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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Your character will be given a skill title based on their current skill set. To determine the title, a character's skills are placed into five tiers: Lvl 1-7, 8-14, 15-20, 21-26, and 27. Your character's title is determined by their highest skill -- any time a different skill surpasses your current highest skill, your title will change to reflect it. Your title will also change when your current highest skill reaches a new tier. The first skill to reach level 27 will determine your character's final title.

Skill Level 1-7 Level 8-14 Level 15-20 Level 21-26 Level 27
Fighting Skirmisher Fighter Warrior Slayer Conqueror
Long Blades Slasher Carver Fencer Foo Blade Swordmaster
Short Blades Cutter Slicer Swashbuckler Cutthroat Politician
Axes Chopper Cleaver Severer Executioner Axe Maniac
Maces & Flails Cudgeler Basher Bludgeoner Shatterer Skullcrusher
Polearms Poker Spear-Bearer Impaler Phalangite Foo Porcupine
Staves Twirler Cruncher Stickfighter Pulveriser Chief of Staff
Unarmed Combat* Insei/Ruffian Martial Artist/Grappler Black Belt/Brawler Sensei/Wrestler Grand Master/Fooweight** Champion
Bows Shooter Archer Marksfoo Crack Shot Merry Foo
Crossbows Bolt Thrower Quickloader Sharpshooter Sniper Foo Arbalest
Throwing Chucker Thrower Deadly Accurate Hawkeye Foo Ballista
Slings Vandal Slinger Whirler Slingshot Foo Catapult
Armour Covered Protected Tortoise Impregnable Invulnerable
Dodging Ducker Nimble Spry Acrobat Intangible
Shields Shield-Bearer Blocker Peltast Hoplite Foo Barricade
Spellcasting Magician Thaumaturge Eclecticist Sorcerer Archmage
Conjurations Conjurer Destroyer Devastator Ruinous Annihilator
Hexes Vexing Jinx Bewitcher Maledictor Spellbinder
Charms Charmwright Infuser Anointer Gracecrafter Miracle Worker
Summonings Caller Summoner Convoker Demonologist/Worldbinder Hellbinder/Planerender*****
Necromancy Grave Robber Reanimator Necromancer Thanatomancer Foo of Death
Translocations Grasshopper Placeless Foo Blinker Portalist Plane Walker***
Transmutation Changer Transmogrifier Alchemist Malleable Shapeless Foo
Fire Magic Firebug Arsonist Scorcher Pyromancer Infernalist
Ice Magic Chiller Frost Mage Gelid Cryomancer Englaciator
Air Magic Gusty Zephyrmancer Stormcaller Cloud Mage Meteorologist
Earth Magic Digger Geomancer Earth Mage Metallomancer Petrodigitator
Poison Magic Stinger Tainter Polluter Contaminator Envenomancer
Invocations**** Unbeliever Agnostic Dissident Heretic Apostate
Evocations Charlatan Prestidigitator Fetichist Evocator Talismancer
Stealth Sneak Covert Unseen Imperceptible Ninja

* Title determined by whether your STR or DEX is higher.

**Determined by (upper) body size: Fly (Spriggans and Felids), Feather (Halfling, Kobold and Tengu, despite being middle-sized), Middle (Humans and everyone else not included in other categories), Cruiser (species with torso smaller than lower body, ie. Nagas and Centaurs) and Heavy (Ogres and Trolls).

***Octopode: Plane Wriggler; Tengu: Plane Glider; Naga: Plane Slider; Vine Stalker: Plane Stalker

**** The invocations titles above will be used if the character is currently following no god. A skilled invocations-user will otherwise use the title assigned by their god and piety level, such as "Missionary" for 3-star Beogh. A table for this can be found below.

***** Title determined by whether you worship a good or an evil god.

Invocations Titles

Titles for the invocations skill depend on piety level and god being worshipped. Gods which don't require training invocations still have titles based on them, although will mostly only be encountered when playing as a gnoll.

