that let you wear headgear and make you look like you tear. You can't deny that'd be so much more badass.
  1480. Altar Self spell: turns the character into an immobile altar to the god he currently worships.
  1481. See, Gehenna should have this maze layout! and there should be fake towers in the middle, and an entrance to a vampire lair, and you need candles and books and bells to get out of gehenna, and...
  1482. Stoned Giants
  1483. New branch: Eel.
  1484. Elemental hydras. With breath attacks for each head. Comes in shadow dragon flavor!
  1485. Make the Orb of Zot Mara, so it replicates repeatedly and actively tries to kill you
  1486. Doom Yak. A solitary upgrade to the Death Yak, with a draining attack.
  1487. You can't have Doom Yaks without Doom Yaktaurs.
  1488. Replace giant spores with prinnies.
  1489. Add a new unique, Hello Kitty. Claws, claws, and bites, but does so incredibly annoyingly cutely.
  1490. New spell: Summon Dave
  1491. Love potions.
  1492. New unrandart: The Ring of Idiocy (Str+3, Int-20).
  1493. Switching armor and weapons on average more than 30 times per level gives you the "interchangable" title.
  1494. An ice spell that works exactly like sticky flame, except cold damage instead. Also a draining and electricity version!
  1495. Lehudib's Crystal Statue
  1496. Deep elves, like their deep dwarf bretheren, do not regenerate.
  1497. Not even their MP.
  1498. Spriggans being able to wear gloves as body armor.
  1499. For spriggans, short blades are long blades, and clubs are giant clubs.
  1500. Mummies can curse ammunition, also... Cursed ammunition is ammunition that will sometimes fire back at the shooter!
  1501. A rune at the end of Ziggurat, so people have to complete it to get all the runes!
  1502. Subsequently replacing Zot so that you need the Zig rune to get in
  1503. When confused by a Zot trap, there is a 50% chance of falling down on the tile, taking damage, and invoking its effect again.
  1504. Distorobin. Find a distortion weapon, and NEVER LET GO.
  1505. Butchering with a distortion weapon causes the resulting chunk(s) to be teleported individually to randomly chosen squares on the level.
  1506. Butchering with a chaos weapon should cause mutagenic chunks.
  1507. Switch Khufu and Menkaure's turning up locations.
  1508. Switch Tiamat's and Ijyb's default locations.
  1509. Fall damage from shaft traps
  1510. Heart elementalists
  1511. Targeting yourself with summon elemental produces a heart elemental, and also kills you.
  1512. However, you get to be the Heart Elemental! How cool is that?
  1513. Asian Hornets: taking down bumblebees 30 to 30,000
  1514. Maybe Crawl will one day be like one of those calendar event-ridden MMOs- it'll generate special snow-themed levels at Christmas, for example.
  1515. A unique steam dragon named Blup who always drops a runed trident
  1516. Frog and Toad, peaceful twin giant frog and giant toad uniques
  1517. Dante, a unique who only appears in Hell. Dual wields short swords (Florentine style), one of freezing, one of flaming. Gives pertinent quotes from the Divine Comedy; he can also, fittingly, banish you.
  1518. When Death Cobs get killed by fire attacks, they explode into popcorn and will deal great damage to nearby creatures (including you!).
  1519. exploding nets
  1520. Poisoned spiked nets
  1521. Nets of flame.
  1522. Hecatoncheires- carrying up to 50 executioner's axes or triple swords.
  1523. Moriasc: Maybe there should be a reaver god!!!111!!!!111!!1!11! Who buffs your magic when you whack things and your whacking when you zap things.
  1524. bad ideas should be called FUCKING HILARIOUS but bad IDEAS
  1525. Wizards can make Horcruxes!
  1526. A CATS race! It happened, We're sorry.
  1527. Cockroach player race. No, not a giant cockroach player race.
  1528. Pokemon trainer class - catch monsters to collect their pokeballs!
  1529. (While playing Crawl) Go to sleep after killing just Dowan or Duvessa.
  1530. Not just illness, from dirty chunks. Parasites.
  1531. Cross between speed and pain brand: dagger of spain. Ole!
  1532. Maurice should take things out of shops when you enslave him
  1533. Maurice should have a gang of Educated Rodents who follow him around. Also, he should be a cat.
  1534. Combining items! Bread ration + chunk = delicious sandwich.
  1535. Rename bad ideas to Awesome Ideas
  1536. Chunk + Conjure Flame = cooked chunk. Or just play ADOM.
  1537. ADCSSOM
  1538. conjure flame + kenku = mcchicken
  1539. If you're playing on your birthday, you start the game with a wand of hasting.
  1540. listgame stats for sigmund, e.g. !lg Sigmund killerclass=berserker
  1541. uniques-only sprint
  1542. Kickishment, a new monster spell that sends you into the abyss, but on top of the gateway out. A favorite spell of curse feet.
  1543. New translocation spell- reach around. A melee variant of portal projectile, it allows you a chance at a 'distracted' stab.
  1544. Artefact food: twinkies
  1545. Explosive barrels, a la Doom.
  1546. Orbs of hellfire.
  1547. the +11,+11 quadruple sword of slicing "Gilette"
  1548. Demons (and Demonspawn) spill blood when hit just like living creatures, but in randart colors.
  1549. New god: Vehumet's vastly more laid-back cousin Ned. Welcome message: "Let it end in mild discomfort!"
  1550. When you die, Crawl should Rick-roll you.
  1551. New tmut spell: Roach Form
  1552. Edible thrown weapon: durian
  1553. cations and anions - holy and draining variants of hellions.
  1554. <rkd> wouldn't it be fun if the learnean [sic] hydra had a vampiric attack
  1555. Put zot monsters on D:1 for players whose name is a zip code.
  1556. Ancient technicolor mummies.
  1557. Allow characters with two species and no background.
  1558. Allow characters with two backgrounds and no species.
  1559. after stepping on an evil god altar you have a choice either to worship this god or be sacrificed
  1560. Zapping yourself with a wand of digging opens a shaft trap under you
  1561. You bite the necrophage. Xom accepts your bite!
  1562. Rename bush to George W. Bush.
  1563. New player race - starts as a bat, then transforming into an unseen horror and eventually lorocyproca.
  1564. Introduce new title for long bladers using triple swords: %race% helicopter!
  1565. If you reach rF--- you burn slowly at room temperature.
  1566. Boots of digging: Every step you take, a floor deeper you go.
  1567. C - a scroll of abyss self
  1568. An anti-drain brand which increases enemies' levels and makes them give more experience upon death.
  1569. To reduce spoiler usefulness, rename snapping turtles to "turtles of reaching."
  1570. Zot traps cause you to stop playing stone soup and start playing NetHack.
  1571. Change "floral guardian" title to "flower child"
  1572. crawl needs meph addicts
  1573. Delivery Gnolls. These special gnolls drop 12 slices of pizza when killed.
  1574. miscellaneous acquirement may acquire a god for you.
  1575. Arrows of double penetration.
  1576. Manuals don't work for characters with low Int when silenced, because they have to read aloud to understand.
  1577. Cookie Monster! A big hairy, early C.
  1578. "You kneel at the altar of Sif Muna. Nemelex Xobeh is extremely pleased with you. The altar of Sif Muna disappears without a glow. Your prayer is over."
  1579. Levels with three or more uniques are thinned out using Unique Gunfights. "There's not room enough for the five of us on this floor!"
  1580. Early randarts that cause mutations "{... MUT ...}". Enjoy your -30% to mana.
  1581. If you pray to fedhas near a forest, all the trees drop gold, at the cost of 10 piety a tree. Money does grow on trees, after all.
  1582. Potions of meat!!!
  1583. Corpses in different branches could sprout different fungi- death shrooms in the Crypt, for example, or hellshrooms in the Hells.
  1584. beetaurs and wasptaurs - come with a buckler and dagger in addition to less accurate, every other turn, poison sting.
  1585. Petrol Lortep, the god of oil slicks. You shall turn every tile of the dungeon black before you finish. Abilities? obvious.
  1586. An invisible eye-type monster that is harmless unless you see invisible
  1587. rename "Apportation" to "Yoink!"
  1588. When Yoink! is cast, "Apportation!" appears.
  1589. sling bullets of firestorming
  1590. chocobo-shaped chokos
  1591. weapons of distortion have a chance of banishing chunks when you chop corpses
  1592. Jumping sharks.
  1593. Butterfly Storm - lev 3 spell that showers enemies in butterflies and rainbows
  1594. Golem race, can eat jewelry to gain abilities permanently a la Nethack xorn.
  1595. yellow rat with electrical attack.
  1596. Allow uniques to memorise spells from spellbooks, any spell, and cast them at excellent.
  1597. cat; makes you act randomly once in a while, and it renames demons
  1598. You hear a slurping noise. The jelly eats the staircase!
  1599. rename Pan to Farm
  1600. Have plants, fungus and toadstool go hostile if you eat fruits in front of them, making you unable to rest or autotravel until you kill them
  1601. Barn monster. -10 to hit for ogres
  1602. Catapults with kobolds for ammo. (inspired by "hit from afar by a kobold on D:1")
  1603. final fantasy mode: multiply all hp and damage rolls by 100
  1604. Bear wand- spawns a hostile bear
  1605. Summon small mammal vortexes that always generate them hostile.
  1606. Amulet of the drunkard: drink any potion without ill effects.
  1607. Monsters that are unique to shapeshifters array of forms. Something really scary!
  1608. Iskenderun's Orb of Zot.
  1609. Apport enemies' weapons: check power vs. str
  1610. The ability to apport enemies' heads
  1611. More endgame powerful uniques, specifically other questers for the Orb of Zot who were powerful enough to make it there.
  1612. Penancerobin.
  1613. Weaponsmithing: for instance, you should be able to staple two sabres of flaming to a staff of fire to make an enhancer lajatang of fire.
  1614. New bat player race with a Vampire Form ability.
  1615. Orc personnel carrier
  1616. Mimics that the enemies can wield
  1617. Enemies that mimics can wield
  1618. Up giant bats' chunk-count to two.
  1619. Launchers/ammo of returning.
  1620. Make centaurs, yaktaurs, and their superiors always spawn with melee weapons. They're not deadly enough yet.
  1621. Butterflies are friendly to Fedhas-worshipers.
  1622. Eating a royal jelly in front of The Royal Jelly makes her go berserk
  1623. Eating a royal jelly in front of The Royal Jelly acts on her like a voodoo doll, eventually resulting in her destruction.
  1624. If you kill The Royal Jelly while having a royal jelly in inventory, it jjumps out and attacks you.
  1625. spangels level 9 summoning spell, summons 3d5 angels in spandex at max power
  1626. A new branch called the Troll Caves.
  1627. Trolls of other metals. Fear the titanium troll!
  1628. Crawl achievements.
  1629. A new kind of liquid-proof shoes... water moccasins
  1630. Small races get -2 to-hit against levitating or flying enemies(unless they player is also flying).
  1631. chei worshippers can slow lab timers.
  1632. colourblindness mutation - gives the player a chance to mix up their red and green potions
  1633. New scroll of Cursed Teleportation. Puts you in the middle of the largest density of mobs on the level and wakes them up. If no more then two monsters would be in LOS, act as a normal teleport scroll.
  1634. Potions of strong poison will still mildly poison you through rPois.
  1635. Potion of Slime. Major damage when taken, chance to corrode armour and weapon, drops a jelly on your tile and displaces you. Fun to quaff ID on your stash!
  1636. A new vault (or even portal?) inhabited purely by imps, phantoms, blink frogs, insubstantial wisps, and anything else that blinks! Loot includes multiple scrolls of blinking.
  1637. Picking a random Chaos Knight god should always result in Chaos Knights of Xom.
  1638. gnoll warriors.
  1639. Dropping potions while levitating will cause them to shatter.
  1640. Make Grum's war dogs have an equal chance of berserking or perpetually fleeing after their master is killed.
  1641. Make Gastronok eat not only corpses, but all things possibly magical; enchanted items, potions, scrolls, wands, staves, and rods!
  1642. earth bolt that goes through walls
  1643. arrows of rot13: polymorph the target into a creature whose new glyph is rot13 of the old one, if possible
  1644. Make kobolds like slime creatures. You see a kobold, a big kobold, a very big kobold and a very very big kobold here.
  1645. Make Nagas half-cold-blooded; if they're hit with a freezing weapon or a spell of similar effect, their movement speed is halved, but not their act speed.
  1646. Monsters who detect a "sneaky" character may pretend to be asleep and attack the moment the player comes too close. (Perception roll to detect an enemy feigning sleep.)
  1647. Confused fish may move outside of water and die instantly.
  1648. Staff of transmutations. On e'v'oking it will mutate you, contaminate you and transform your hands to blade hands for 100 + transmutations * (2d4 -1) turns, destroying the gloves you're wearing at the moment, and automatically falling out off your hands.
  1649. "Two headed ogre-mages!"
  1650. "Amulet of Xom, makes Xom act on you as though you worship him."
  1651. Cursed artefacts that keep showing up, stalking you in your sleep.
  1652. Vodoo dolls. Permanently inscribe with the name of a unique, can wield and evoke to deal one point of damage.
  1653. custom background creation
  1654. Wielding food uses a hidden skill that scales with your current nutrition.
  1655. Amulet of stasis keeping you in shape-shifted form. Upon removal, you suffer a system shock equal to the period of time the amulet was worn and abrupt reversal back to normal.
  1656. A new endgame unique named Siegfried, a more powerful version of Sigmund! Same getup and spells, but with 30 HD, magic-immune, and poison resistant.
  1657. Zin wrath: butterflies
  1658. Remove orcish/elven curare needles, because having multiple stacks of curare is annoying.
  1659. OgEE of Chei
  1660. New monster: mini-taurs. Five small minotaurs occupying one tile and traveling/attacking as a group. Reducing health by a fifth of max health permanently kills one of the minitaurs. Can use weapons, wands.
  1661. Suck-u-bus monster. It is a big yellow B (metal), that hits like a bus, and can cast blink other on you, porting you right next-door-sucking you in.
  1662. Spoony Bards
  1663. Rename halflings to Oompa Loompas
  1664. Manualrobin - autoexplore, search, autotravel disabled
  1665. extremely powerful randarts with guaranteed multiple brands and resistances - the catch: they appear as mundane grey items
  1666. giant stone skeleton
  1667. Fedhas' sunlight ability will turn trolls into stone. A troll player using it on himself will turn into a rock troll.
  1668. Improve realism by adding drugs into the game: Speed will give you haste, Heroin will slow you, Cocaine will make you berserk and LSD will confuse you.
  1669. They are unlike potions in that you can die of overdose or get addicted
  1670. bardings of slithering
  1671. sultana golem
  1672. When Xom is BORED! he has 1 in xl *100 + number of turns passed chance to instantly kill you. Xoms power touches you for a moment. You die!
  1673. Instead of Summon Small Mammals, vampires can memorize vampire summon.
  1674. If you are spectating a game and someone runs into your ghost, you get to play as them and use your inventory.
  1675. Give bears the ability to open doors.
  1676. Interesting beetles
  1677. Draconians in statue form breathe large rocks.
  1678. nethack portal vault
  1679. When you eat a pizza it has a chance of being Spicy Pepperoni. This gives you firebreathing for 3d10 turns.
  1680. Mummies get an autosolve option for labyrinths, since they can theoretically wander infinitely and eventually find it with 100% probability.
  1681. New monster idea: Unseen Tormentor
  1682. abomination merging ala slime creatures
  1683. Joseph band, containing Joseph, Jozef, and Josephine
  1684. Francis and Frances behave like Dowan and Duvessa
  1685. allow mixing and matching of boots/gloves for half the bonus of each
  1686. More challenge for the endgame: The Orb of Zot is an Orb of Fire you have to lure back into D:1
  1687. !rng @char always chooses chaos knights of xom
  1688. deep green water in sewers should be described as "deep shit"
  1689. If you put on poison resist and eat chunks, if you do not keep the poison resist on long enough to digest (3-400 turns) taking it off will instantly put you at the total poisoning from those chunks (Ugh! Your insides are on fire!)
  1690. Blink centaur You mean Nessos, or disperal arrows?
  1691. You see here a honeycombed rune of zot.
  1692. neural controller drivers for acquirement
  1693. If you have more than 3 sheep in your LoS there's a chance your character will fall asleep from counting them.
  1694. Remove the 'Why would you want to do that?' message when you try walking into deep water or lava from the game. You will walk onto the square and die instantly instead.
  1695. Replace scroll of remove curse with scroll of nudity
  1696. BFW9000
  1697. artefact wands
  1698. Frederick can spawn in Lair.
  1699. Yaktaur barding.
  1700. Attacking with a whip is very unstealthy
  1701. Make ogres pick up and throw things.
  1702. Make potion-rot a Necro miscast.
  1703. Make any spell causing a change in sight of a sleeping enemy have a chance to wake them, i.e. a beam passing in the LOS of a sleeping monster out of your own LOS may wake it up.
  1704. Artrobin, an account for collecting fixedarts, unrandarts, and the best and worst randarts imaginable.
  1705. acidrobin with 4.1.2a !
  1706. derprobin.
  1707. Crawl Devs [IMPLEMENTED]
  1708. Monsters block LoS, not just LoF.
  1709. Train T&D by practicing opening doors
  1710. Weapons of Mass Distortion!
  1711. Snails and slugs slowly die in shoals, due to all the salt.
  1712. "Found a deep blue altar of Sif Muna. You feel Trog's vigour surge through you! You feel yourself moving faster! You feel mighty! You feel yourself speed up!"
  1713. Godly avatars that get annoyed if you do something they dislike even if you don't worship them and come to kill you for it. A giant Trog comes into view.
  1714. Another unique called Chuck who always shows up in the same area as Norris
  1715. Make Henzell announce when players find fixedarts.
  1716. Make all of Trog's gifted randarts have -CAST. Because fuck the unfaithful.
  1717. Troll shamans or sorcerers and centaur wizards.
  1718. Kills by summons of summons only give 1/4 exp.
  1719. Add beer goggles - Artefacts look better than they really are, Erica looks more comely, and even Erolcha gets promoted to "maybe".
  1720. Just as Trog allows you to burn spellbooks, Chei allows you to burn bazaar entrances.
  1721. Airstrike puts out sticky flame.
  1722. As with the dragons of D&D... Evil, brutish ugly things in plain, "chromatic" colours, and benevolent allied ugly things in "metallic" colours, such as copper or silver or gold!
  1723. Elyvilon should take the wearing of sufficiently awful cursed equipment as evidence of repentance enough to accept an undead or demonic worshiper.
  1724. zapping draining wands at grapes turns them into raisins
  1725. Kiku worshippers can pray over bread rations or fruit to halve the HP of all plants in LOS.
  1726. Ogres can collect and throw doors
  1727. accupuncture needles for blowgun - heal the target
  1728. Potion of healing has a chance to fail.
  1729. 1,25 handed weapons that get 0-1-3 penalty for buckler/shields/large shields, and can be wielded by small races as a 1,5 handed weapons!
  1730. Like slime creatures, orbs of fire can merge...
  1731. Smile creatures =D =D =D
  1732. Replace all potions of poison with potions of strong poison
  1733. Butterfingers mutation! Like blurry but for potions!
  1734. When you drop a potion, it's like Evaporate but on your own square.
  1735. speedy eating mutation
  1736. Allow monsters with sufficient size/strength to smash down doors.
  1737. Bolt of fireball.
  1738. ironclad ammo, a spell which gives ammo the steel brand
  1739. rename ice fiends to ice friends!
