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==Difficulty of Play==
==Difficulty of Play==
Djinni were a moderately difficult species to play.

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Of the same stock as angels or demons, these spirits have been created from smokeless fire by some deranged god. Unlike regular living beings, they draw their sustenance from magic rather than eating or drinking, although for some reason they can still do the latter - probably due to being unintelligently designed by a creator with no knowledge of evolution.

Magic is literally their life, to the point of their health and magical powers' being one force, called "essence". The Djinn can also withstand more magical contamination than most, and slowly recover from its effects.

Being spirits of fire, they obviously suffer no harm from any kind of fire, but the same cannot be said of their equipment. Accordingly, cold and water cause them great harm. Fortunately, levitation allows them to cross bodies of liquid, although without external means to power their flight it takes them much effort to do so.

Djinn make great fire mages (duh). They are competent with air magic, enchantments, magic items, and weapons with long reaches that don't require high dexterity. They are terrible with ice, earth, necromancy and poison.

Innate Abilities

Preferred Backgrounds

Djinn are recommended for the following backgrounds:

Level Bonuses

  • +1 to a random stat every 4th level.
  • Djinn have EP instead of HP and MP, but their EP is just the combined total of their HP and MP. Their HP and MP modifiers are as follows:
    • 10% less HP than average.
    • Average MP.
  • +3 magic resistance per level.

Starting Skills and Equipment

Djinn receive the skills and equipment listed for their background.

Difficulty of Play

Djinni were a moderately difficult species to play.

Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting -1 Armour 1 Spellcasting 1
Short Blades -2 Dodging -1 Conjurations 1
Long Blades 0 Stealth -1 Hexes 2
Axes -1 Shields 0 Charms 0
Maces & Flails 0 Summonings 0
Polearms 0 Necromancy -2
Staves 0 Translocations 0
Unarmed Combat -1 Transmutation 0
Fire Magic 3
Throwing -1 Ice Magic -3 Invocations 1
Slings -1 Air Magic 2 Evocations 2
Bows -1 Earth Magic -3
Crossbows 0 Poison Magic -1 Experience -1


  • Djinn are immune to fire, so you can do things like cast Fireball or Inner Flame in melee range or Conjure Flame behind yourself then flee through it.
    • You might be immune to fire, but your scrolls aren't. Just be careful if you haven't found conservation yet.
  • The lack of a food clock means you can afford to hang around for long periods to get your essence back to full, though followers of especially bloodthirsty gods like Trog or Okawaru will probably want to keep the resting to a minimum.
  • Djinn have to worry about a slightly different set of monsters than other characters. Sources of fire damage, be it a wand-bearing goblin or an orb of fire, are largely negligible, but an ice beast or merfolk aquamancer can spell sudden doom.
  • Playing a spellcasting Djinn means you're essentially slowly killing yourself every time you enter combat, especially once you start casting higher-level spells. While it might not matter how much essence you have left if everything else is dead, keep in mind that Crawl is a game where discretion is very often the better part of valor.
    • Djinn have more reason than most spellcasters to branch out into a hybrid playstyle. You might take more damage from enemies, but their attacks can be resisted or dodged.
    • Djinn have a decent Evocations aptitude; don't be afraid to put a few levels in it to make better use of the various wands or rods you find lying around. Sure, it's less effective than casting the spells yourself, but at least zapping a wand doesn't (usually) hurt you.


Djinn were considered for inclusion in both 0.13 and 0.14, but were ultimately cut before being included in any stable release.