God ...... *..... **.... ***... ****.. *****. ******
Ashenzari Cursed Initiated Soothsayer Seer Oracle Illuminatus Omniscient
Beogh Messenger Proselytiser Priest Missionary Evangelist Apostle Messiah
Cheibriados Sluggish Foo Deliberate Unhurried Contemplative Epochal Timeless Fooish Aeon
Dithmenos Gloomy Darkened Extinguished Caliginous Umbral Hand of Shadow Eternal Night
Elyvilon Practitioner Comforter Caregiver Mender Pacifist Purifying Foo Bringer of Life
Fedhas Fungal Green Foo Cultivator Fruitful Photosynthesist Green Death Force of Nature
Hepliaklqana Hazy Fooish Child Storyteller Brooding Anamnesiscian Grand Scion Unforgettable
Jiyva Squelcher Ooze Jelly Slime Creature Dissolving Foo Blob Royal Jelly
Kikubaaqudgha* Purveyor of Pain Scholar of Death Merchant of Death Artisan of Death Dealer of Despair Black Sun Lord of Darkness
Lugonu Abyss-Baptised Unweaver Distorting Foo Agent of Entropy Schismatic Envoy of Void Corrupter of Planes
Makhleb Spawn of Chaos Disciple of Destruction Fanfare of Bloodshed Fiendish Demolition Foo Pandemonic Champion of Chaos
Nemelex Xobeh Pannier Jester Fortune-Teller Soothsayer Magus Cardsharp Hand of Fortune
Okawaru Struggler Combatant Warrior Knight Warmonger Commander Victor of a Thousand Battles
Qazlal Fooish Mishap Lightning Rod Fooish Disaster Eye of the Storm Fooish Catastrophe Fooish Cataclysm End of an Era
Ru Questioner Initiator Seeker of Truth Walker of the Path Lifter of the Veil Transcendent Drop of Water
Sif Muna Disciple Student Adept Scribe Scholar Sage Genius of the Arcane
Trog Troglodyte Angry Troglodyte Frenzied Foo of Prey Rampant Wild Foo Bane of Scribes
Vehumet Sorcerer's Apprentice Scholar of Destruction Caster of Ruination Traumaturge Battlemage Warlock Luminary of Lethal Lore
Wu Jian Young Dog Young Crane Young Tiger Young Dragon Red Sash Golden Sash Sifu
Yredelemnul Tainted Torchbearer Fey Foo Black Crusader Sculptor of Flesh Harbinger of Death Grim Reaper
Zin Anchorite Apologist Pious Devout Orthodox Immaculate Bringer of Law
the Shining One Acolyte Righteous Unflinching Holy Warrior Exorcist Demon Slayer Bringer of Light

Since Gozag has no piety system, the invocations titles work off amount of gold:

God 0-99 gold 100-499 gold 500-999 gold 1000-4999 gold 5000-9999 gold 10000-49999 gold 50000+ gold
Gozag Pauper Entrepreneur Capitalist Rich Opulent Tycoon Plutocrat

Since Uskayaw has a different piety gain system, the invocations titles work off invocations skill:

God Level 0-7 Level 8-14 Level 15-20 Level 21-26 Level 27
Uskayaw Wallflower Party-goer Dancer Rapturous Rhythm of Life and Death

Xom: Toy, irrespective of piety or interest.

*For Kikubaaqudgha, having Necromancy as the highest skill will also result in these titles.

Custom Titles

Certain species/skill combinations result in custom titles:

  • Spriggan + 27 Necromancy = "La Petite Mort"
  • Any Elf + 27 Bows = "Master Archer"
  • Any Elf + 27 Short Blades = "Blademaster"
  • Ogre + Any level of Spellcasting = "Ogre Mage"
  • Felids + Unarmed Combat = "Scratcher", "Gouger", "Ripper", "Eviscerator", "Sabretooth"
  • Demonspawn + 27 Invocations + Evil god = "Blood Saint"