  1740. The +8,+8 Ring of Slaying.
  1741. A fixedart -20, +8 ring of slaying
  1742. a Ring of Sleighing
  1743. kitten pet mutation
  1744. Randomly generated embroidery, stolen from Dwarf Fortress. On this robe is an image of LordSloth the ogre and Nikolas. LordSloth is cowering. Nikolas is sparking.
  1745. A portal to Xom's realm, an acidrobin-themed vault
  1746. If a player casts mephitic cloud five thousand times, they get the special title Big Stinky
  1747. Monarch butterfly. Hellfires, summons butterflies, shows up as soon as D:4
  1748. Summon Lolcat Spell!
  1749. a level ten spell that teleports you to the orb of zot, no matter how many runes you have
  1750. Crawl warns you before an action would lead to an instant YASD or YAAD
  1751. <Daze> There should be spiny eight-headed blink hydras in this game
  1752. Jiyva, Xom, and Lugonu are allied, like Elyvilon, Zin, and The Shining One
  1753. Dragon bardings for Draconians
  1754. Proton Xom tea! Quaff to get a random xom effect
  1755. Mutagenic corpses have a low chance of yielding a potion of cure mutation after using Fulsome Distillation.
  1756. cerebov miscast firestorm! cerebov is caught in the explosion!
  1757. Kyrris: FR: Lots of distortion clubs on D:1
  1758. replace Ogre player race with Yaktaur player race
  1759. LordSloth unique monster
  1760. commenting Avada Kedevera then zapping a wand should instantly kill a monster
  1761. Xom turns you into a Killer Klown!
  1762. xom turns you into a death cob
  1763. Navi. Hey! Listen! Look!
  1764. Pan lords return through games, with a list of vanquished players in their description. Plog shall return.
  1765. clubbed baby seal skin fixedart
  1766. Trog can flame brand wielded books.
  1767. holy brand on large rocks
  1768. acid trolls
  1769. necrophage trolls
  1770. packrat god that rewards you for keeping a full inventory and using "useless" items such as potions of degeneration and inedible corpses.
  1771. A level 3 poison miscast should be jelly creation, so that worshippers of jiyva actually don plate mail in 0.6
  1772. the wand of polymorph other affects items
  1773. xom finds wearing heavy armor hilarious
  1774. The Shining One may occasionally gift you excalibur.
  1775. Putting on a ring of fire and a ring of ice at the same time makes you explode in a cloud of steam
  1776. A growling executioner's axe
  1777. When Xom's highly amused there is a chance that he will turn wizard mode on for a few turns
  1778. Scrolls of Wizard Mode
  1779. Xom has access to wizard mode.
  1780. replace zot ancient liches with ancient lichens, to go with the death cobs.
  1781. Rename Shouter mutation into Tourette's Syndrome
  1782. scroll of napalm
  1783. Stabbing someone with a club should knock them out for a round.
  1784. Rip dwarven branches straight from Dwarf Fortress, including unkillable vomit beasts
  1785. Making LordSloth a dev
  1786. When you stab something with a triple sword, you stab it 3 times.
  1787. Casting haste on monsters should make them glow, thus making them easier to hit.
  1788. Casting haste on monsters several times should eventually give them random mutations.
  1789. Gnolls playing football to celebrate the world cup
  1790. 4 orb rooms in zot, 3 of which contain orb of zot mimics
  1791. Zot traps look like the orb of zot
  1792. artefact food
  1793. Trog lets you screw up scrolls and lob them like a Thrown Flame
  1794. Abyss exit gates in transparent stone walls
  1795. Monsters should be able to escape up/down stairs
  1796. monkey tennis?
  1797. < Daze> Blurry vision should have a bonus effect! You see monsters wrong. "Is that a goblin over there?" The golden dragon hits! Ouch! That really hurt! You die...
  1798. If you see a single dart, you know there's a dart trap there. To prevent this, give out all ammo in small piles of 1-3 darts/bolts/arrows.
  1799. Casting Pain (or Haunt) on sleeping monster should cause nightmares (confusion + massive damage)
  1800. Distilling the corpse of a monster with high HD who leaves clean chunks results in a potion of strong water.
  1801. Oil slicks in Shoals
  1802. Trog's wrath should send you elsewhere to help some berserker fight monsters
  1803. Introduce a monster difficulty level, measured in Sigmunds, indicating how many Sigmunds that monster is able to defeat in arena mode. Aizul is about 10 Sigmunds. Summoners are tough to measure.
  1804. Instead of just rings of hunger, let's have amulets of hunger too. And helms. And boots, gloves, shields, armour, hell anything could have it. Scrolls! Potions and spellsbooks! Dungeon tiles, stairs, shops!
  1805. Veryveryquickblades: So fast, that your attacks finish before you even start them.
  1806. Blood sausage for MacLeibh!
  1807. You hear the tinkle of relaxing, new age music! An interdimensional beauty salon has temporarily set up shop on this level! (Come on, don't tell me your character doesn't need a good scrub and a haircut. )
  1808. Scroll of random usefullness
  1809. rename 'bad ideas' to 'awesome ideas'
  1810. Cursed rings of invisibility turn themselves invisible rather then the wearer.
  1811. Imp player race!
  1812. An apportation miscast on the Orb of Zot always banishes you to the abyss
  1813. All monsters within 12 squares of you are taken along for the ride and appear next to you in the abyss
  1814. Centaur mages that appear along with centaurs and centaur warriors. They know slow, silence, and mass haste centaurs.
  1815. rename stone giants to death yaktaurs
  1816. Berserk giant bats. They're so fast any player trying to track one (attack, cast spell etc) ends up confused.
  1817. Removing pillar dancing, spriggan speed bonus, MD armor bonuses, and other completely essential features.
  1818. harpies in labyrinths
  1819. In crawl trunk, all monsters should be a variant of elephants. Moving trees and animated luggage are also allowed.
  1820. Yaks should be able to merge just like slime creatures! The titanic Yak gores you! You die!
  1821. chaos knights of xom have crazy yuif spawn on dlvl1
  1822. Slime should have a slimy floor, not just slimy walls.
  1823. helltterflies!
  1824. <due> Go Pikel! <due> Or at least, go polymorphed pikel! <Qui> make him change name to Polypikel if polymorphed!
  1825. fedhas should punish you for burning forests
  1826. trog should throw in more starting piety for spellcasting converts and burn their books right in their packs
  1827. Unique butterfly dual wielding quick blades of pain
  1828. A special room with pan lords
  1829. Have Cerebov come down the stairs in Sprint if you wait too long in the first room
  1830. When butchering a corpse, flame brands should cook the meat, freezing brands should make it last longer before rotting, and poison brands should poison the meat.
  1831. Add "sailed to open sea" ending, achievable only for grey elves.
  1832. Rename ugly things 'fugly things'.
  1833. A new portal vault where you bet on footv fights for gold.
  1834. Helligators.
  1835. Rename animal monsters using binomial nomenclature.
  1836. Rename /all/ monsters using binomial nomenclature
  1837. Randart monsters
  1838. Public bot learning
  1839. Orc followers will starve if you don't feed them regularly.
  1840. Ankus of Hellephant Slaying
  1841. Spriggan monsters shooting LAZARS
  1842. barley
  1843. Yred wrath should include gifts of skeletal warrior servants.
  1844. Casting Sticks to Snakes while confused should turn snakes into sticks
  1845. A fake hive with the same monsters, but all of the food are mimics.
  1846. Kobold Grenadier armed with scrolls of immolations and exploding darts
  1847. Blogre the Ogre
  1848. Add the Elbereth card to the deck of oddities, which will automatically scare every monster that isn't blind.
  1849. Add a nethack god, which gives you book acquirement, healing that can raise your maximum hp, and "crowning", which gives you all of the resistances.
  1850. Grum is a moth of wrath.
  1851. Have Henzell announce every kill players make
  1852. Setting forests on fire should summon a unique bear.
  1853. Cacti: like bushes, but do damage when you hit them.
  1854. On a small chance, Henzell should respond to 'ugly thing' queries with just 'you'
  1855. Spriggans should be able to use gold coins as bucklers
  1856. fire breathing, blinking, elephants from hell [IMPLEMENTED]
  1857. Whenever you eat a chunk of hydra flesh, two more should spawn in your inventory. Unless you have fire breath.
  1858. Xom says "You lost the game!"
  1859. Jelly trap
  1860. Xom cries when you commit suicide.
  1861. A race with all the apts of a sludge elf and all the intrinsics of a troll.
  1862. A race with all the apts of a troll and all the intrinsics of a sludge elf.
  1863. Shallow water should be deep to halflings, spriggans, etc.
  1864. Everything in sprint is silenced, unless you stand on a square with good reception.
  1865. A monster denoted by a yellow 'V', which turns corpses back into the monsters they came from.
  1866. Magnetic golems that attract you based on how much metal you're wearing.
  1867. All henzell requests involving cheibriados should be lagged.
  1868. All henzell responses involving trog should be in all caps.
  1869. see previous entry, only with Xtahua.
  1870. Two-Headed Ogrehydra
  1871. Followers of good gods should show up as Angels after they die.
  1872. New playable race: Big Kobold
  1873. A "Human Form" transmutation spell that lets equip-restricted races wear anything they want
  1874. An early unique with paralyze.
  1875. Jesus God: Does nothing for you until you die, then you go to an infinite level populated by angels
  1876. Unless you kill another being, in which case you go to Hell(s). Each time you die in that hell you respawn as a xlvl 1 OgPa
  1877. Spamming key 'p' increases piety. At ¤¤¤¤¤¤ you become an archangel and automatically ascend.
  1878. New monster: a puppy. If you feed a puppy a chunk of meat it becomes your ally. After 100 xp it becomes a war dog.
  1879. Followers of good gods lose piety if they kill puppies or eat their flesh. Followers of Trog gain piety boost.
  1880. Wand of random uselessness
  1881. x -- a golden dragon armour of random uselessness god gift --more-- Xom guffaws!
  1882. Rename Henzell to Rodney!
  1883. 1/1000 times the sprint level, with no orb of zot, will replace Dlvl 1
  1884. Make jellies leave acidic corpses and death drops, and divide when hit by an iron weapon.
  1885. A <insert player's name here> unique!
  1886. Casting summon butterflies with xom will flood the level with butterflies (1% chance).
  1887. Make damage automatically subtract itself from the damage the player takes!
  1888. Armok, the dwarf god. Gives you dwarf followers.
  1889. Giant snails can fire darts, like they do in real life.
  1890. A trap that makes it as if you had spent tons of turns on the level, so OODs start spawning.
  1891. New spell: spider sense - tells you when a monster's next attack will kill you.
  1892. Characters with low int sometimes have a hard time opening doors.
  1893. D:1 entrance vaults with shaft traps.
  1894. A unique yellow quokka with the same spells as Nikola.
  1895. When defeated, Norris drops boots that increase your unarmed combat skill.
  1896. Ghosts of players that had top piety with Jiyva should spawn liches and arch-liches when struck
  1897. New Spell: Dispel Imps.
  1898. BUTTERFLIESITIS, a new mutation that occassionally summons butterflies. They might be hostile.
  1899. The Amulet of Yendor {-tele, hunger+, INT-5, Curse}
  1900. A unique butterfly that attacks you with dualwielded quickblades of pain
  1901. once in a million turns, a plant will cast ice storm
  1902. telepathy spell, makes orders silent and free
  1903. Level 8 summoning spell, summon unique. When all uniques are dead, it will always summon Boris.
  1904. enemies should fall over if you apport things from their feet
  1905. Apporting a banana that an enemy is standing on causes it to die of dex loss.
  1906. New player race: High troll.
  1907. Make Boris drop a corpse with the returning brand
  1908. A unique executioner that casts torment instead of pain.
  1909. Chei wrath has a chance to revert your game to a previous save.
  1910. A unique imp with 300 hp that shows up between d:2-d:5. Appears on the next level when you go up or down stairs.
  1911. Nice attacks: attack that increases the nice value of the crawl process and makes the game physically slower.
  1912. Poor Motor Controls, a Luganu penance mutation in three stages that warps your keyboard controls.
  1913. maps of magic scrolling: pandaemonium scrolls a square per second in a random direction
  1914. glowing/runed items always get an ego. introduce bad egos to compensate
  1915. New playable race: Moth of Wrath
  1916. Rename all mastery titles to 'the [foo] maniac'. E.g., the enchantments maniac.
  1917. Labyrinth becomes a generic puzzle portal. Sometimes it's a maze you have to do to reach the minotaur, sometimes it's a cryptic crossword puzzle or a deadly game of Living Chess.
  1918. Add a casino level to Crawl.
  1919. Winning in the casino level should be required in order to win the game, and should also require savescumming, like the casino in Leisure Suit Larry 1
  1920. Add this as a portal vault:
  1921. Draconions. They give you the most terrible breath of anything in the game.
  1922. When you summon an imp, how does it greet you? "I truckle to your vassalage, O grandiloquent and rosy-lipped voivode!"
  1923. Flat rune: Just lies somewhere in the dungeon
  1924. Redback simulacrums give you BLUE POISON
  1925. Special room: unique bar. Prince Ribbit whispers something to Duvessa. Duvessa breaks a bar stool over Prince Ribbit's head!
  1926. Cyborks.
  1927. Within the labyrinth you'll only be able to blink away from the exit!
  1928. Oklobtaurs.
  1929. Slugs don't flee, silly Crawl, they curl up into a blob and spread gloop everywhere.
  1930. Spinny frogs! They're spin-spinning out of control! Woah!
  1931. Epic block / dodge text, to compliment the pillowcases and spit pigs. The hydra's head bounces off your shield like a child's doll in a tempest! You slip past the hydra's attack like a greased eel!
  1932. In the slime pits there are RIVERS OF LIVING SLIME... and a unique berserker named Vigo.
  1933. A unique named Blofeld, whom you meet after hacking your bloody path through the first three levels of the Orcish mines, and slaying uncountable mookish and ultimately useless lesser Orcs. Has a pet quokka named Tibbles.
  1934. In berserk mode, all monster names and descriptions are replaced by "Something to KILL!!!"
  1935. If you repeatedly ask Kiku for corpses just to eat them, Kiku should eventually get angry and send you hostile death cobs instead.
  1936. Jellies should be able to eat altars
  1937. portal projectiling a banana at an enemy has a chance to make them slip and become confused
  1938. portal projectiling a cheese at an enemy has a chance to make them choke on the smell and become sick
  1939. Scroll of Xom.
  1940. Talent trees for god abilities.
  1941. Kikuhuehuehuehuehue, god of carnival, samba and the tropics
  1942. Difficult terrain.
  1943. Free 2,000 gold for the person who contributes the 2000th bad idea.
  1944. TrEE starts with bark (AC+5).
  1945. Make Vaults more interesting! Have some levels... where all the vaults are triangular! Some where they're circular!
  1946. plants should have vegeterian-friendly corpses
  1947. ghosts in sprint
  1948. rename unseen horror to grid bug if you have see invisible
  1949. pythagoras, unique human mathematician who takes sqrt(2) turns to move diagonally
  1950. rename purple ugly thing -> beautiful thing
  1951. Good gods should forbid you to use decks of cards
  1952. Needles of curaga.
  1953. New Wizlab: Henzell's Bad Ideas Laboratory - implements a random bad idea
  1954. stair god
  1955. Replace uniq announcement with "xxx died in the dungeon level where yyy was present at the moment"
  1956. Sigmund casts a spell. Sigmund snickers and vanishes!
  1957. Sigmund comes into view, wielding a scythe of raping
  1958. miscasts for uniques
  1959. casting bees with ignite poison
  1960. Fire in hive. Margery, balrugs and orbs of fire are just some which should be included
  1961. Instead of banishment, good enemies can damn you and send you to Hell.
  1962. passfloor
  1964. wongs
  1965. Xom occasionally makes puns based on how you've killed a monster.
  1966. orc dragons
  1967. The lightning bolt hits you! A wand you are carrying buzzes and dies!
  1968. Make transmutations targetable. Your titan is suffused with negative energy!
  1969. booties for spriggans and clown shoes for ogres
  1970. Being poisoned with unided rPois on should give you fake "Pois" status
  1971. telefrags
  1972. A worm race- they don't move, they grow, and you can never visit the same tile twice or you bite yourself and you die!
  1973. Charmed giant spores hug their charmer before returning to wandering.
  1974. name all uniques "John"
  1975. Buff EE.
  1976. A mind worm race. You enter play not as an individual, but a mass of writhing worms, psychically coordinated. You grow slowly in mass and ability, gaining psychic powers as you do so, but after a serious hit, spawnlings bud off you, Jiyva style, and you are weakened. Beware! When you attain great size, your life cycle begins anew.
  1977. antique food shops
  1978. A horse race. Ooh, hoh, hoh, see what I did there?
  1979. Stone Soup 2: Hypercrawl! Gameplay moves in 4 dimensions; everything is based on the number 81...
  1980. Orbs of fire regen, run away when wounded, and combine with other orbs to get bigger.
  1981. Telling someone to go to hell whether or not he or she actually has the ability to do so.
  1982. Powered by Death should rot zombies to skeletons.
  1983. One way to make heavy armour usefulL You could be able to cast portal projectile on heavy armour, not to hurl it as a missile, but to cause your enemies to wear it :D
  1984. ink traps that ruin your scrolls
  1985. and food
  1986. and invisibility
  1987. thingomancer
  1988. Copyright and patent laws.
  1989. robotfindskitten events should be announced
  1990. Aquatic DS mutation: Flippers.
  1991. Flippers allow you to only travel in water. Land travel is prohibited. Exiting water through flight or levitation results in asphyxiation.
  1992. You'd better have Fedhas as a god!
  1993. blade feet
  1994. Bring back ogre mages as High Ogres.
  1995. If you read Remove Curse in Prince Ribbit's vicinity, he stands up on two feet, says "Thank you" with a nod, and walks away.
  1996. Cuckuubaakbaakbaak, dread god of getting up at an unholy hour of the morning. Grants satisfying breakfasts after diligent worship.
  1997. crawl "drugs": needles of might, hasting, agility and so on. You stab yourself with them to get the affect
  1998. Nagas should have eight hands, should be able to wield eight weapons and eight rings.
  1999. when you kill a sun demon, sometimes it makes a black hole demon
  2000. Use Unicode for item enumeration! Я - shiny plate mail
  2001. rename wizard to thaumaturge so that there's still a "th" class
  2002. insubstantial wasps
  2003. Crawl needs oklobtars
  2004. Hydra race, which can wear XL helmets and necklaces.
  2005. Mutagenic corpses should produce wandering mushrooms
  2006. Shattering potions do a little physical damage. More so for demonspawn with pockets.
  2007. Dancing enchantments with Berserker Rage.
  2008. instead of smiting sphinxes should ask you a riddle and if you answer wrong YOU DIE
  2009. Death yaktaurs.
  2010. Orange Crystal Golems.
  2011. The return of the amnesia trap! They'd really be okay if the amnesia were only temporary...
  2012. [21:26]<ConCon>Summon Dolphins
  2013. Make quickblades quiver automatically so you throw it in water on accident
  2014. Polymorphed hydras should regrow heads in all forms.
  2015. nerf spells. [IMPLEMENTED]
  2016. +1 animals
  2017. mute mutation, acts like the last turn of silence
  2018. Eyes of Draining that actually drain
  2019. ray of sunlight does extra damage to vampires
  2020. norris should be a surfer in shoals
  2021. Monster surfing, pegged to shoals tides(surfing monsters move when the tide changes)
  2022. Monster surfing -- the player surfing on monsters, presumably turtles
  2023. Norris surfing on a turtle
  2024. turtles surfing on norris
  2025. Monsters surfing on the player, you drown.
  2026. mana & hunger should be substracted before targeting.
