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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.11 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on Oct. 1st, 2012.


Branches, environment

  • New wizlab: Roulette of Golubria.
  • A metric buttload of new vaults, including several new branch endings and a full-level vault for deeper parts of the main dungeon.
  • A new Sprint map by st, based on the Ziggurat.
  • Vaults are more common.
  • There are three new level layouts for the dungeon and various branches.
  • You don't lose portal vaults after being banished from one.
  • Escaping the Abyss places you where you came from, but grants short-term immunity to most forms of banishment.
  • Pandemonium: slightly fewer exits to the dungeon are placed, but there are many more exits through the abyss (which will return you to the Dungeon).
  • The Elven Halls are only three levels deep.
  • Branch difficulty doesn't depend on where their entrance was anymore.
  • Traps of a given type deal the same damage no matter where they are.
  • Axe traps got axed.
  • Wax walls are no more.
  • There are no more randomly generated secret doors, but they can still be found in vaults.
  • The Swamp has an improved layout, with smaller and more compact levels, and more trees. It is also less misty than before.
  • Swamp trees are now mangroves, and are opaque.
  • Spider Nest: replaces the old spider portal vault, contains the gossamer rune of Zot.
  • Games will have one of the Spider Nest or Snake Pit, and one of the Swamp or Shoals, guaranteeing one poison themed branch and one water themed one.





  • Artefacts can get distortion.
  • Blowguns can get evasion.
  • Wearing/removing armour can be aborted.
  • Fixed artefacts with fixed appearance start identified.
  • Weapons may corrode upon stabbing a jelly.
  • Ambrosia gives more mp, but only as you digest it.
  • Raw troll hides grant regeneration.
  • Jewelry auto-ids when it shows an obvious effect.
  • Ankuses, scrolls of detect curse, amulets of controlled flight, and rods of smiting are no more.
  • Rods of striking are better.
  • Staves of energy reduce spell hunger to 1/3 instead of eliminating it.
  • Missile enchantments are no more, greatly simplifying inventory management.
    • Formulas have been changed to compensate, with skill filling the role of missile enchantments.
  • All missile brands start visible.
  • Visored helmets don't prevent bite attacks.
  • Identifying weapons by use works instantly but requires a random (per item) level of skill.
  • Unbranded items can't be glowing/runed unless they're cursed.
  • New item: Lightning rod. Has a continuous effect across multiple zaps, and allows you to spray wide cones of electricity at your enemies.
  • Randart weapons have a wider selection of names.
  • Acquirement will not provide you with items your god hates.


  • Trowel works everywhere.
  • Sage won't time out or be overwritten on a new draw.
  • Removed: Spade.
  • Map and Dowsing have been combined into one.
  • Walls from the Tomb expire after a while.
  • New: the Mercenary. Allows you to purchase allies.
  • Warpwright teleport traps expire shortly.


  • Trog accepts kills of holies.
  • Abandoning Kikubaaqudgha rots all currently existing corpses.
  • Kikubaaqudgha no longer guarantees getting all necromancy spells: instead, he gifts books with a random selection of spells.
  • Banishing monsters grants some XP and Lugonu piety.
  • New Xom effect: mass inner flame.
  • Nemelex gives far fewer decks of summoning.
  • Nemelex loses the Mark Four ability, gains Deal Four.
  • Nemelex doesn't try to enforce "genuine" use of cards -- was too inaccurate.
  • Xom can't gift permanent allies anymore.
  • Xom grants far fewer item gifts.
  • Xom acts drastically more often when you're in a tough fight.
  • Elyvilon doesn't take piety when life-saving allies.
  • Non-newbie Elyvilonites can't destroy non-unholy weapons.
  • Fedhas' Sunlight stays in place.
  • Okawaru gives almost no heed to kills and sacrifices of easy monsters, rewards toughest fights more.
  • Concurrent god wraths don't dilute each other anymore.


  • Stash tracking, annotations, etc, work for portal levels.
  • Mutation notes mention how it was gained or lost.
  • Removed options: pizza, ood_interesting, rare_interesting, note_all_spells.
  • New options: auto_drop_chunks, autofight_throw, dump_kill_breakdowns, show_travel_trail, sacrifice_before_explore.
  • Webtiles chat is now logged (can be disabled via note_chat_messages).
  • The show_gold_turns and show_game_turns options are now enabled by default: you will see how much gold you have, and how much time your actions take.
  • Fake translations: dwarven, jägerkin, kraut, wide.
  • Loads of new tiles.
  • The unique Pan/Hell lords get special tall tiles.
  • An in-game high scores browser.
  • Picking up stackable items shows how many you picked up.
  • Every item, monster, feature has a description.
  • Many descriptions were improved.
  • Autoexplore stops on items sacrificeable to your god.
  • Rods appear as a separate item class.
  • Autopickup settings can now be configured in-game, via the '\' key.
  • Several improvements have been made to the tutorial.
  • Lantern of shadows no longer makes the whole screen dark grey in console mode.
  • Targetting prompts have been massively improved. Almost all area of effect spells are now supported, and bounce paths (e.g. from lightning bolt) are displayed.
  • Some added or improved status indicators.
  • Message filters are case-insensitive.
  • Webtiles has experimental support for watching console games on servers running both webtiles and dgamelaunch.
  • Local tiles now has an abilities tab.


  • &^P to polymorph into a form.
  • &P to rebuild a level based on a vault.
  • &^M to memorise a spell.
  • &# to (partially) load a character dump file.


  • Local tiles can display non-ASCII characters, in default builds only Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.