  2027. Monsters should be able to buy stuff from shops
  2028. Orb acquirement. Of course, it acquires either a cheap plastic imitation, an orb of destruction which explodes in your face or an orb of fire.
  2029. Yellow dragons that breathe acid clouds like in powder
  2030. Grey dragons that breathe miasma clouds like death drakes
  2031. Someone should have to go through this list and prune out the duplicates.
  2032. When you get 100 demonic runes, the extended extended endgame is unlocked.
  2033. henzell exclaims "level is his!" whenever ijyb gets a kill
  2034. ijyb charges a toll for passing through his level
  2035. Make staff of energy give protection from the attacks of hungry ghosts
  2036. eyes should have a wink attack, that make you blush and giggle for 2 turns instead of a boring paralyze
  2037. Do you want to lock this portal for only 138 gp? (y/n) y Oops! I broke it. You will now need 12 demonic runes to enter the trove.
  2038. Super-rare Crystal Draconians, or Faerie Draconians or Iron Draconians or Azure Draconians
  2039. Rings of sallying. Tally ho!
  2040. Slow should cause magic contamination just like haste
  2041. Every so often (rarely), the game generates a Slime:7 or Zot:6 or an Elf:8 or so, just to thrill and delight you, and to fill you with a sense of wonder and oddity.
  2042. Slime:7, Zot:6, Elf:8 lead to a dungeon level of danger 1, just to spite you.
  2043. A banner which requires a 4.1a win.
  2044. Scythes get a special hewing attack. You know they deserve it.
  2045. New hydra-type draconian.
  2046. crystal ball of health
  2047. The Royal Jelly quivers in disapproval: "I'm a slime of substance, you hear me, and I refuse to square with one who fights in such a cowardly fashion!"
  2048. A unique boulder beetle called Ringo.
  2049. Kikubaaqudgha doesn't send you any more gifts unless you write her thank you letters...
  2050. New book: The Nekonomicon. Spells are: Summon Kittens, Whiskered Visage, Iskenderun's Entangling Yarn Ball, Ajira's Delightful Nekomimi, and the ultimate cat magic spell: Cataclysm of Cuteness. =^-__-^= nyaan~!
  2051. At high piety, Kiku (Yred?) resurrects you as ghoul or vampire
  2052. casting summon elemental at slime walls makes slime elementals
  2053. Diligent servants of the Slime realm, or "gloompa-loompas" who appear to repair holes in dug-out walls.
  2054. The Maw: New dungeon branch where the player visits the insides of a immense, whale-like animal. Glue-spitting glands, viciously attacking tonsils, and vast, beating, living chambers abound... and best not to mention the original residents.
  2055. It's not the pain of corrosion damage walls that we hate, it's the lack of choice! So mix 'em up with confusing, food-destroying spore walls, entangling tentacle walls, mutating and paralysing walls of eyes... the amusement could be endless!
  2056. Ability to surrender to orc priest as orc and be converted to Beogh
  2057. There should be a secondary, rubbish orc god so that orc players who are disappointed about not finding Beogh have something to worship. You know, like Jellybum the god of Orcs who can't be bothered or something. Powers include being able to walk over wet, soiled bathroom surfaces without dirtying your feet, or something...
  2058. "Sorry, <player>, but your orb is in another dungeon!"
  2059. You offer a prayer to MacLeibh. MacLeibh daes loue ye sae muckle! The corpse flares red and burns to a gory mulch. Ah, well done, your haggis is ready!
  2060. All imp insults must be in iambic pentameter
  2061. all combat messages must be in iambic pentameter
  2062. every other line of your message log should rhyme
  2063. The horse-man gambols / Yaks gather on distant slopes / Crash of hooves at dusk [class/race descriptions are all in haiku]
  2064. When you save your game someone else should be able to come across your sleeping character and stab them in their sleep.
  2065. rename dungeon crawl to 'The Dying Game'
  2066. randart floor tiles
  2067. rename "great sword" to "mediocre sword".
  2068. throw forest
  2069. Plants should leave vegeteranian chunks
  2070. Mesmerising ghosts of drowned players
  2071. Teeth mutation on spriggan allows them to suck juice from plants in melee
  2072. Demigods start with the Amulet of Yendor (Stealth-- Summon Hostile Demon)
  2073. Fart elementals.
  2074. When you play a mountain dwarf or deep dwarf, your name is automatically set to Urist.
  2075. curse skulls in zig crypt levels
  2076. ingame interface to learndb
  2077. Kobold Master Dart Throwers
  2078. transparent scales give monsters a damage bonus vs. you since they can easily target your organs
  2079. Sticky flame gets a little nerf: swiftness on the enemies it affects. Hey, who wouldn't run like a headless chicken after being set on fire?
  2080. Drowning traps.
  2081. playername the Twitter, exclusive title for Kenkus
  2082. Phantoms should sing opera music
  2083. Implementing all planar graphs with sufficiently few vertices as subvaults, with vaults that place the subvaults in a way that implements basic graph operations like rooted products, one-point unions, etc.
  2084. Sticky flame's such a downer when it lands on you, so why not give it some favourable elements? In addition to burning your scrolls, it should handily barbeque your raw chunks of food!
  2085. A time travel portal towards the end of the game, where you revisit your early days as a level 0 commoner with a single hitpoint.
  2086. kenku's auxiliaries have worm slaying brand
  2087. Using a scroll of vorpalise weapon after casting Warp Weapon should work, and affect the area like a Lugonu-style Corrupt. Afterwards, Lugonu offers you a scholarship.
  2088. Shaft traps in Sprint 1 that take you to Sprint 2.
  2089. Multiple noisy items have conversations in your backpack
  2090. acquirement scrolls should remember the price at which you bought them and always give more gold than that
  2091. Greater daemon which randomly deletes files on player's computer
  2092. maurice should steal your information and send it to the dev team
  2093. Trog should be annoyed when berserkers enter the temple.
  2094. Centaur packs in swamp!
  2095. snakes should pillar dance with you
  2096. apporting shops
  2097. Acid walls in slime.
  2098. Circular spell range. Marvel as sandblast fails to work diagonally.
  2099. Vampiric Draining at full hp cures rot
  2100. fix the reaver class by renaming them beavers. they start with dam building skill at 3 and sharp teeth
  2101. haggling skill
  2102. polar beer
  2103. Get pet hydras when you kill lernaean hydra
  2104. Golden dragon with acid breath<
  2105. draconian zealots commit suicide when near death rather than let you have their experience. Martyrdom!
  2106. Death cobs explode with application of flame. They're already jokes, so why not?
  2107. Iron Imps play heavy metal music
  2108. grapes and other fruits/vegetables can be brewed into booze (that makes you confused but boosts your damage)
  2109. New god: Susyniod. God of Booze. Grants powers: 1. Boozer (gives x amount of potions of booze, depending on your alcoholic meter). 2. Drunken brawler (double damage while under the effect of alcohol). 3. Party Time! (Alistair's Intoxication). 4. Molotov's Cocktail (Hellfire boozexplosion).
  2110. Picking up the fiery rune deals fire damage.
  2111. vuvuzela unrandart
  2112. coal mining
  2113. A 99-headed chandelier of snapping skulls that from time to time populates the Ossuary.
  2114. Casting sandblast when wielding the corpse should attach with chunks
  2115. You can substitute your traps & doors skill for a rod of discovery on startup
  2116. replace all titles with ticktocktomancer
  2117. replace all titles with chief of staff
  2118. throne room vault
  2119. Eat a chunk of moth of wrath flesh to berserk!
  2120. Eat a chunk of moth of wrath flesh to cancel berserk
  2121. Eating eyes has a chance to give see invisible intrinsic for a while
  2122. scroll of sharpen weapon
  2123. Two headed ogre race, can wear two amulets.
  2124. And 2 magic hats.
  2125. ignite poison should remove poison from corpses and double their nutrition
  2126. Selling your kidney to shop: permanent health damage, 2000 gold.
  2127. nerf ogres
  2128. A banner that depends on throwing the orb of zot into lava.
  2129. New spell: Summon Hasted Butterflies
  2130. God of 0.6ness. Abilities include adding MR to enchantments, acid wall removal, severe nerf of heavy armour and Haunt -> level 6.
  2131. Spriggan hydra.
  2132. Thrown weapon mulching, dependent on to-dam.
  2133. Ring of conflict.
  2134. Lorocyproca as a playable race.
  2135. Trapdoor spiders can open doors.
  2136. Trapstair spiders.
  2137. Traptrap spiders
  2138. traptrapdoor spider spiders
  2139. trapdoor spiders -> trapfloor spiders
  2140. Add trapdoor spiders, rock worms, and oklob plants to labyrinths
  2141. trapstore spiders
  2142. Traporb spiders
  2143. knife of orb of fire slaying fixed art
  2144. Trollogrebears. They berserk, swing giant spiked clubs, regenerate quickly and have secondary claw attacks.
  2145. Two unique kobolds, KoBo and KoLuke. They shoot flaming arrows and drive a souped-up orange sports car with a Confederate flag on the side. 1 in 100 chance they will be replaced by KoCoy and KoVance for a given game. YEEEEEHAW!
  2146. Hostile-player-ghost-summoning trap.
  2147. Get rid of instant hp death
  2148. Let Lemuel design the Lair ending vaults.
  2149. Booze! Bottles of Booze! Drunken master fighting
  2150. Booze! Bottles of Booze! Drunken master fighting
  2151. TSO needs to take a chill pill
  2152. make the Tomb card create slimy walls at low Evo/piety
  2153. Shuffle card shuffles a random stacked deck in addition to current effect
  2154. Hell jellies.
  2155. Vampire extra ability for Summon Elemental: summon 96% chance friendly blood elemental from 2 bottles of blood. Same power as a water elemental.
  2156. Acid (especially slime walls!) can corrode away your armour's resistances.
  2157. entry vault whose only exit is a shaft
  2158. elephinos
  2159. reverse stat death; you die when your stats are too high. for strength you get so beefy you can't move, for intelligence your body can't pump enough blood for your brain, for dexterity, uh, you phase into another plane?
  2160. making that giant eyeball/shining eye room in sprint I into a vault for real crawl
  2161. making that giant eyeball/shining eye room in sprint II into a vault for real crawl
  2162. Temple as unannounced portal vault.
  2163. level 6 translocations spell - bolt of dispersal
  2164. firing branded ammunition from a simliar-branded launcher does double brand damage
  2165. kobolds, hobgoblins, goblins, giant geckos, giant cockroaches
  2166. Nerf ogres, they're the best race.
  2167. Acidic walls in the Abyss!
  2168. used oklob salesman unique
  2169. Unique bear Yogi. Steals pickanick baskets.
  2170. Speed brands butcher at 2x the normal rate.
  2171. new spell: Stinky Flame
  2172. hard mode: 'slow' speed is the default, you have to haste to get to normal speed
  2173. Give chunks of flesh flavourful descriptions according to the monster, with a different one for rotten chunks.
  2174. Trying to prune bad_ideas by weeding out the duplicates.
  2175. Trying to prune bad_ideas by weeding out the duplicates.
  2176. Missiles of greater dispersal, which cause Tele status.
  2177. Add a doorbell to Hive:2 that you can ring to instantly attract every killer bee on the level to you.
  2178. pretty things
  2179. New playable race: electric eelf
  2180. New Tomb:3 full of deep water and kraken mummies
  2181. butchering done with bladed weapons of frost should freeze the chunks, allowing them to go longer before rotting.
  2182. New tmut spell: Giantsporeform
  2184. I'm sorry, what happens if my hungry me can eat rocks?
  2186. Award tournament points to players who kill using their ghosts (especially for high level victims)
  2187. Higher enchantments on returning missiles increase the chance of returning.
  2188. Dagger of Chili Death {flaming, rC++, feeds you on a successful hit without the penalties of vampirism}. Seen as a soupy dagger. Using it too much may result in gastrointestinal problems. If there's a Wendy's on the level, watch out for fingers!
  2189. Polymorphed enemies keep the original monster's HD.
  2190. Maurice randomly spawns on your stash level.
  2191. Iskenderun's Large Hadron Collider
  2192. Alternate ending for draconians: You get to join the Zot guard when you reach Zot
  2193. Alternate ending for demonspawn: You get to do nothing for ages until an ancient lich summons you on Zot:5 where you stay for a turn before you are abjured.
  2194. troves that ask to convert to a certain god
  2195. Mummies can cast necromutation to turn alive!
  2196. crawl characters need sleep or they lose int and pass out
  2197. giant spore unique
  2198. Half-sized halflings called quarterlings. Basically a spriggan with none of the advantages.
  2199. Double-sized halflings called wholelings. Basically a human with a stupid-ass name.
  2200. characters with high strength can shake items loose from vending machines
  2201. batforms and spriggans can crawl into vending machines and take things
  2202. gold coins attached to strings
  2203. Trolls have increased int in Cocytus.
  2204. enemies of animal intelligence should lose track of you if you stand very, very still
  2205. New playable race: Orb of Fire
  2206. A button-bashing game to allow you to escape from paralysis!
  2207. cellular automata in crawl!
  2208. projected silence
  2209. if you have a spell in two different books it's twice as easy to learn!
  2210. Fixedart animal skin "fursuit" that causes monsters in Lair to turn friendly and yiff you
  2211. Dwarf Fortress terrain
  2212. randomized LOS
  2213. Scattering from lava, while covered in liquid flames.
  2214. ecumenical rune of Zot
  2215. waste-covered rune of Zot
  2216. pyrite rune of Zot (minitomb)
  2217. monster breeding system that generates random hybrids
  2218. Giant silence spore, ball silence, moths of silence
  2219. Moth branch.
  2220. Give DE blademasters silence spell.
  2221. Scroll of truncation. Grants you elephant form.
  2222. Class quests
  2223. if you cast selective amnesia in elephant form it fails, because an elephant never forgets
  2224. Moths of selective amnesia
  2225. Blink orange crystal statues, orbs of orange crystal
  2226. butterflies with summon butterflies
  2227. summon unseen horror spell that fails with no message 1/2 the time
  2228. Oklob unique.
  2229. Bring "glamour" back.
  2230. ghosts of killed uniques come back to haunt you
  2231. New class: copromancer. Spells include s***storm, s*** tongue, sublimation of s***, iron s***, Cigotuvi's Morning Constitutional, Lee's Rapid Digestion, Eringya's Surprising Bidet, , sticky s***, and Maxwell's Silver S***
  2232. Static Discharge should have a chance of causing Static Cling. Your wizard hat is stuck to your cloak!
  2233. Valley orcs. "Like, gag me with a glaive, Beogh is so totally tubular, but like, Okawaru is pretty gnarly too, like, y'know?"
  2234. a spell that is like regen but for mp
  2235. Rock worms in a labyrinth.
  2236. DSig: spell that detects Sigmund, even if Sigmund is off-level!
  2237. a nethack level, like the rogue level in nethack
  2238. Vampiric weapons get the spell's demonic backlash effect.
  2239. Shapeshifters imitate their monster forms badly. The slime creature hisses menacingly!
  2240. Shapeshifters of pan lords, appearing as early as D:6.
  2241. unstable footing causes you to miscast your spell
  2242. artefact wands and rods that can cast cool spells like fire storm
  2243. paladins on *** piety or higher leave angels instead of ghosts
  2244. If you cast Call Canine Familiar while wielding the Singing Sword it breaks out in a rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  2245. Your tormentor calls on the pizza delivery service of Hell!
  2246. New playable race: "Vegan."
  2247. Jelly ghosts.
  2248. tripping; characters in heavy armour need to pass a strength check before they can stand back up
  2249. terence sometimes turns into nikola
  2250. needle traps that shoot curare
  2251. needle traps that shoot paralysis
  2252. Rothes, mumaks (mumakil??), leocrottas, wumpuses, titanotheres, baluchitheriums, mastodons
  2253. Ogres and trolls can wear bucklers as rings.
  2254. stuff in ##crawl wed 11 aug, 08:35 server time and an hour before
  2255. Summon Wraths
  2256. monstrous spriggan, loses cloak/body armour/hat slots
  2257. and you're forced to worship Chei
  2258. New unrand: Whip of T-Pain {autotune} WHAT?!
  2259. Master archers can't shoot you if you run and hide behind corners, so they should be accompanied by monsters whose job it is to lure you out into the open - master baiters.
  2260. Mecha-Sigmund: Beware his eyebeams and rocket punches.
  2261. Final Nemelex power: you can wield a deck and 'riffle' or 'shoot' them at one enemy. Each card left in the deck is fired in rapid succession as a magic dart, and the player is affected as though he read each card in turn. Can only be used on decks that have neither been stacked nor marked.
  2262. Demon life simulator game! Hang out in Abyss and harass adventurers, be periodically summoned to help other adventurers for experience.
  2263. Sleeping, you regain HP faster, but monsters can stab you
  2264. and sometimes you sleepwalk
  2265. into nearby lava
  2266. komodo dragon's skin protects from sickness
  2267. New Forest branch replaces Slime. Acidic walls got nothing on Oklob walls.
  2268. Sigmund class: starts with random scythe and book with appropriate spells
  2269. Fireballs, like poisonous and freezing clouds, expand farther when fired in a hallway or any space too small for them.
  2270. Unique Mines. Obviously enemies would run out pretty quick so you'd just get Boris spamming you.
  2271. replace the main dungeon with a kobold disco
  2272. Vampires can worship good gods, but can no longer drink blood. "You feel guilty. All the blood oozes out of the corpse!"
  2273. freezing, flaming, venom, electrocution brands should benefit from appropriate school skill
  2274. chain lightning, fire storm, ice storm, poison arrow, crystal spear brands
  2275. Insubstantial wisps also regenerate quickly, because they're not annoying enough yet.
  2276. To add to the Australian flavour of the game, uniques should occasionally quote lines from Crocodile Dundee.
  2277. More undead food items: undead pizza slices, pizza lich. Also pizza golem, pizza elemental, pizza spore, wandering pizza
  2278. nagas can eat only poisonous food
  2279. shotgun-like spells: fires at row of distant enemies, or powerful shot at point blank
  2280. Dire bees.
  2281. Dire liches.
  2282. Dire wandering mushrooms.
  2283. Dire Orb of Zot.
  2284. unrand potions of mutation
  2285. stabbing a giant spore
  2286. at ******, Fedhas blesses your sword by making it wooden
  2287. Steam achievements.
  2288. A unique called the "hobgoblin of little minds." He feeds on int and quotes existentialists.
  2289. [2340] should be called Crazy Yiuf.
  2290. TSO can bless armour. If he does you can do a full body slam to deal holy damage.
  2291. ego effects on horns/claws/etc.
  2292. water levels. [IMPLEMENTED]
  2293. Executioner form. Gives speed 20 and torment immunity.
  2294. Deep elf axemasters.
  2295. Suicidal exploding sheep ala Worms
  2296. Unique black mamba, always sighted with a fellow unique goblin... named Baldric.
  2297. New replacement branch for Vaults: Volts. The signature monster of the Volts branch? Nikola packs.
  2298. <Aladar>fr: Nikola Pits <OG17> thunderdome <Aladar> boss of nikola pits: The Royal Tesla <OG17>he's tesla but with rE
  2299. <monky> the royal tesla should have a smite-targeted summoning spell a la haunt, but with ball lightnings
  2300. New monster and player race: Fishtaur. Oh, wait...
  2301. When your character is burned by slime walls, he or she screams in pain, ruining players' chances for stealth.
  2302. Also make the walls containing the loot around the royal jelly slime walls, because Crawl doesn't hate us enough yet.
  2303. chain paralysis resulting in instadeaths
  2304. blade hands melds your brain
  2305. mauve death
  2306. zig sprint. Start with a L1 char and reach as far as possible. Orb on Zig:27.
  2307. cloaca of preservation
  2308. Blowguns use blowgunning skill.
  2309. After determining the conversion rate between real life time and crawl turns, add an achievement for the following years' tourney : shortest RL game in turns.
  2310. anyone who polymorphs ribbit into a human should get a free acquirement
  2311. 'Haunting song' should {haunt} you
  2312. Hydras can submerge.
  2313. blinking on monster's location should telefrag him
  2314. Deep Elves from Elven Halls should welcome DE players, invite them to their library and assign a couple of orc bodyguards.
  2315. Potion of resistance gives you permanent rF+ rC+ mutations.
  2316. Murphy The Preacher: follower of a random god (except the one the player's) and will Recite to your character, successfully turning the player into a follower of Murphy's god. Follows old god's wrath.
  2317. Two necronomicons can be combined to serve some awesome purpose.
  2318. Combine spellbooks to get more powerful spellbooks.
  2319. At high power Apportation can apport weapon from monster's hands
  2320. acid floor
  2321. spriggan can squeeze between trees
  2322. Recall Oklobs - lvl9 Summ/Tloc spell
  2323. Imp can actually fix portal to treasure trove.
  2324. Monsters already have genus and species, in the source code; maybe they need kindgom, phylum, class, order, and family too
  2325. arteficer
  2326. a giant door vault where each monster is replaced with a door vault
  2327. Portal steals an item from a random god. You enter wrath of that god, with the first effect immediately. After you've stolen an item from every god casting Portal takes you into a ziggurat.
  2328. The quad damage can be used to create a quadruple sword.
  2329. Moving to shallow water to investigate this interesting disturbance.
  2330. Make a character called ChristmasPast and die on D:5 at lvl 10 as many times as possible.
  2331. ozo's refrigeration should make corpses/chunks last longer
  2332. Evaporate and portal projectile can throw potions/items up- and downstairs. Everybody - hail to the poison grenades!
  2333. Unique Executioner "Fred". Spawns during the ascent, comes back like Boris (but more frequently), and can cast silence.
  2334. high latency should please chei
  2335. Maurice should be able to rob shops
  2336. Okawaru wrath includes yaks and the line "Here, have some +0 animal skins!"
  2337. Wands of draining clear out bodies of water.
  2338. Elf needs an improvement. Elliptic, for example, has long claimed to boycott the Halls for being simply too boring. So to spice it up I suggest that elves can now ride dinosaurs, and most do so.
  2339. Areas of magic suppression: Fire spells are suppressed in Cocytus, ice in Gehenna, and magic of all kinds is hindered in Blade.
  2340. Randomly-generated titles. <<Player1, the Metal Octopus of Deliberation>> <<ElfStab, the Dread Carpenter of Wonder and Attacks>>
  2341. Sticky flame clouds.
  2342. Sticky Flame Storm.
  2343. Summon butterflies on a pan lord conjures moths of wrath.
  2344. replace orcish caps with orcish skullcaps
  2345. Hydrae with branded heads! Klown, chaos, and distortion are all good.
  2346. "clean ears" button
  2347. character creation should take 20 minutes
  2348. Flavour eating messages. You devour bread ration like a pillowcase!
  2349. Ghosts of Jiyva worshippers should keep the slimify ability
  2350. level 10 transmutations transmutes you into a crawl developer where you can alter reality a la wizmode
  2351. If you have level 27 invocations and you worship lugonu, lugonu may give you the **** the dungeon ability, which corrupts every dungeon and zot level.
  2352. If you have level 27 invocations and worship xom, xom may (0.005% chance), give you an invocation that casts 10 random spells on you and your ideas.
  2353. swords that shoot bowsx
  2354. Hadoken, a level 10 conjurations spell. Obliterates every wall and dungeon feature, and does heavy damage to monsters.
  2355. Black Mage, a unique that knows hadoken, fire storm, ice storm, and kills everyone with them.
  2356. Fighter, a unique that sucks, unless he is near black mage, in which case you are screwed.
  2357. some kind of post-dungeon challenge after you escape with the orb! perhaps some kind of plane...
  2358. Multiple Z-levels are viewable. Hey, it worked in dwarf fortress, right?
  2359. The silver rune does damage to you if you pick it up or wield it as undead.
  2360. Put a quad damage on every up staircase
  2361. In Sprint III, place Norris next to Chuck on his island.
  2362. the royal kraken. damage makes it spit out more krakens
  2363. Randart potions.
  2364. Needles of sickness make enemies vomit.
  2365. One-way doors! One-way secret doors! Revolving doors! Pet doors only spriggans, kobolds, and halflings can use! Trapped doors! Locked doors! Doors that fall over on you! Doors with or without Jim Morrison!
  2366. Doing a direct http lookup of Henzell LearnDB for each query.
  2367. Give Fungee credit.
  2368. New unique: The nerfinator. If your character is killed by the nerfinator, it will be nerfed in the next version.
  2369. New weapon: Pickaxe! Can be evoked to shape rock walls into large rocks.
  2370. Make revivification's HP drain subject to deep dwarf damage shaving
  2371. Make revivification's hp gain subject to deep dwarf damage shaving
  2372. Orb of Zot can sometimes appear in random shop for exorbitant price
  2373. This price is 25,000 gold, or 250,000 gold if your int is <10.
  2374. disarming blade trap yields demon blade
  2375. Casting projected noise at monster permanently cripples its hearing
  2376. A speling issue is punishable by ood monsters.
  2377. Xom acts in Abyss regardless of your worship
  2378. Xom should pretend to be other gods and act accordingly with xom flavored text mocking various gods.
  2379. amulet of stasis makes you not able to move
  2380. zig themed zig level
  2381. hydrogres
  2382. high-heeled shoes; kick bonus, but you fall over when moving faster than normal speed
  2383. Rename Hill Giant to Biclops
  2384. Indestructible exploding darts.
  2385. New monster: Strange Disturbance; is an invisible butterfly that taunts you like imps
  2386. strix to strakes
  2387. faq
  2388. Ijyb should have a can of spray paint and be mad for graffiti.
  2389. random spikes of lag in high tension so you think your character is dead
  2390. Iron Knuckles - glove-type item that increases punch damage
  2391. give Arcane Marksmen the Book of hinderance as their starting book .. but replace Confusing Touch w/ Corona
  2392. Make Xom find ghoul rot hilarious
  2393. Remove lesser gods, new amalgam god Beoxomelycheiyredfedlugozin
  2394. species_glyph glyph_replace x => y, and genus_glyph tags like mon_glyph in the crawlrc
  2395. size giant and larger creatures block LOS
  2396. Artificer class ability: relabel potions.
  2397. Collecting enough dilithium crystals in NetHack should allow you to travel at warp speed and wind up in a game of Crawl.
  2398. "Stones To Scorpions" spell
  2399. Steel throwing nets
  2400. Fulsome Smithery: Extracts weapons and armour from courpses
  2401. turing completeness
  2402. double sword chops off two hydra heads at once
  2403. bayesian imminent splat detection
  2404. Determine player's LOS fractally by feeding algebraic functions to the LOGO turtle.
  2405. New body slot facets. Perhaps wand hands?
  2406. Ghould can bite pieces off zombies in melee
  2407. death alligator snapping dragon
  2408. Burning books on Elf:7 should berserk all the elves. And pacify blademasters.
  2409. Killing Khufu curses the entire level. You can't switch to a new one unless you read ?RC on the stairs.
  2410. metallivore mutation!
  2411. Apportation works on monsters.
  2412. You can polymorph a goblin into Sigmund.
  2413. Crawl already has Hell, Gehenna, Pandemonium, and the should have all the D&D aligned planes, including Valhalla, Limbo, Asgard, Elysium, Nirvana, Arcadia, Olympus, and the Happy Hunting Grounds
  2414. Monsters on early levels should not have gold pieces. 10 iron tokens equals 1 copper penny, 10 copper pennies equals 1 silver nob, 10 silver nobs equals 1 electrum chancery, 20 electrum chanceries equals 1 gold royal, 5 gold royals equals 1 platinum yen. Different merchants prefer different coinage, there is a Moneychanger's Booth in the Temple.
  2415. Unique Klown named Ronald. In addition to the normal Klown behavior, Ronald can steal your gold and has an attack that Slows you (but makes you Engorged). If Ronald is implemented, we'll also have to implement pants, since noone wants to see his sesame-seed buns.
  2416. trog hates all spellcasting, including from scrolls
  2417. rename Okawaru to Default
  2418. if your 2h weapon is cursed you can't take it away from your hands to quaff potions/manipulate armor/manipulate jewelry
  2419. A mutation that randomly places map exclusions on all floors of the dungeon.
  2420. The royal 27-headed snapping orange crystal blink daeva master archer-mage captain of hell
  2421. assless chaps
  2422. minivault and branch importer from Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft
  2423. add a dex based ability called leap to jump over a square.
  2424. and for certain backgrounds, you can jump 2,1 squares only!
  2425. if you make a perfect roll on your dex check when leaping you can fire in mid-air for free.
  2426. bring back the hand crossbow and allow dual wielding them.
  2427. playable frogs
  2428. ribbit's kiss should turn you into a frog
  2429. All spells cause glow, proportional to their level
  2430. Sif Muna rewards you for saving book from Trog altar vault
  2431. BALLS OF STEEL (Steel Boulders weighing 200 aum each)
  2432. ??bad ideas
  2433. cursed darts
  2434. add a scroll of destroy item to spice up the id minigame. spawn rate = same as id scrolls
  2435. god of sokoban. ability: summon boulders to trap and crush monsters with. conduct: no terrain destruction/digging ("cheating!")
  2436. Ballistae, the giant spiked clubs of crossbows.
  2437. fights between two rangers with shields of reflection are governed by the rules of tennis
  2438. give 3 potions of healing to all uniques
  2439. replace food clock with possibility of uniques hoovering gold and buying cool gear from shops
  2440. make DCSS manual available only as an in-game manual book
  2441. You can only file one bad idea per CAO/CDO win.
  2442. Player snake race. Every time you eat something your tail grows more.
  2443. monster 'orb of destruction' that fires orbs of fire at you
  2444. Green draconians don't get their powers... unless they recycle
  2445. Scroll of Amnesty - Pacify "Severely wounded - Almost dead" natural monsters in sight. Pacified monsters will then attack hostile monsters they meet on that level.
  2446. Appears in Abyss after you banish Cerebov and Lom Lobon: Cerelobon (&) | Speed: 20 | HD: 40 | Health: 1010 | AC/EV: 40/28 | Damage: 100 | Flags: demonic, see invisible, lev, !sil | Res: magic(immune), hellfire, cold+++, elec+++, poison | XP: 20000 | Sp: hellfire icestorm (16d32). Wields: Sword of Cerepown. Drops the Unobtainium Rune of Zot.
  2447. Continuation from 2494: The Unobtainium Rune blinks when you try to pick it up. Sword of Cerepown has all resists and incredible stats but vanishes when you try to wield it.
  2448. add a bunch off useless bad ideas so TGWi has to spend the time deleting them
  2449. make shure you spell them wrong to
  2450. Ask monky about implementing bad ideas.
  2451. A cap on the number of bad_ideas.
  2452. Nearsightedness mutation: further than 6/4/2 squares, you can only see genera of monsters.
  2453. elephants and dragons should lose trample after bleeding for a while because of losing weight
  2454. Giant geckos with railguns!
  2455. toads are neutral in the presence of toadstools
  2456. Portal vault that takes you through time. 50% chance dinosaurs, 50% chance psychic dinosaurs.
  2457. Felids cannot wear any armour... except GDA. This stacks well with their new -5 armour apt. This is so the "Crawl - where even the cats wear GDA" motto can be in widespread advertising creating millions for the franchise.
  2458. TGW gets to commentate
  2459. chei piety increases over real time
  2460. Felids have R ghosts which self replicate.
  2461. Amulet of Xom. On death, produces the message "You die... But wait! The medallion begins to glow! You feel contaminated by the magical energy, but it is not enough to save you."
  2462. Dwarf bailey where all the inhabitants are perma-confused(drunk on Baileys(sic))
  2463. pushing confused monsters to deep water
  2464. New monster: developer. Like a mummy, but the death curse carries over to the next version as a nerf
  2465. Casting Confusing Touch causes glow, but it can only cause mutations on your hands.
  2466. benign gateway: sends in a friendly tentacle monster that tickles and compliments you
  2467. all crawl battles should require solution of differential equations
  2468. altar mimics that sit on real altars and mimic another god's altar, tricking you into joining the wrong religion
  2469. replace orcish mines with ogrish mines
  2470. Getting hit by airstrike causes cards to be evoked from decks in player's inventory.
  2471. negative-headed hydras
  2472. Xom transmutes you into a puppy dog
  2473. White Butterfly portal vaults.
  2474. No eating what so ever god.
  2475. pruning bad_ideas
  2476. pruning bad_ideas
  2477. gardening with bad_ideas at all
  2478. TSO/sif muna slashfic
  2479. Mispelling learn as leard
  2480. allow wand of digging to dig a hole to the dungeon level below
  2481. unique human Ralph Waldo Emerson that challenges you to a lecture subgame. if you win, you permanently gain 2 int, if you lose, you permanently lose 2 int.
  2482. Orb of Zot mimic that randomly replaces the actual Orb of Zot when zot:5 is generated. Real orb is in the Zotbyss.
  2483. unique human Waldo who summons huge masses of creatures until you kill him
  2484. Xom scatters chunks of your health/magic bars around the level, reducing maximum HP/MP until you recover them.
  2485. cube branch.
  2486. <mongcat> great idea or greatest idea: hosting a crawl server on the company data server
  2487. felid ghosts should have 9 lives too
  2488. The wiki.
  2489. Felids start with a humanoid pet.
  2490. monsters eat food off the ground
  2491. ADOM-style piety overflow.
  2492. Refashion felids as 'stalkers'. Remove the extra life mechanic, give permanent invisibility instead, allow wand use.
  2493. buffalo monsters, attack verb 'buffalo;' stronger version is 'Buffalo buffalo' which sometimes fight among themselves
  2494. Give troll claws antimagic brand
  2495. extended_extended-endgame: you travel to Mordor and cast the Orb of Zot into the fires of Mount Doom
  2496. Bruce, the unique rotting hulk.
  2497. humanfindsrobotfindskitten
  2498. minefield card -> trap card
  2499. spectre of torment
  2500. VpAE have intrinsic aevp
  2501. new god 'mu muna': like beogh, but for mummies
  2502. milfs: mummies with the siren spell set
  2503. zin protects you from god wraths
  2504. Allow players to secretly worship a second god. But they should get mad at you if they get your sacrifice something that another god wants.
  2505. potion of firebreathing
  2506. Unrandart robe: Rags of Radioactivity {+3 AC, -3 EV}: Emits an aura of mutagenic radiation that mutates monsters caught in the AOE and quickly builds up Glow on you. Aura effect increased when wielding Plutonium Sword.
  2507. pillowcase golem
  2508. cursed boots generated in zot spawn 10 curse toes
  2509. A mercy mode so that after you die 5 times in 1 day, you start with a permanant +5 AC bonus.
  2510. < GameKnut> FR: dagger of inaccuracy: -1, +27 knife.
  2511. Let legendary Trowel cards create Trove portals.
  2512. projected portal projectile, works over every (seen) square of every level
  2513. hellfire draconians
  2514. rainbow draconians that breathe butterflies
  2515. Ultraviolet raconians that cause skin cancer
  2516. Some monsters should start out pregnant, and if you don't kill them fast enough they give birth.
  2517. Ugly draconians that breathe mutagenic fog
  2518. Ancient liches can crumble into dust if you wait long enough.
  2519. 'Adventurer' NPCs try to team up with you, only to betray you when you're low on hp.
  2520. A god who worships you. You have to keep giving him helpful items, and in return he'll fight monsters for you.
  2521. Getting too much xp after level 27 causes you to get old and die.
  2522. Using sticky flame on an ugly thing instantly turns it into a red ugly thing
  2523. Returning projectiles of penetrating; hit enemies coming and going!
  2524. Give the minotaur a guaranteed wand of teleportation.
  2525. level 1 summoning spell: conjure rabbit, requires an unworn wizard's hat, has a chance to charm intelligent creatures
  2526. <casmith789> marvinpa's idea of geh:7 as the only ash altar should be implemented <Eronarn> that's a terrible idea
  2527. sparkling fountains
  2528. prismatic draconian
  2529. Mimics in the abyss disguised as the gate out.
  2530. summoned creatures leave corpses that can be consumed but the nutrition vanishes after a few turns (dissapears in a puff of smoke)
  2531. On Christmas Wayne appears red and summons deep elves.
  2532. When an intelligent monster finds a spellbook it should learn to cast the spells in it.
  2533. Monsters can teach spells to other monsters in sight.
  2534. Slime creatures that combine too much can fall through the floor.
  2535. The Hall of Blades should sometimes generate dancing triple swords and executioner's axes.
  2536. 10% chance for the Hall of Blades to have blade traps instead of weapons.
  2537. Zot blade traps
  2538. Zot blades
  2539. Zot
  2540. misspell undead: level 4 summoning/necromancy spell, when cast with an undead monster on screen, mispells their name and summons a friendly grammar nazi
  2541. Scroll of wounds
  2542. Potion of Urban Decay
  2543. Orcish loanshark.
  2544. Zot traps have a 1/131 chance of summoning Sigmund
  2545. A monster spell that rearranges the letters in your scroll labels so that you don't know which stack is which if the stacks are equivilant in size.
  2546. elves can quiver dwarves and throw them
  2547. saint choko
  2548. A unique vampire with constant glow who never attacks, but has amazing stats and watches other monsters while they sleep.
  2549. Entering Pan with the orb causes you to be transported to the astral plane where you're attacked by hordes of angels and quicksilver dragons the walls are made of clouds or something. Somewhere in the infinte levels is the marble rune.
  2550. Pan pizza
  2551. Meteor swarm, a fire/conj/earth spell.
  2552. When you dig through wall in the slime pits, each square of wall destroyed turns into a jelly. This works well with the new dig flavor!
  2553. Product placement. Rename spells after flavors of Gatorade (Berserker Rage -> Riptide Rush), and name uniques after corporate mascots (Mennas -> The Burger King)
  2554. We have an orc god, a slime god and a plant god, what we need next is a human god!
  2555. We need a Furry god, that can grant positive mutations, defile corpses to evoke fear, charm intelligent non-humanoid, and allows the player to invoke "Fursecution!" to temporarily stop attacks for 1d6 turns.
  2556. Mouthpick weapons!
  2557. Giant Beatles!
  2558. Boring Beatles!
  2559. A god that adjusts stepdown_value parameters based on piety.
  2560. Deep dwarf cerebov.
  2561. Incarnations of the gods. Trog hits for 300+ damage, regenerates and summons unabjurable iron trolls. Vehemut casts a meaner fire storm than Cerebov. Fedhas just kind of sits there and chills. Zin, TSO, Ely don't have incarnations because they don't exist.
  2562. Okawaru is a giant holding 6 different weapons, Nemelex Xobeh is a gambler referee, and Lugonu is the Abyss itself.
  2563. Sif Muna is Dumbledore, Makhleb is a beast that would destroy the world if he wasn't banished, and Jivya is the ex-husband of The Royal Jelly, so he would have the same representation.
  2564. Elyvilon gives you healitis.
  2565. Arsenic potions that appear as "a clear potion" until identified.
  2566. Hlalfings should have a perma-charm ability
  2567. Call feline familiar. Always neutral.
  2568. Dog/human/cat meat rations.
  2569. Pukewolves
  2570. Remove EV from game. Entirely
  2571. All blessed by TSO weapons should be noisy.
  2572. Now that there is no divinations school, make wucad mu work like ashenzari wrath.
  2573. Kenku annihilators. Casts fire storm and dies in one hit to airstrike.
  2574. A tear in reality is devoured by Cerebov!
  2575. Hydras in the swamp should be submerged like swamp worms.
  2576. Stone Giant Ants
  2577. Mara sometimes appears as a kobold.
  2578. All rats are pan lords.
  2579. Erolcha can be generated as part of a two-headed ogre.
  2580. Two-headed ogre mages that cast two spells a turn.
  2581. Samurai dwarves with five swords with different brands!
  2582. If you get two plutonium swords, you explode, destroying all the dungeon.
  2583. Credits sequence after you escape with the orb, showing replays of all your memorable moments and a cast list (Boris as himself).
  2584. Really bad gods send your character spam trying to get him to worship them.
  2585. More titles associated with turncount: Farming -> Scumming -> Boring -> Shitty
  2586. <Xenobreeder> distortion! do it!
  2587. Miscasting Tornado takes you to the land of Oz, where you have to fight the Wizard and retrieve the Amulet of Zot.
  2588. Rename Kikubaaqudgha to Kikuchuahua
  2589. Lava Orcs
  2590. BEARHIVES.
  2591. The thunderdome as a portal.
  2592. Ice fiend player race.
  2593. Corpses of invisible monsters are invisible too.
  2594. Cockatrices.
  2595. wiki
  2596. Everything should run away when severely injured.
  2597. Everything should run away when seeing high-level character
  2598. snakes to sticks
  2599. Crystal plate mail shatters if you get hit for too much damage while wearing it.
  2600. Oklobov, Gloorx Vloklob, Lom Loklobon, and Mnoklob
  2601. Stone Arrow is a horridly disappointing spell, and so humiliating for all those dwarven EEs to have to use... If there were a Stone Crossbow Bolt, now, that would be so much dorfier- and I can only assume better.
  2602. dagger of curare
  2603. Trolls should tell you inflammatory opinions as they fight you.
  2604. Ugly slime things.
  2605. Giant eyeball of wrath.
  2606. Losing a life as a felid should affect your winrate.
  2607. Felids can't move away from shiny items on the floor.
  2608. Let the player blind a statue by wrapping a scroll around its head.
  2609. Pokemon
  2610. first player crawl. in ascii
  2611. Robin Hood God. Gives you a jaunty cap, green leggings, pass plant, loads and loads of ego ammo, and some missile-related feat. Maybe also summon spriggan/elf/merry human archers,
  2612. Final score should be influenced by how bad of a race/class you were playing.
  2613. Anti-conservation mutation. Causes all attacks to potentially break potions and tear scrolls.
  2614. Puzzles! Block-moving and slippery floors and colored switches and traps!
  2615. Rock worms can hide in the floor as well as walls.
  2616. A sort of antithesis to Trog who lets you cast spells more effectively, but gets extremely mad if you use physical attacks.
  2617. a cannibal god
  2618. as in, a god that eats gods. The only way to gain piety is to eat the royal jelly
  2619. a vault where a bunch of elephants shove you into oklobs' view
  2620. When hit by draining, alligators turn into baby alligators.
  2621. A unique orange rat that summons vampires.
  2622. make Robe of Misfortune unID'd description vary like a randart.
  2623. Distortion weapons work on walls, doors, pools of water, etc. They should also corrupt altars.
  2624. Triple bat's speed
  2625. The Orb of Zot is available in a shop on D:1, priced 272727 gold
  2626. ZChris13>Situationally aware music
  2627. Rename executioners to "Hellycopters"
  2628. zin wrath should haste and/or berserk you and make you immune to other wrath effects.
  2629. A query to make henzell spit out the entirety of an entry.
  2630. Replace stairs in the Crypt with more accessible ramps.
  2631. Deep elf unborn.
  2632. A rock worm race that deteriorates when it spends time outside of walls.
  2633. sandtraps
  2634. you should be able to drink water from shallow water, gaining the same nutrition as from fountains, but with a chance of sickness
  2635. Xom traps
  2636. water traps, you know, to occasionally blank your scrolls or whatnot. or a piranha pool trap, yeah, this sounds good. chomp chomp, no more player WHOOPEE
  2637. <casmith789> FR: a bot that moves all lines starting with FR: into bad ideas
  2638. zot traps send you to zot
  2639. Boris should be able to spawn in Zig. Multiple times. On any level.
  2640. Change flame tongue to the fire version of freeze: burn.
  2641. Triangular LOS
  2642. polymorph traps!
  2643. Oklob/death drake branch ruled by the pandemonium lord Lemuel.
  2644. Line of Sight is actually a line.
  2645. LOS in an orthogonally stellated tetracontakaitetragon.
  2646. more backstory on the orb. come on, what is my characters motivation here? i need to know in order to fully enjoy the roleplaying experience
  2647. Like The Shining One or Elyvilon, Yrydelemnul may sometimes- and only once- intervene to save your character's life... but not, shall we say, your state of living...
  2648. runey rune of zot, found on level 12 of the halls of useless ego items.
  2649. mummy felid. Can't use weapons, armour, food, potions, or wands.
  2650. A bodypart system like IVANs
  2651. Jokester class - starts with book of party tricks, Nemelex
  2652. Wanderer starts with a random god
  2653. new utilities, like... like.... musical instruments to make monsters temporarily friendly, usable only once per monster or something.
  2654. a) apportation should destroy the abyssal rune. b) every turn the abyssal rune is visible, there should be a 50-50 chance you get teleported away
  2655. hitting a death cob with fire damage makes a bunch of death popcorn
  2656. A more complex melee system; surely it is not as simple as shoving the pointy end in the monster in *real* life..
  2657. A Range god!!! and a Trapping god!! And for respective god's sakes, take ammo gifting out of the other gods!
  2658. Getting the 27 axes title makes you speed 20 and gives you the haste and pain spells.
  2659. Recast the porcupine monster as a unique hedgehog named Sonic. Because speed 12, what the hell?
  2660. A vault filled with Gs; because theres nothing like unavoidable deaths while paralyzed!
  2661. with sufficiently high STR, horns and helmets coexist
  2662. Long swords should get special damage/kill messages, such as "disembowel," "decapitate," and "exsanguinate"
  2663. Monks should be able to run across lava barefoot as a test of skill and courage
  2664. Bad_Ideas entries that reference other Bad_Ideas entries by number.
  2665. Add grey draconians, which cannot be seen even with SInv, to zot.
  2666. Radioactive floors! How much of a freak will you become before you find the stairs?
  2667. Fire crab zombies should shoot miasma.
  2668. Greater Liches, also known as G'liches, which summon program bugs.
  2669. We have metal walls and green crystal; why not silver and orange crystal?
  2670. playing 0.7.1
  2671. playing 0.6.1
  2672. Obligate bibliovore mutation. Because we all have enough books that it wouldnt be a problem.
  2673. Amnesiac as a custom title for those who get hit by amnesia/forgetfulness effects more than 20 times in a game.
  2674. wizlabs are sometimes mazes
  2675. Butchering with a cursed weapon should provide already rotten meat.
  2676. UC skill acts as slaying like it does for monsters
  2677. everything acts as slaying like it does for monsters
  2678. A unique new Uber Ettin, who's half frost giant and half fire giant.
  2679. A god of fashion that occasionally smites users of polka-dotted platemails and puce axes.
  2680. Xom sometimes showers you with fake Orbs of Zot.
  2681. more special poisons like curare and mephitic cloud - poison could drain mp, prevent casting, slow casting, drain stats, blur vision for the duration and so on
  2682. A fiery enemy with a body so hot that when you kill it, its circulation can't keep it from overheating and it EXPLODES IN A HUGE FIREBALL
  2683. jellies could get the attributes from eaten items, like SInv, resists and so on
  2684. A message 'Xom accepts your death' on splat-dying
  2685. When killing ghosts that are sufficiently experienced, they should leave behind their artifact weapon, since they keep that weapon's power and effects (and it would be pretty cool to get a slain buddy's artifact weapon.)
  2686. You can get abyssed from inside the abyss, increasing the number of gateways needed to escape.
  2687. A scroll of uselessness should occasionally pretend to be acquirement, but only produce scrolls of blank paper.
  2688. Like above, but Xom gifts, or items that you specifically cant use.
  2689. scroll of sell item. should make id minigame more fun
  2690. When you banish a monster, other players can get it in their abyss.
  2691. player sirens
  2692. A scroll of deportation! Sends a creature to its native branch.
  2693. porcupines get bardiches of speed
  2694. browsing menus takes turns
  2695. animal mounts
  2696. non-animal mounts
  2697. Spells with a 'food' cost use up the food from your inventory instead of nutrition. You must have sultanas to cast 'sultana' hunger spells.
  2698. Monsters are randomly either speed 30 or speed -10.
  2699. You get 100 turns at the start of the game, then hobgoblins get 200, then you get 200, then they get 200, etc. I mean, it's fair, you get the same number of turns as the other guy in total!
  2700. a potion that gives every potion effect at once.
  2701. Since hammers kinda suck, and it's plausible to throw them, how about throwable hammers?
  2702. ettin packs
  2703. Some labyrinths should have walls like in slime.
  2704. Bug Request
  2705. trog is replaced with strogg, who rebuilds you as a cyborg and you lose your mind -- game over
  2706. Introduce credit while shopping - and send repo reapers if you can't make the payments.
  2707. Throw Evaporated potions with Portal Projectile.
  2708. a gold-based school of magic that uses gold instead of mana.
  2709. Ghoul corpses should not be allowed as sacrifices, since they are undead and therefore already rotten.
  2710. Every time you attack in a chivalrous manner, The Screaming One saves a kitten.
  2711. any projectile attack fired past a teleport trap will emerge at a random location but will act otherwise identically
  2712. necromancers should be able to animate meat rations
  2713. Sif Muna should punish you for turning off spellcasting skills
  2714. If you confuse an aquatic monster it should have a chance of beaching itself and suffocating.
  2715. Xom should save your life if you are brought from maxhp to 0 in one turn
  2716. Add amulet of censorship. Renders the player mute.
  2717. Ghosts should be affected by statdeath. Suggestions for int, dex, and strength? Perhaps they say "durr...."?
  2718. "The spriggan ghost is crushed under its shadow! The hill orc berserker ghost stares at a wall (x6)."
  2719. Gloves of Living Stone: Permanent affect of Stoneskin on the wearer, gives the gloves (only) and the player acid resistance. Does not get boosted by earth magic.
  2720. MONS_STEAM_DRAGON should be a construct
  2721. players that die in lichform appear as ghost-liches in the abyss; players that win in lichform become ghost-ancient-liches on zot5. same for mummies and tomb.
  2722. make elf 27 levels deep
  2723. add a kick command. seriously, I'm sick of having to pick up stuff blocking doorways.
  2724. when a creature is affected by a teleport effect, and they die before it activates, their corpse should still teleport
  2725. in wizard mode, assert dialogs should ask "Crash? [Y/N]"
  2726. I need some kind of "throbber" style indicator that changes to an opposite color when the screen is updating, then changes back when it's finished.
  2727. trolls can never be satiated above 'hungry'
  2728. Reflavour the berserkitis mutation to tail - the longer your tail the more likely someone will step on it in combat, forcing you to rage.
  2729. Fizzy or bubbling potions might spill everywhere when you try to quaff them.
  2730. Give halflings invokable detect creatures.
  2731. all hex spells should be level 6
  2732. s/unseen horror/seen horror
  2733. < WasJordan> The 5.1-headed ogre shouts in Dolby!
  2734. new chunk type: slimy, dropped by slugs, worms, and the like. unless you are an ogre, troll, or kobold, you may vomit and lose satiation when eating one of these.
  2735. corpse storm: like fire storm but requires a wielded corpse, which is then used up. creates miasma clouds.
  2736. Combine the +3, +4 severed leg of Sigmund with a spellbook containing Portal to open a gate to the secret testudine level.
  2737. trove mimics that reveal themselves and try to run away once you've paid them
  2738. In spider form, you can make silk and tether any projectile to yourself (temporary returning brand).
  2739. shields of refraction
  2740. Shields of diffraction
  2741. allow carrying non-summoned friendly small mammals in the backpack and using them as ammo! that would make slings suck less.
  2742. give tomb more levels to make up for the ones lost in elf
  2743. give komodo dragons sick breath
  2744. Crack goblin suicide squad. "The goblin yells 'Aieeeeeee!' The goblin hits himself! The goblin dies!"
  2745. buff mennas
  2746. Demonspawn with the shouting mutation get imp speech.
  2747. you can fumble spellcasting while in water
  2748. change ranged combat ai to be annoying and just require you to close doors
  2749. Halflings should be able to generate a cloud of smoke.
  2750. Make all races able to be demigods, demonspawn or vampires! A Naga Demigod Venom Mage!
  2751. You should be able to conjure flame where there's a cloud. I mean, come on.
  2752. a ring of +Pois
  2753. one unified "w"ield/"w"ear command, so you don't accidentally end up with a suit of armour cursed to your hand. Works for Angband.
  2754. <Danei> Feature request: Mimics can disguise themselves as the orb of zot
  2755. Glaive of the Prune should turn character symbol @ purple.
  2756. polar bears should not be affected by fear. and they should follow you when you teleport. and cannot be killed.
  2757. killed daevas/angels leave behind alabaster statues of themselves
  2758. an "astral duplicate" effect (spell, card, invocation, whatever) that creates a duplicate of the player using the ghost generation code
  2759. Living endgame zone: populated by pixies with tiny ac/ev and silence; different druids, different treants, and a phoenix in the end!
  2760. FixedArt Rod of Perversity: If undead/demonic, the rod evokes for Holy Word. If living, it evokes torment.
  2761. An engulfing jelly that acts like a throwing net!
  2762. Give ranged ghosts summon-type ammo that goes poof, like stone giants hurling rocks summoned by an angry trog.
  2763. Autoexplore should see a delicious giant bat corpse and run over and chop it up.
  2764. Spider forms should be able to quaff the essential juices from corpses. Unlike vampires, it needn't be blood they drink.
  2765. Fixedart armour: Glorious plate mail: rF-, randomly causes you to immolate.
  2766. corpse rot damages zombies in area
  2767. Allow wands of healing to cure rot, either if it's currently in progress or maybe even restore lost maxhp
  2768. Change spell hunger description back to the old indicator.
  2769. Make "artifact" the same as "artefact" for ctrl-F purposes :P
  2770. Death sheep and sheeptaurs.
  2771. If you are engorged and attempt to drink a potion of porridge, you fail and the potion is IDed.
  2772. New unique plant with beheld ability, melee attack, vampirism - Audrey ||.
  2773. Parting blow - ability? skill? allows you to deal one slightly more powerful shot to fleeing mob.
  2774. also for none touch typists, allow spells to be assigned to number keys
  2775. Spellcasting favorites- ascii compatible. Objective - ease things for non-touch typists. Allow to assign spells to each direction, aka 9 favorites.
  2776. weapons of speed butcher faster
  2777. Lloyd's Beacon
  2778. A playable abomination race!
  2779. Decrease the spell level of dragon form, but make it choose forms based on spellpower, going: steam, mottled, dragon, gold dragon, iron dragon, quicksilver.
  2780. A new lvl 1 tmig spell - human form. Turns off all your mutations and opens all slots for the duration.
  2781. New uniques: avatar of [insert god name here].
  2782. poly wand should change wall types!
  2783. Once a certain percentage of your maxhp has rotted away and you are not undead, your title changes to "$race Ghoul".
  2784. The Hungry Fangs: this -5,-5 fixedart double sword gains +2, +1 with each kill, up to a maximum +5/+10. Every 10 turns without injuring something it is hit with a -1,-2 penalty, back to its original stats. Gains vamprisim at +3 accuracy, vorpal at +4 damage.
  2785. Adapt tiles doll system to equipment, in order to save sets of gear.
  2786. Plants and fungi should occasionally leave edible chunks. Fungi chunks have a small chance of making your settings match discorobin, and a very tiny chance of matching acidrobin.
  2787. whips should have a chance of confusing humanoid enemies if you wear leather
  2788. Quicksilver dragon armour: AC +1 EV +5 perma-swiftness
  2789. Confusion flips and rotates the map a lot.
  2790. Allow levitation to be cast on enemies, most notably eels and salamanders and their gear.
  2791. Remove all gods except Xom.
  2792. Swap the location of the hive and the elven halls.
  2793. Occasionally, demonic summons turn upon the AI caster, not just the player caster.
  2794. changing your glyph to a lightmagenta X lets you walk into zot 5 and get next to the orb without challenge.
  2795. level one spell - dancing skeletons - causes skeletons to rip themself out of nearby corpses, dance (no attacking) like butterflies, and then collapse. Synergy with animate skeletons and bone shards
  2796. in the fight arena, the after-match listings should show how many winners remained.
  2797. scary unique is dependant on race. Nothing should be announced for spriggans, all uniques should be announced for mummies, and all monsters should be announced for ogres.
  2798. Trying to apport the Orb transports your equipment/inventory to the Orb.
  2799. Croquet level in Crawl
  2800. Instead of Oklob Farms Branch, add an Oklob farms portal vault that spawns after 200,000 turns.
  2801. Xom should be a universally appealing option. i just said "why would i worship Xom as a DEFE?", so surely Xom has something to offer casters, sometimes!
  2802. Priests of Zin can raise golems.
  2803. Shadows and Grues, who wouldn't want to have a chance on instadeath for no particular reason? Also, torches or other sources of light.
  2804. Plants should be able to be located in control-f, so you can beeline to them to train ghetto fighting or weapons.
  2805. Chaos trap: triggers just once, player only. Regenerates the entire floor, randomly placing the character on the new floor, with checks for access to stairs, although not monsters. Any loot lying around is lost when the new loot is generated.
  2806. Create a butterfly portal vault. Then come up a reason for it.
  2807. Ghosts of very stealthy characters should sometimes not show up on the screen.
  2808. Back up ALL the ghosts created during the August tournament. Restore them all a week before Halloween.
  2809. autoinscribe for artifact spellbooks
  2810. New monster: ogre veteran. Found around the same time as ogre mages and two-headed ogres. Has one weapon, wears troll leather armour.
  2811. Crawl should have a soundtrack, ala doomrl. Branch endings would play Yakety Sax.
  2812. Different armours should differently protect you from various types of damage: piercing, slashing, ripping, etc... This could be done by rolling save dice several times if the armor provides better protection from damage taken (eg: plate mail vs. slashing=superior protection)
  2813. Fire Elementalists should start with knowledge of scrolls of immolation
  2814. Beogh: Excommunicate Orcs. Removes all normal orange orcs, doing 1 piety damage each.
  2815. Blink Kangaroo monster
  2816. dragonform should just eat corpses whole
  2817. Amulets of Resist Corrosion are immune to being eaten by jellies
  2818. Flesh Storm L4 Necro/Tloc - butcher and apport all corpses in sight
  2819. We need dual wielding!
  2820. player names can become randart names. So for instance, Foo the Human Fighter could find the Scimitar of Bar, where Bar is any player with a morgue entry.
  2821. If you sticky flame an invisible monster, its tile turns bright red.
  2822. Change the scroll of noises to reproduce (randomly selected) the noise of one of the monsters on the current floor.
  2823. Kikubaaqudgha renaming contest. Bad idea: Something Awful Forum Kiku renaming contest.
  2824. add this to Abyss description: "Well, in our country," said Alice, still panting a little, "you'd generally get to somewhere else -- if you ran very fast for a long time, as we've been doing." (continued on the next entry)
  2825. (quote continued) "A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"
  2826. rename the Golden Rune The Rune of Pain.
  2827. +10, +10 Battleaxe of Theoretical Chopping (chop) Dam and To-hit are calculated with Int in place of Str; has a Int/40 chance of doing damage on hit.
  2828. If jellies survive a blade trap, they should be able to eat it
  2829. Henzell announces whenever a player becomes freakishly mutated.
  2830. Unique dancing weapon. One or rare types (quick blade, katana, eveningstar etc.).
  2831. New transmutations spell: Plant form. At low levels, it merely functions as a disguise (as long as you're not in line of sight of any monsters when you transform). At maximum level, it turns you into an oklob.
  2832. Amnesia via selective amnesia spell or Sif power causes moderate contamination.
  2833. Altar of Zin in Temple should have a permanent sanctuary effect centered on it.
  2834. Fat neck & swollen fingers mutations; increase the time it takes to put on and remove jewellery
  2835. Quiver of endless arrows
  2836. Floor mimics
  2837. Amulet of hearing. Various noises (fountains, snoring goblins) are shown as ! on your map.
  2838. needlessly complicated dual-natured god. Your actions could shift his mood, and his powers change with the mood.
  2839. Unique imp Gobbler - Comes with dagger of chaos, shows up d:5 or later, and randomly quotes other uniques.
  2840. a Henzell command that lists items recently eaten by jellies
  2841. berserk-like state for spellcasters. when it's on, you can only cast and rest with wizardry and int bonus. when it ends, you're silenced for a while (and have a small chance of forgetting a spell)
  2842. weapon skills affect Tukima's Dance duration
  2843. a Henzell command to display a random imp line
  2844. rename the game to Dungeon Crawl Axe Porridge
  2845. new mutation: vindictiveness. every time an ally dies in your LOS, you have a chance of getting a buff. the chance is larger for same-species allies, smaller for temporary summons and undead slaves
  2846. TSO's "blessed with friendliness" means the charmed creature will turn neutral after the charm expires.
  2847. Rename either executioners or executioner axes.
  2848. Add fire caves as a portal vault, eventually expand it and ice caves into branches to replace snake with in a fraction of all games, whichever doesn't make it in gets a mini-portal version
  2849. Add Tukima's dance to certain unique spell set!
  2850. A scroll of enchant armour used by a naga on a centaur barding should magically reform it into a naga barding. The opposite (for a centaur) should also be possible
  2851. scrolls of fear are too scary to read
  2852. New class Druid, starts with deity Feawn and Staves skill
  2853. <TGW> there should be a monk variant that starts with confusing touch memorized and 1 spellcasting
  2854. Make executioners_axe[1] the ingame description for executioner's axes.
  2855. conjurers/wizards/elementalists start with knowledge of potion of magic
  2856. Instead of weapon and armor gifts, okawaru gifts you +1 to your worn gear (jewellery too?) when you survive a challenge he sends your way.
  2857. Lichform plus dragonform results in skeletal dragon form
  2858. Standing on a scroll of fear is overpowered (guess how!).
  2859. Winners should leave an aspect of themselves in the dungeon for future characters to find. A collection of their spells in a spellbook, their main weapon converted to an artifact with their name, heck, even a statue in some vault.
  2860. Casino - small area - place a bet (gold), get loot or angry monsters
  2861. Change Ice Cave's name to Ozocubu's Refrigerator.
  2862. Owlbreath
  2863. Add creatures that release a lot of fog when woken up or afraid
  2864. A spell that makes the target vulnerable to a random element. So you can fire bolt orbs of fire, etc.
  2865. Equipment you can't use should autoidentify.
  2866. it would be neat if there was a termcast channel for handpicked games such as the ones listed in footv[4], especially if we could add to it via Henzell
  2867. Ghosts should use missiles. Ranged weapons-wielders should get (unlimited) ammo, as shadow creatures do
  2868. Okay, seriously, why isn't there a jabberwock?
  2869. Molten brand for maces. Molten weapons may lose one point of their enchant each time they're swung (odds taken from corrosion), but cause sticky flame on a successful hit. Breaks at -5.
  2870. obsidian _material_ for weapons. Immune to corrosion.
  2871. Dark Butterflies that attack your available magic but cannot do actual damage.
  2872. Cursed amulet of conversation. Looks identical to an amulet of conservation until worn. It talks!
  2873. Occasionally, only an altar to Lugonu can be found in the ecumenical temple. All else goes to overflow
  2874. Add a monarch statue - summons butteflies
  2875. kobold shaman shows up around d:4 to d:7 naturally, has corona, confusing touch. regular kobold stats
  2876. kobold shaman has a grow spell that polymorphs kobolds to big kobolds
  2877. Flayed ghosts leave blood splatters when they move
  2878. Trap Doors. Crystal Doors. Mimic doors.
  2879. Replace dragonslaying brand with beeslaying brand. (Swatting, maces only)
  2880. Transmutation miscasts turn you into a white "F" (a Frog), which is totally wank.
  2881. New fixedart: Holy Avenger named 'Vengeance' - long sword, +3 +7 autocasting smite
  2882. raising shapeshifter corpses gets pulsating lump zombie
  2883. One of the 'bounty hunter' uniques, preferably a bland and unmagical one, should get a teleport to loud noise ability.
  2884. If a monster is four floors out of depth, add "it seems slightly out of place." to its description. If a monster is 8 floors OOD, add "it seems out of place". 12 "you wet yourself
  2885. If a monster is marked upon viewing in your notes as out of depth, some option will put a message out to the (newbie) player letting them know to panic
  2886. Praying to yredelemnul ALSO prevents raising of undead. So your lunch won't be resurected by a skeletal warrior pet
  2887. fixedart hammer of the broken mind: found only in crazy yiuf's hut, it is noisy, *rage, attracts xom effects (as in bored xom)
  2888. Monster: BeeKeeper. Human that appears in the hive occasionally, increasing the intelligence of surrounding bees, among other boosts.
  2889. Sparkling fountain should occassionally 'taste just like chicken'
  2890. Collected rat ideas. Grey rats- rabid grey squirrels. Orange rats -chupacabra. Green rats? Sludge rats.
  2891. Replace Okawaru's gifting with the ability to enchant even artifacts.
  2892. New randart: the ring of rot. Gives you "Rot", gives rPois, rN+++ (miasma immunity).
  2893. Spiked nets.
  2894. Amulets of stasis can't be apported.
  2895. Replace Corona in Book of Brands with Portal Projectile
  2896. New monster: corpse mite. A weak s insect (that's same as mites, right?), if it stumbles across a corpse (not a skeleton), it will reanimate the monster as a boosted zombie, but the body loses max health each turn. When the enhanced zombie 'dies', the mite is released. The corpse mite is released, slowed.
  2897. Paralysis allows use of invocations and spells at a very extreme penalty. Evocations, scrolls, potions are forbidden. This would differentiate paralysis and sleep a bit more. But also increase the tedium of combat paralysis?
  2898. allies catching up with you rolling for extra/less energy always get extra energy.
  2899. there are two nondescript stones in the game. One that does earth elementals, the other that instantly drops you down a shaft trap and summons a hostile earth elemental next to you.
  2900. A new kind of shop : the Discount Store. All items below 100 gp.
  2901. Stalking Statue. Wandering mushroom AI, very slow, no attack. Very durable.
  2902. Allow targeting of allies for levitation
  2903. More endgame powerful uniques, specifically other questers for the Orb of Zot who were powerful enough to make it there.
  2904. Steal new plant from BRogue. Blocks line of sight, can be walked on. Walking on it will crush it for a few turns, but it will spring back on its own.
  2905. Smoke Demons see through clouds, bring their own cloud with them!
  2906. Amulet of Atheism - Suspends all divine activity while worn except piety loss. Lose god abilities while it is worn, but regain when removed. Wrath points are saved up until you take it off. Does it allow you to break conduct, or does it track that...
  2907. allow monsters to open players like pillowcases
  2908. Rename guardian mummy or greater mummy so casmith789 can tell the difference.
  2909. Randart ammunition with special brands (Chain Lightning, Slay dragon, True Shot <Chance to insta-kill>, yadda) that never break, cannot be eaten by slimes, but come in small stacks (3-6 maybe at most)
  2910. <LordSloth> Hive is basically a grocery store <LordSloth> Now if we get curare-shooting bee-taurs...
  2911. wand of shrubbery, spawns a shrub.
  2912. More colourful damage descriptions. We're kinda tired of opening pillowcases
  2913. gaunt spiked club. unrandart giant spiked club that is thin and bony. possibly even made of bone.
  2914. Reduce passwalls delay slightly, make it happen in phases, some of which when you're like a rock worm
  2915. Randart weapons consecrated to a particular deity. Somewhat more powerful than average randarts, but to wield them, you must worship the deity in question. Wielding gives you an opportunity to convert on the spot.
  2916. scroll of salting - turns all the edible chunks in your possesion into salted meat permafood
  2917. Scroll of Imbueing - Quivered item, if eligible, receives a random brand. 45% fire, 45% frost, 10% returning.
  2918. bumblebees are fumblebees. You drop your weapon!
  2919. Defeating the Pan lord in the tutorial should give the message "I see you have discovered Wizard mode!" or something similar.
  2920. Injured monsters should leave blood trails
  2921. Blow Flies should be weak vs fire. I just killed a pair of flies in my window IRL with a lighter - they didn't see the fire and it burned off their wings. Then they walked around confused and died.
  2922. rename poison magic to poison arrow magic
  2923. All zombie bees should be called zombees
  2924. demonspawn mutation - immolation. like the scroll, but with a breath timer.
  2925. Demigods who cast necromutations become demiliches
  2926. things that die by fire, and fish always, should not taste bad eaten raw
  2927. bolt of inaccuracy should be affected by accuracy
  2928. Combined titles, like "Sneaky Bludgeoner" or "Poisonous Slicer of Death"
  2929. Emperor's New Clothes - wearing a body armor cancels the effect. a high AC modifier that is not displayed to the user. miscasts are not discernable.
  2930. Poison Arrow unrandart. +5, never mulches and treated with poison from the eponymous spell.
  2931. poison attacks should have a chance to poison the corpse .. acid attacks should have a chance to cancel a corpse dropping.
  2932. fire attacks should have a small chance to cook the meat, making it edible normally.
  2933. (corpses 3/3) the fire effect balances against the poison effect, and global drop rates could be upped a tiny bit to balance against the acid effect
  2934. assassins should get an option to start with bow and poisoned arrows instead of blowgun
  2935. FR: When cast into abyss from melee range, you get to drag the caster with you!
  2936. how about a priestish/caster class combination - Bishops
  2937. if you make it to kiku's altar and pray before the human dies, you should get an appreciated kill when he gets zombiefied
  2938. armour should not effect spell learning, only spell casting
  2939. Gretell needs a ?goodeats command
  2940. Random conduct for Xom! Xom likes it when you eat corpses of living beings. Xom likes when your allies kill non-hostile demon beings. Xom dislikes when you use conjurations.
  2941. A delicious cumin-roasted turkey, in a tangy kumquat aioli!
  2942. Marinate yak meat in an oklob-and-strawberry juice medley for six hours before broiling it. Delectable!
  2943. when you gain more than one level from a kill it should announce the event (like here), and add it to notes.
  2944. eating food while sick/poisoned should have a chance to abort the action (like a hangover)
  2945. Summon Poisonous Spores - pois/summ - summons one or so spores that explode in a cloud of poison and seed an area with new sprouts, which grow to a size, then release new spores. can used used to seed an area to lure creatures back to.
  2946. If you're selecting random characters, the screen that says 'Do you want to play this combination? (ynq) [y]' could inform you if this is a good or greyed-out/bad combo.
  2947. Turn !fight into a strategy game in which you create one side and another person on the room must pick the opposing forces.
  2948. Crawl should warn the player whenever he encounters a monster whose opponents have a disproportionally high chance of dying to.
  2949. Friendly Mutators should give you unbiased mutations.
  2950. quack blade {slay duck}
  2951. terabats
  2952. picobats
  2953. bats
  2954. megalodon
  2955. megaoklob
  2956. apportation can take the weapon out of an enemy's hands at high power
  2957. go zigging for potions of experience and curse them with ash's special ability to cause you to go up a floor if drinking them
  2958. megagecko
  2959. the megaroyal jelly
  2960. stonemega
  2961. big bat
  2962. superbat
  2963. cowardice flag on items, equivalent to berserkitis but the player cannot move toward or attack creatures - only move away or perpendicularly. No Slow/Fatigue effect after, maybe even a small buff if you survive
  2964. give megabats 1 million times the stats of giant bats
  2965. Each turn, you have a 0.001% chance of dying of a heart attack.
  2966. make hobgoblins speed 11
  2967. pillar dancing with a monster can make it fall in love with you
  2968. No-cTele levels have ceiling traps.
  2969. L9 charm/hex spells "Enchant Weapon" and "Enchant Armour"
  2970. Putting every bad_idea on the wiki.
  2971. Ninjaing idea number 3000.
  2972. Inserting idea number 3000.
  2973. Filling in slot 2999 just so you can take slot 3000 :)
  2974. Abyssal moth, with a slow-acting halo of corruption.
  2975. spells that cost gold instead of mp
  2976. zin shouldn't let you wear 'glowing' ego items
  2977. Scroll of Blanking. Instead of allowing the player a fully controlled blink, this scroll turns itself into a scroll of paper upon being read.
  2978. Mutagenic hellfire!!!
  2979. harpies in labs
  2980. ashenzari wrath tells monsters where your stash is
  2981. okawaru dislikes it when you kill anyone wearing an animal skin
  2982. Items that provide stasis or -TELE cannot be apported.
  2983. zin should disapprove of killing humanoids as well as eating them
  2984. Demigods may worship a god. But it's Zin.
  2985. branch entrances are actually portal mimics that you have to kill
  2986. hawaiian shirts
  2987. Clubs have a chance to reflect thrown rocks
  2988. Hex magic goes up to level 16 :3
  2989. More interesting is what you want? How about randart-style damage descriptors? You exquisitely unseam the elephant like a jewelled velvety pillowcase!
  2990. From 2895: Okay, seriously, why isn't there a jabberwock? <--- This would make the basis for a great dungeon branch in itself, complete with mome raths and slithy toves... "You see a rabbit hole here."
  2991. Jester class, who starts with a book of Party Tricks and a number of bad wands.
  2992. Doctor class, who starts with nothing more than a knife, shortblades, but lots and lots of potions.
  2993. Meteorologist, who starts with a book of clouds...
  2994. Acolyte class, who starts with Cantrips and the patronage of Sif Muna! Or with Magic Missile memorized, and Vehumet...
  2995. Tukimancer, who starts with book of Tukima and random weapons.
  2996. Demonic runes weigh nothing, but only n+1 of them will be generated. n is the most demonic runes in a previous win on the server.
  2997. death kobs
  2998. "Oops, you feel deathly resistant to cold."
  2999. A unique that summons neutral war dogs. And then casts tame beasts.
  3000. Give Mennas DMsl.
  3001. team a respects elbereth
  3002. a magical dog race that can't tell potions apart because it's colorblind
  3003. a magical bat race that can't tell scrolls apart because it's blind
  3004. food mimics that attack you after you eat them
  3005. A Historian class, who starts with a book of Antiquities, which cannot be obtained by any other method. Spells include Detect Creatures, Bone Shards, Tame Beasts, Twist, Air Walk.
  3006. Remove sure blade spell, replace with warp-stab, the portal-projectile of stabbers.
  3007. book of miner magic
  3008. < JamezQ> if you contemplate the meaning of life long enough, your character should invent it's own religion
  3009. cheibriados disapproves of macros because they are too hasty
  3010. rename Prince Ribbit to Kermit
  3011. Imps ought to throw rotten vegetables at the player occasionally.
  3012. you can hit yourself with an antimagic weapon to remove glow
  3013. A command that would locate offending flora for those with irresistible OCD in attaining "Done exploring" instead of "Partly explored; can't reach some places" while in the Lair or other highly infested places.
  3014. cloak of acquirement
  3015. <nht> sticks to snakes on a staff of poison should summon Aizul
  3016. "You miscast the javelin throw. You are showered with wood shavings."
  3017. Give vampire mosquitos spammals
  3018. Telefrag spell, tloc 9. Transports caster into target monster, kills one or the other based on spell power.
  3019. spriggans wearing winged helmets gain evocable flight
  3020. If you have sufficiently large winding number around a wall, it turns into a jelly.
  3021. poly both dowan and duvessa into slime creatures and get them to merge
  3022. Oklob trees.
  3023. Adding things that are already in the bad idea list
  3024. adding things that are already in bad ideas
  3025. adding things that are already in the game
  3026. give sigmund mesmerise
  3027. replace the vault guards on v:8 with boggarts
  3028. you can only autofight when berserk
  3029. Insanity: mutation that has a random chance of temporarily causing confusion, intelligence loss, maprot, and other assorted game disruptions.
  3030. Khufu is a mummy of nemelex. He starts the fight by entombing himself and vitrification, then spamming summon and destruction decks to give him torment and greater demons. After this (and you've dug him out) he gets elixir once, and the second time uses trowel to create a zig to escape. More >>
  3031. This you can enter if you go in immediately, and the game goes into a new mode, two player zig mode where you and khufu battle it out together. More >>
  3032. Khufu turns on you on zig:27 exclaiming "THE LOOT IS MINE!" but he has grown much more powerful, and summons the four pandemonium lords to aid him.
  3033. harpies in labs
  3034. <nht> ogres and trolls should have a chance to cause fear when they are seen naked
  3035. Deep elf masons, that slowly build walls of elven brick.
  3036. Crawl Dungeon Keeper variant. You know you want it.
  3037. zombie player race - like a mummy but with slow healing 3 instead of rF-!
  3038. level 7 poison spell: olgreb's can o' pesticide, instakills all insects on screen. Has a small chance to summon a hostile Fedhasite
  3039. secret learndb entries, learndb entry mimics, learndb abyss where the deleted entries are banished to
  3040. long blades race, you start as a falchion and every 3 levels move 1 up the long blades chain. same restrictions as a felid, except you can brand yourself with branding spells
    • blink randart property
  3041. <notthepope> xom should give div manuals
  3042. minotaur mimics
  3043. Travel exclusion shaped mimics
  3044. executioners eat executioner's axes and burp up throwing axes
  3045. <mikee_> kick-in-the-ball lightning
  3046. A race that has multiple arms and heads. Level 3 unfitting armor, but you can wear a bunch of jewellery!
  3047. acid dragon
  3048. acid dragon armour
  3049. Portal mimics in Abyss
  3050. A minivault that thoroughly mirrors a potential situation in D&D: a room mimic containing a few treasure mimics, a floor mimic, a ceiling mimic, and a wall mimic (at least one of each).
  3051. Countdown portal, where you have to make the longest word possible from the glyphs of 9 random monsters.
  3052. give deep elf blademasters blade hands
  3053. CDO Sigmund gets his own twitter feed for each kill
  3054. potion of acquirement: lets you choose whether to ditch bad ones or pick some kind of good one
  3055. ring of creation: evocable for acquirement, adds 1 penance with all gods per use
  3056. helm/gloves/boots of acquirement: each causes an appropriate mutation forcing it to be unworn
  3057. Banishment sends you to the Labyss, a labyrinth that shifts like the abyss
  3058. Antaeus hole vault with worker Antaeus, soldier Antaeus and Antaeus queen.
  3059. Player ghouls get 200 hp and 30/30 attacks (at level 1)
  3060. Casting ensorcelled hibernation on yourself reduces hunger until you wake up.
  3061. Trap-setting skill ala Diablo II Assassins. Level 27 title is The Great Master Baiter.
  3062. All bad ideas must be written in battlemage format.
  3063. Picking an interesting race, like a felid, should lessen xom's boredom.
  3064. yaktaur barding
  3065. see battlemage
  3066. The header of the BATTLEMAGE section on the choosing character screen is chosen at random from entries in battlemage.
  3067. Chaos Warriors of Vehumet. Just like Reavers, but with religion. Reavers are a bit underpowered anyway, at least as starting builds go.
  3068. orange crystal roxanne
  3069. Fulsome distillation on holy corpses creates potions of healing.
  3070. you should delete a random bad_ideas entry every time you delete one of those
  3071. Consuming a toadstool should have a 1 in 30 chance of making you triple in size, smashing through the roof to the floor ahead and killing anything in a one-tile radius.
  3072. <G-Flex> hat of the alcoholic
  3073. slings get a bonus against goliath beetles
  3074. give deep elf death mages haunt
  3075. someone make a script to add "sucks" to everything in the learndb. Also, Bad_Ideas sucks.
  3076. New unique: synchronized shifting team of shapeshifters.
  3077. make golems beep in german
  3078. katana acquirement
  3079. Fedhas penance spawns fruit bats
  3080. let elephants open doors
  3081. ugly thing player race
  3082. random energy player mutation
  3083. The megabat needs company. Design a special vault with a petabat, so huge and fat that it can't move. It shall be described as having the strength of a thousand terabats.
  3084. at 27 traps skill, you disarm zot traps by just looking at them funny
  3085. If you attack jellies with your claws, and they burn, you can lose a level of the claws mutation
  3086. Projected noise causes damage at high power, breaks walls
  3087. An entirely invisible branch.
  3088. Boris zig level. All enemy monsters are Borises.
  3089. New spell only available to worshippers of Zin, CommitStorm. The awesomeness of recite with the smite/area targeting of firestorm
  3090. Rename Evaporation to Explovaration
  3091. Axes of chopping should take half the time to chop up a corpse into chunks
  3092. Floor god: Likes it when you leave stuff on the floor. Is the source of most cursed D:1 jewellery.
  3093. Gilette PowerShock Triple Katana
  3094. New vault: The Isle of Wights
  3095. A unique that only spawns if you wield a cursed item you picked up from the floor. S/he has unique lines that refer to having left that item there to troll you.
  3096. The Abyss has levels: If you get banished in there, you go one deeper!
  3097. Every 20th efreet should carry a scimitar of distortion.
  3098. One out of 667 efreet will grant you a wish.
  3099. Felids should get a hairball breath attack.
  3100. We've had enough vestibules of Hell, how about a special Festival Of Hell level branch?
  3101. Tie bloodsplatter rate to god choice
  3102. Give hydras the ability to wear hats
  3103. A new type of Bailey; a Beetle Bailey
  3104. A race that is immune to unholy pain and torment but can't see its own HP meter.
  3105. berserk traps
  3106. Octopodes wielding 4-6 weapons
  3107. A new monster that spawns based on the date of playtime. The Weekend Warrior.
  3108. ziggurat level with nothing but oklob plants
  3109. naga with horns 3 becomes a gorgon
  3110. <SpaceT> FR: monkey race that can use "different ammo" for sandblast
  3111. The absolute value of your AC is what matters for protecting you from damage.
  3112. Xom's benevolent cousin, Mox - only the good side of Xom's personality
  3113. <Raycaster> i think wanderer should have a chance of starting with the orb of zot
  3114. Having the gauzy fan, rock and flask in your inventory and wielding the Lantern of Shadows summons Captain Zot!
  3115. A temple vault covered in steam
  3116. cheibriados
  3117. holding the fort and working out how to murder those pesky players
  3118. Trog brands your weapon with antimagic on max piety
  3119. Unique vampire: Count Chocula
  3120. UrsaBat
  3121. Having crawl explain what cang means the first time you log in
  3122. Make LOS shape a config option
  3123. ash reveals all number values in the game like weapon damage and the 4000000 (well 300 after stepdowns) dice rolls
  3124. Spider form gives you fewer legs at low power
  3125. Wand of cloning.
  3126. golden archway portal vault: contains meat rations and a killer klown
  3127. Pillowcase mimics.
  3128. Maurice is a Jiyva worshipper with a Jelly entourage that eat all your stolen items when he dies.
  3129. A god who decreases your movement speed.
  3130. elyvilon crushes you like a grape
  3131. Cobra/Python/Black_Mamba type nagas
  3132. Enchant armour on animal skins gives leather armour.
  3133. Altar mimics.
  3134. rC means resist corrosion
  3135. if you have slow healing your heal wounds potions take longer to come into effect
  3136. if you are a DD your heal wounds potions take forever to come into effect
  3137. you worship Cheibriados and your heal wounds potions take longer to come into effect
  3138. Tukima's Dance miscasts cause random items in your inventory to be animated as hostile. The banana pulverizes you! The Serpentine Rune bites you!
  3139. Level 7 translocations spell: Vertical blink, sends you 1-8 levels up/down randomly
  3140. banished monsters sometimes come back worshipping lugonu
  3141. Flayed ghost says: "You'll understand me better in a second" _Flayed ghost flays you!
  3142. Hell lions.
  3143. New Scroll: Stash - gives the player a moustache
  3144. Polymorph Storm
  3145. Player ghosts that would generate on the same level sometimes fight each other. Televised on FooTV!
  3146. hellion player race
  3147. Every time the player here's a distant slurping noise there is a strong chance of going berserk
  3148. The level below you and the level above you are "active": monsters can spawn and travel freely among active levels. Noise travels across active levels.
  3149. Casting Shatter causes monsters from below your level to bang on the ceiling with their polearms, yelling to keep it down.
  3150. Vaultmakers get tourney points whenever someone dies in one of their vaults.
  3151. beer (b) | Speed: 20 | HD:30 | Health: 100 | AC/EV: 20/20 | Flags: non-living, see invisible, spellcaster | Res: magic(immune), hellfire, cold+++, elec+++, poison++ | XP: 666 | Sp: Beer! (1d1)(confuse)
  3152. spectre obscura, like silent spectre but with fog instead
  3153. shark unique: Mega Shark
  3154. Hubgoblins that summon hobgoblins.
  3155. replace dowan/duvessa with the new Troll Twins, Purgy and Bess
  3156. Zin recite book that only works on butterflies.
  3157. <mikee_> give orb guardians the same effect as trj <mikee_> except they spawn moths of wrath
  3158. Jiyva worshippers have a friendly Slime Pits; player mummies should have a friendly Tomb.
  3159. a unique trog worshipper that casts spells; occasionally he gets attacked by neutral berserk bears and stuff
  3160. Deeper dwarves that can't heal with potions or wands and deepest dwarves that can't heal in any way and stick with the hp they started with through the whole game.
  3161. -100,+100 Triple Sword of Trolls {Noisy, -CAST, -TELE, *Rage, Stealth++, rC++, rF++, rN++, rPois, rElec, Speed}
  3162. A spell that marks targets in a way that attracts reapers/shadows to them over a period of time.
  3163. Monsters that drink brilliance can suddenly cast firestorm when they could only cast fireball before
  3164. a plant with pain mirror
  3165. Troves that ask for 12 unique runes.
  3166. Troves that asks for uniques. (Bring me Sigmund and I shall reward you with great treasure!)
  3167. Sticky elephants: trample and mesmerise.
  3168. all vaults have oklobs
  3169. Tsurugi of Muramasa.
  3170. !addmilestone casmith789 type=orb place=d:3
  3171. the more satiated you are the more you weigh and the less you can carry
  3172. flavor "dialog" for dancing weapons, such as: "The dancing weapon does the Macarena"
  3173. Ramps, to allow handicapped and undead to climb up stairs.
  3174. Unrandart Propel Hat: Only usable by octopodes. +10 AC, Evoke Levitation
  3175. since shadow wraiths are invisible and shadow demons are invisible, make shadow dragons invisible too
  3176. portal vault which sends you into a previous version of crawl
  3177. potion of become ogre
  3178. If you only kill one of the elf twins and leave them, you can find the other hacking their way through one of the hells: duvessa hits harder then ignacio and dowan puts lom lobon to shame
  3179. Make wanderers less masochistic by also allowing them to have random good mutations.
  3180. Make wanderers more masochistic by also allowing them to have random bad mutations.
  3181. Crawl version history trivia portal vault
  3182. lady gaga portal vault
  3183. imp that can corpse slap
  3184. shoals vault consisting of the island from "lost"
  3185. Door form.
  3186. rewrite crawl in lisp so it runs natively in emacs
  3187. rewrite emacs in lua so it runs natively in crawl
  3188. < G-Flex> rollerblades mutation (+2 move delay, but -2 for every consecutive move, stacking up to -4)
  3189. new unique: snake tree, immobile weaker lernaean hydra with reaching, poisonous attacks
  3190. Death Metal Yaks
  3191. Anti-Ashenzari: a god that makes you know LESS stuff, unidentifying things so all shops become antique shops
  3192. but he'll uncurse your equipment!
  3193. Simulate Xom's sense of humour with a neural network.
  3194. <N78291> terrible vault idea: loot under deep water, the water level recedes after you drink from the fountains enough
  3195. firing off lightning bolts while standing in water casts chain lightning instead
  3196. bring back adolf
  3197. Players that die in lichform return as antique liches
  3198. bolt of colt
  3199. arrows/bolts of distortion
  3200. A unique that casts reverse death channel on you, raising spectral versions of everything you kill that leaves a corpse
  3201. lvl 7/8 fire/conjurations bolt of sticky fireball: fires bolt that drops a fireball on every target hit, ignites all hit with sticky flame, still ignored compared to fire storm because it doesn't deal much irresistable
  3202. Upon escaping with the orb: "Thank you <playername>! But the Amulet of Yendor is in another dungeon!"
  3203. to make the robe of augmentation less mundane, let it have invokable brilliance, might, and agility
  3204. wanderer weapons can start with brands to make life slightly easier and is balanced with the rate that people start d:1 with a mace of distortion
  3205. Hundred Acre Wood Lair:8 ending with uniques from Winnie the Pooh
  3206. Trog allows you to burn a bookshop and collect the insurance payout
  3207. Yacub, a black draconian scientist that summons Wights and sows confusion
  3208. s/demon/daemon/ in the FreeBSD port of Crawl
  3209. a mutation that makes you take an additional 10%/20%/30% damage from all sources
  3210. tome of destruction is instead used for destruction branding, which randomly casts said tome's spells on hit
  3211. troves can ask felid transmuters for a dragon hide off of their own corpse
  3212. Rename IOOD to Iskender's Orb of Deliciousness
  3213. torment traps
  3214. ancient insubstantial wisp
  3215. in a manner similar to Beogh, Sif's wrath can summon dancing anti-magic weapons
  3216. sif can grant monster spellbooks
  3217. much like how dispel undead is a necromancy spell and cure poison is a poison spell, give sif an anti-magic storm invocation
  3218. alternate temple map in which all altars are altar mimics
  3219. except one
  3220. You are too berserk to stop yourself from walking into the lava! The lava burns you to a cinder!
  3222. the artefact ring "Berserkerbane" {int -7}
  3223. < Elynae> fr: paralysis death curse
  3224. bolt of hasting
  3225. rename crawl yak murder simulator 2011
  3226. unrandart potions that simulate both good and bad aspects of pointedly mutated races i.e. potion of sprigganness, trollishness, nagaishness
  3227. potion acquirement!
  3228. Dragon gloves/boots/helmets that fit on everyone! When enchanting a dragon hide it's random what you'll get.
  3229. Ring of Control fixedart {cFly, cTele, Clar, +Enslavement}
  3230. labyrinth full of rock worms
  3231. characters who specialize in unarmed when reading enchant weapon scrolls get messages about their fists/claws/whatever glowing green/red/whatever so as to be able to distinguish them easily from fear, holy word, whatever
  3232. < [Hanged_Man]> remove religion
  3233. Powered by Xom Demonspawn mutation.
  3234. Rename "Melee" to "Meh-lee"
      • su of okawaru
  3235. Level 27 traps&doors skill lets you open a back door straight from the D:27 zot portal to the Orb Chamber
  3236. < ion> FR: excretion
  3237. < tensorpudding> orc priests should have hellfire
  3238. misfit portal vault, with keee, ddae, dspa, dgpr, mube, and shuffle troll enemies
  3239. A slime that sticky flames you and has rF+++
  3240. a unique titanic slime creature that never unmerges
  3241. Ridable monsters!
  3242. < dazzle> FR: Plants in the Lair should have a 1 % chance per plant of being an oklob plant instead
  3243. showing new people how to use the learndb by using bad_ideas as your example
  3244. abyssal set ziggurats shift like abyss does
  3245. abyssal set ziggurats maprot like abyss does
  3246. Ring race: Tempt intelligent monsters into picking you up, and impel them to fetch the orb! Stay useful so you keep being worn, or look for a stronger bearer. Watch out for Nemelex Xobeh!
  3247. zombie player race: like a mummy but with slow movement and slow healing 3
  3248. in a similar manner to prince ribbit, early unseen horror unique
  3249. Mottled hellfire crabocutioner
  3250. nice storm
  3251. ErolchaRobin
  3252. < Wensley> FR: level 4 summ/tloc spell: Summon Hostile Centaur With Arrows Of Dispersal (replacement for the blink spell)
  3253. Every feature of SLASH'EM.
  3254. replace gloves and boots with individual 'glove' and 'boot' items
  3255. An alternate orb room with a killer klown inside a tomb on top of the orb.
  3256. hugeterm local tiles
  3257. spiny worms
  3258. place the shadow-creatures spamming zot statue from sprint III ontop of the orb
  3259. lucky butterflies in labrynths: they give massive amounts of experience, but are hasted, teleport randomly, and have huge ev/ac. have fun hunting them down!
  3260. Beware the terrifying hobgoblin annihilator! Spells: Sting, Shock, Sandblast.
  3261. nonsensical, randomly-priced, distort/chaos themed shops in abyss
  3262. Shops of distortion, apply a translocation miscast when you leave. Identified when you enter.
  3263. potion of sprigganness! herbivore 2, slow metabolism 2, fast 2, dex+2, int+2, str-6, deformed 2
  3264. <[Grinning_Darn]> porridge legs mutation
  3265. statue form gives astounding stealth bonuses, but only when standing still
  3266. Randbranches!
  3267. Magic Facet as a level three mutation for demonspawn: Innate MP+9, Innate Enhancer, Innate Wizardry
  3268. Earth Facet for demonspawn: Throw Rock, Throw Heavier Rock, Throw Crystal (of course earth doesn't have anything more then that)
  3269. theme the undead in the hells to the hells! also add fire zombies
  3270. to make up for the loss of teleport self as a spell, make dispersal have diminishing but notable chances to hit everything in los, becoming teleport everyone else
  3271. +0 serpent of hell armour (11 ac -4 evap) {rF+ rC+ rN+}
  3272. level 8 spell of bookcasting, only granted by sif, animates a given number of books and lets you cast spells from them in the same turn (with doubled spell hunger cost and still mp cost), but gives div miscast if a book is knocked down and each book has an mp pool like rods
  3273. to make inner flame less mediocre due to distance, introduce level 4 hex/fire Heat Wave, which checks mr to lower speed, attack, ev, and sh, but check hd if the monster has inner flame, sticky flame, or is standing in conjured flame
  3274. summon storm! level 9 conjurations/summonings, summon/conjures smite-style completely randomized summons surrounding of tons of enemies to surround all those concievably hit, but only last until your next action; instantly shoots up vehumet piety to 6*
  3275. Deafness.
  3276. Orb of fire unique!
  3277. much like how piety has increasing chances to block against tso's cleansing flames on angel/daeva kills, increasing degrees of piety neutralize smiting attacks
  3278. invisibility traps and haste traps! only appear in vaults, only trigger once, make everything in los (self, allies, and monsters) invisible/hasted
  3279. unique with shoutitis, berserkitis, and teleportitis
  3280. in late dungeon, electric eel and water open levels are boring! make them vapour and lava open levels instead
  3281. maahes
  3282. "Distressingly Furry" mutation that makes you should "Yif!" and "Kawaii!" at random intervals and attracts animal type monsters to your location
  3283. "Unglued" branch of crawl, with many joke and bad ideas built into it.
  3284. Remake dungeon crawl decades later as a first person shooter, space shooter, and another first person shooter,. Call it XCrolm
  3285. Magic equivalent of the Rage potion. Spells use no hunger and half mana, but afterwards dropped to starving and given fast metabolism 3 for awhile
  3286. replace porcupines with bunnies/kitties Lose tons of piety with Trog if you accidently kill one.
  3287. Pan Flute, works like a staff except summons spammals, yaks, death yaks, and butterflies
  3288. Make everyone hate themselves, Mandatory rune of Zot in Slime Pits
  3289. replace draconian race with ugly thing race
  3290. staff of enchantment lowers mr and debuffs on hit
  3291. size mutations
  3292. Monks can get over 9000.
  3293. level 9 hex that automatically without fail stabs everything in los, but is done by stabbing yourself
  3294. portal volcano: lvl 7 fire/tloc, sort of like malign gateway but a: aphysxiating los-blocking ash clouds and b: randomly throws out bolts of magma, fireballs, and said aphysxiating clouds from the portal location instead of an eldritch tentacle
  3295. what's with this player/monster discrepancy? give HOPrs at 6* rHellfire, minor healing, and summon demon invocations, like orc high priests have
  3296. if polymorph other fails to hit due to rMut, it stills inflicts a single pip of glow
  3297. henzell and gretell report that deep dwarves got a god instead of makhleb, because they'll always be joining him anyway
  3298. LRDability of a monster is determined by detecting skeletalness of its tile.
  3299. since fire is currently regarded as the weakest element, take a page from earth's connection to transmutations and air's connection to charms plus take some inspiration from the most surely infamous fire unique, asmodeus, and start making fire/tloc spells
  3300. allow stealing from shops, but have 9 perma-hasted perma-summoned un-abjurable speed 50 executioners spawn when one does so
  3301. Nemelex Xobeh ****** ability: 52 pickup
  3302. yaktaur unique, comes with a chaos crossbow and casts portal projectile. hope you've got rEverything!
  3303. to respect proper folklore, monster vampires are distracted when one drops a stack of over 50 items
  3304. let's take ideas from the absolutely dead serious roguelikes; combine executioners with rock worms
  3305. composed body mutation: first level rSickness, second level one pip of SustAb, third level rRot
  3306. sp stands for spoon, not spriggan
  3307. lvl 9 hex: ghastly malnevolence: conjures a being of pure hatred that swaps all hex effects on the player to a random enemy on screen and all charms effects on monsters to the player
  3308. eyes storm
  3309. tukima's firing range: smite-animates ranged weapon and/or missile stack to remote-fire, damage/speed is half power, half skill. uses: avoid armour/shield/form disabilities, different angles, use large rocks and other junk laying around
  3310. promising to code bad_ideas if one can come up with a really, really catchy name for them
  3311. really annoying, fast unique with fire, ice, corrosion, and vampiric attacks that flees often and casts teleport other often; also follows player across d levels after first sighting
  3312. unique with vampiric attacks (maybe a chupacabra?) that attacks other enemies to heal
  3313. <valrus> fr: give olgreb a duration
  3314. the unique room in sprint III with joseph and jozef or sigmund and edmund is silly when it has frances and wiglaf in it, their names don't even sound similar! put boris and norris in there instead
    from the most difficult roguelike in existence, more monsters! monsters that attack you from anywhere on the floor, monsters that when dead heal other monsters, monsters that'd shoot poison arrows from across the floor, executionerrockworms, and jellies that eat egos
  3315. and of course the best of monsters from that game, the monster with smite-targeted "make player do almost any action possible" spells that repeats itself for hundreds of turns at a time
  3316. magic dart of dispersal
  3317. ballistamyctaurs! weild hand ballistas (only otherwise weildable by ogres, trolls) that fire entire stacks of bolts at once, armed ones explode when killed into a bunch of unarmed ballistamyctaurs, slow movement
  3318. mummy curses can affect your bootknife
  3319. charms/conjurations spell: zelda-esque sword beams!
  3320. charms/summonings spell: reverse abjuration; lengthens a given summon's duration and heals it very slightly, but lowers in effectiveness with each successive cast
  3321. Being [Hanged_Man] and not coding anything
  3322. trying to come up with the fastest and most efficient way to delete random bad ideas
  3323. hexecutioners! cast invisibility, confuse, and sleep alongside haste and pain
  3324. mandrakes! if you're not stealthy or fast enough to kill them before they wake, they scream as loud as an alarm trap, paralyze you with the volume, then teleport away as off-screen enemies come in to investigate the noise
  3325. Chaos knights start with weapons of chaos
  3326. exploding nets
  3327. dancing crystal balls, the curse toes to orange crystal statue's curse skulls
  3328. the colour from outer space unique: has completely incomprehensible attacks and resists
  3329. Ammo of distortion
  3330. nets of cureae
  3331. nets of penetration
  3332. unrandart bolt stacks of fire, frost, and venom that are both elemental-esque and penetrate like spell bolts
  3333. a unique that exists solely to upgrade other uniques, by hasting and healing and teleporting both parties away and such
  3334. unique that both mesmerizes and causes fear, ideally getting a player to be unable to move
  3335. guard the inside of the temple with some sort of construct, like sprint III. the flavour can be that it's preventing altar desecration!
  3336. if said temple has been corrupted, the construct inside is even slower then usual but has distortion-branded hits
  3337. while golems can be quite the interesting aggravations with their rediculous resists and defenses, they're usually a distraction at best. replace some of them with statue-formed character races, so that they really hit like a ton of bricks and can cast some form of spells too
  3338. while it's appropiate that tomb has plenty of traps, it's boring for them all to be standard traps: add in better cliche ones, like shafts that rop you to hatch-connected-only anaconda pits, use the new boulder-beetle-that-dashes-like-a-boulder in corridors, and have some statues suddenly become archer statues when the rune's picked up
  3339. natural form: turns centaurs into horses, merfolk into fish, naga into snakes, kobolds into rodents, draconians into dragons, and demonspawn into demons
  3340. break the new skills system code in half just so that wizmode can ramp up earth to 255 and cast floor-wide shatter over and over again, again
  3341. forget messing around with hexes to make arcane marksmen more interesting, just give them a book with apportation, blink, portal projectile, swiftness, poison weapon, and control teleport
  3342. to make sif more like the anti-trog, sif is pleased when you kill any intelligent monster that doesn't have spells
  3343. A branch where there are no staircases, just hatches
  3344. let the devs offer one free idea implementation to the person who cleans up every outdated reference to trunk or old version presumptions in the learndb
  3345. adding bad_ideas specifically to annoy those who want to see bad_ideas removed
  3346. removing bad_ideas specifically to annoy those who don't want bad_ideas removed
  3347. adding more and more entries in reference to the current state of bad_ideas just to artifically inflate the entry count
  3348. mercenary background
  3349. throwing daggers at sleeping monsters causes ranged stabs!!!
  3350. reading a scroll of vorpalize weapon while weilding a stack of missiles turns them into steel missiles
  3351. elven, orcish, and dwarven dragons
  3352. If you've gotten fifteen runes and escape with the orb, you find out that an infinite ziggurat has built itself ontop of the dungeon and may go on for as long as you like
  3353. make mnoleg a demonic octopode, give him eight different attacks with eight different brands
  3354. the temporary statboost potions are boring! make them potions of temporary halflingness, deep-elvishness, and trolling instead
  3355. in sprint III, roxanne is randomly replaced with a diamond obelisk
  3356. a unique with pointedly high resists and ac who casts borg's whenever low on health: only killable after it casts it enough times you can one-shot it safely
  3357. to make the snake pits more pit like, there are tons of shafts and only hatches upwards, no staircases
  3358. zot defence sprint
  3359. chei is annoyed when you employ allies that are faster then normal speed
  3360. A race that has permanent haste, might and mesmerise
  3361. ever bringing up what "difficulty" means in relation to two differing parts of crawl
  3362. ouroborus unique: always ressurects itself when killed (infinity symbol!), fast but is weak, doesn't leave the level it spawns on, only gives experience once
  3363. mothman unique: fast as bats, teleports away on sight and stalks like a wandering mushroom until you reach 50% health so as to swoop in and hit hard with vampiric attacks
  3364. the learnaean hydra still isn't enough; implement anata, the snake with a thousand heads
  3365. chaos dragons: have chaos branded claws, seething chaos breath, randomly invisibly change resistances like tiamat, provide randart dragon armours when skinned. worshipping xom lets you summon them with summon dragon!
  3366. nerf paralyze at least slightly by preserving all statuses besides paralysis at their duration at the moment of paralysis
  3367. change all sources of paralyze to petrify
  3368. yaktaurs and centaurs are a lot of pressure on the average earlyearly character: introduce easy, earlier ranged packs, with sheeptaurs, which have slings, rattaurs, which have darts, and newttaurs, which just throw stones
  3369. since grey draconians are breathless, let them recite as long as they want!
  3370. level 9 charms: lifesaving; is always on once learned and cannot be forgotten, disappears once used and can never be memorized again
  3371. translocations spell: portal item to/from stash
  3372. level 9 conjurations/transmutations: glowstorm
  3373. level 9 charms/summonings: mass abjuration-immunity
  3374. level 9 transmutations: powered by glow: gives 1 to every stat for each pip of glow, gives innate agility/brilliance/might at yellow glow, always reaches red glow by itself
  3375. level 9 translocations spell: create teleportation trap
  3376. level 8 translocations spell: apport stairs
  3377. demonic snapping turtles in cocytus
  3378. the defining feature of early basic imps is their fast regen: give fast regen to that infamous imp unique, asmodeus
  3379. remove hive, up bee room spawning rate to triple of current rate
  3380. Your body is rather/quite/extremely receptive to outside augmentation and detriment: increases all non-natural stat increases by 1 for each 4/3/2 outside boosts to a stat, increases all outside stat draining by 1, extends duration of both good and bad effects on self
  3381. Felid deaths leave player ghosts in addition to corpses
  3382. abyssal zigs, where each level is an abyss with 10x spawning rate flavoured around a given zig level and each exit out (where the loot is naturally, of course) sends you to the next abyssal zig floor
  3383. tornado effects the path of missiles, making most monster shots miss you and force you to learn how to whip around your own missiles to make them hit the right enemies
  3384. level 9 conjurations spell: bolt of venomous icy firey draining lightning
  3385. level 6 necromancy/poison: ring of miasma
  3386. level ?? charms: absorption: allows you to take in a given weapon/armour's brands/resists/whatever while using any other weapon/armour, very short duration
  3387. Food and cooking god: likes it when you use special cooking invocations with potions (sauces), select chunks and permafood to make delicious perma-food consumed for plenty of long-lasting buffs. Wrath rots all of your cooked food, spams hungry ghosts, and gives the equivalent of fast metabolism 3.
  3388. N78291: guess I'm off to pan with my starting spells + rmsl
  3389. Add a !shoot command that simulates Russian Roulette (without the actual death part, just a kick)
  3390. water on zot:5 with submerging orb guardians
  3391. necromancy spell, horrorshow: smite-animates a corpse with demented spirits who disgustingly twist it into a macabre grotesquery, which casts mass confusion, fear, and paralyze through mutilating itself (doesn't effect mindless, J, G, x/X, hexes are much stronger if corpse is same genus). the fun of animated corpses, without any experience drain!
  3392. wanderer buff: always starts with 1 in every skill
  3393. anti-knowledge brand: makes you randomly forget things when hit
  3394. replace dragon form with mythical form: draconians still become dragons, but demonspawn become demons, octopodes become krakens, and kenku become rocs!
  3395. see {xom_ideas[202]}
  3396. level 12 earth spell: conjure labrynth
  3397. when you're poisoned by a summon, abjuration will also abjure away the poison
  3398. shattering sprint III's crypt
  3399. <jle> We also need vice beasts, clearly, for Hell. <[Hanged_Man]> vice beasts make you jealous <[Hanged_Man]> of other people's chars <ontoclasm1> The Hell Beast yells, "paplaukes's last OpHe had rF+++ by Lair"
  3400. floating hearts wtih their arteries and veins still attached: fast and have corrosive, vampiric, and highly sickness-inducing attacks, but are weak and lose max hp on each action; also, they leave a blood trail. crawl needs more things to keep people up at night!
  3401. to make feature mimics a threat, theme them like ugly things and have them teleport away when low on health: weapon shop mimics summon dancing weapons, armour shop mimics have lots of ac, book shop mimics hurl spells, and food shop mimics eat your food
  3402. potion shop mimics have heal self, might, haste, and berserk; scroll shop mimics have teleport self, silence, vulnerability, and summon small abomination; jewellery shop mimics have random resists/ac/ev/regen boosts; wand shops mimics fire bolts everywhere
  3403. dart of dispersal traps
  3404. every potion quaff-id message starts with "You feel extremely strange."
  3405. firestorm crabs
  3406. Orbs of fire cast hellfire
  3407. level 9 translocations covering the rather odd lack of representation for teleporting others as opposed to one's self: dimensional transference; hit a storm-radius area with special translocation energy clouds, second cast hits another storm area and irresistably randomly dumps those hit in the second cast in the area of the first cast
  3408. give statue form and dragon form rTrample
  3409. charms/transmutations spell that converts polymorph spells into pips of glowtamination, gives random stat boosts with each pip of glow, gives random brilliance/might/agility at yellow glow and all three at red glow, and makes glow last longer
  3410. hellyfish: have irresistable paralyzing melee, because cocytus waters are currently boring aside from bolt of cold interaction
  3411. hatching down to orc:4
  3412. chei ability: keep any spell in reserve as "delayed x"
  3413. asmodeus is too wimpy, swap his bolt of fire for bolt of magma, give him sticky flame on hit, and explode with with inner flames on death
  3414. asmodeus's staff evokes for delayed bolt of sticky inner conjured magmaball
  3415. replace brain feed with divinations miscasts
  3416. level 7 hexes: telekinetic extra pair of hands
  3417. level 9 hexes: make xom act
  3418. +Fog property
  3419. give large rocks to deep troll packs
  3420. summon carrier imp
  3421. you can now throw spears one tile farther
  3422. +1 range on lcs
  3423. all abyss exits are guarded by a weakened malign gateway ontop of them
  3424. < johnnyzero_> maybe if you just blew grinder you wouldn't have to kill him
  3425. traps that make you lose piety, or at greater depths, give you penance
  3426. Use Trog's Burn books-ability to cause a firestorm from a book shop.
  3427. instead of hearing coins counted for on-level temporary portals to bazaars, you get to watch commericals
  3428. unrandart The Ring of Utilty {+Inv +Rage +Blink +Lev}
  3429. unrandart The One Ring {Hunger AC+1 EV+1 Str+1 Dex+1 Int+1 Acc+1 Dam+1 MP+1}
  3430. chei worshippers are trampled backwards slowly
  3431. chei likes sacrificing speed potions and boots of running
  3432. combine staff of channeling, energy, wizardry, and power
  3433. 343 (L1 TrBe) became a worshipper of Cheibriados. (D:1)
  3434. to make mnoleg threatening (the abjuration nerf still doesn't help very much for damage!), replace his smiting with divinations miscasts ("Mnoleg pantomimes from a distance clawing at your brain!")
  3435. mikee
  3436. Spell memorization failure
  3437. megabat unique with 1000 hp, 50 ac/ev, has all resistances, tracks you down when you teleport
  3438. being ontop of the stairs at 15 hp with a chei worshipper in front of a fire storm pan lord and deciding to walk down the stairs
  3439. <tensorpudding> sewer portal mimics have a draining attack
  3440. random lore for randarts
  3441. fireflies are pathetic for spriggans, they aren't even faster then spriggans; let them ride ghost moths
  3442. eyes form: no melee attacks, slow, crappy ev and ac, but paralyze 'a'bility!
  3443. Ash 6* ability: give the randart Curse property to a given piece of equipment/weapon/jewellery
  3444. misc acquirement has its own rune
  3445. (since boots only have one unrand for a given character) fixedart +2 boots of leaping: glowless cBlinks, but only within a range of three squares and requires high evocations
  3446. wanderers start with a potion of mutation, for even more startscumming!
  3447. A demon that turns itself into an iron shot and throws itself at you.
  3448. to make the conjurations/earth spells more distinct, make there be a small chance (increasing with level) of the given arrow/shot/spear still sticking out of the target on hit, causing bleeding and impairing movement speed/evasion/shielding
  3449. coc:7 vault: the hive pond vault IN HELL
  3450. hellbats
  3451. free idea implementation for whoever can explain ranged combat to the devs
  3452. flavour messages for the int loss from malign gateway and summon horrible things includes "somebody tries to explain ranged combat to you"
  3453. hydras get head trauma if they continuously fail to deal damage to heavy armour characters
  3454. <evilmike> give like, metal gargoyles or some similar monster guitars and have them melt your face with wicked guitar riffs
  3455. give spiny frogs the spiny mutation
  3456. give antaeus blink_self_closer and constriction
  3457. to make eresh scarier, replace her minor healing and greater demon with two more paralyzes
  3458. change C to forCe-butcher and change O to Operate door
  3459. level 9 charms: set attack delay to 0
  3460. Allow octopodes to wear ring mail.
  3461. ghosts who were paralyzed are paralyzed in death
  3462. change blade hands to meld any given weapon onto your unarmed, let trolls be awesome with melded weilded large rock claws
  3463. warp missiles; applies warp brand, based on spellpower and damage penetrates (v. hd), disperses (v. mr), and returns (based on those dispersed/penetrated), but leaves a portion proportional to stack size and spellpower useless (overly "warped"). high translocations reasons, quasi-distortion for ranged, and chaotic mass-ranged attack!
  3464. replace scroll of acquirement with bejewelled mini-game. "match three or more weapon tiles to acquire a weapon!"
  3465. unique who leaves around a whole bunch of terrible cursed armour randarts, then teleports in when you wear them
  3466. let ignacio swim through walls
  3467. pair of uniques: invulnerable, perma-reflecting (and doubling damage on anything reflected!), slow green crystal golem, and bolt-bouncing wizard who deactivates the golem upon death
  3468. iron statues in dis: iron shot, lrd, really high ac and resists
  3469. labyrinths say 'welcome to die' on entrance
  3470. <jle> @??dire hellephant
  3471. Prune form - level 1 transmutation that causes carnivorous monsters to turn away in disgust but negates movement.
  3472. < ZRN> they should make paralysis last longer
  3473. food should give randomized nutrition
  3474. improved AI for early monsters: they gather together near all the food
  3475. rename amulet of gourmand to amulet of the mildly obese
  3476. MarvinPA!!
  3477. blade traps of distortion
  3478. A New Jersey branch
  3479. Dungeon Diabetes food reform
  3480. New variants of berserkitis: immolationitis, tormentitis, silencitis, tonsilitis.
  3481. <Elynae> i need to make PHASEBAT some day
  3482. A goblin named Harley riding a (hell)hog and dressed all in leather.
  3483. A pack of unique slime creatures coming in red, yellow, blue, green and pink. They just might be known as the power rangers.
  3484. Demon plate mail
  3485. reading a scroll of amnesia should cause you to un-identify scrolls of amnesia
  3486. 3x MiSt 1x MiSu 1xMiNe as an example of the minotaur race
  3487. Cooking skill! With level 27 title of Farmer - fooplayer the Farming Farmer...
  3488. rC++ grants you immunity to programmers
  3489. New unique: Harry Potter, Human Wizard. Has a robe and a wand of random effects, and a few spells.
  3490. New item "Nerd Glasses" Gives you no AC, but +1 to INT, and the good vision mutation, and makes high intelligence monsters respect you. Anything below high intelligence is stronger though.
  3491. Your character, and monsters, unless they are undead, occasionally have to use the bathroom. It takes 1-3 turns, and leaves behind a new item "Pile of feces" Walking in it will slow you and eating it will cause you to be sick and poisoned. When using the bathroom, you are vulnerable, and cannot cast spells.
  3492. New effect: Constipation. Similar effect to Pain.
  3493. In-game advertisements! Example: Is your name Sigmund? Do you enjoy hoes? Well, you should buy the patented -69 Hoe Of Uselessness! Despite it's name it is actually useful! For...death.