Beef Jerky's Simple 3 Rune Minotaur Berserker Guide for Beginners

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The following article is a character guide. This article contains advice from other players, which may be subjective, outdated, inaccurate or ill-advised. Read at your own risk and alter to fit your play style as necessary!
Version 0.14: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

I just recently finished my first 3 rune clear with help of this wiki, but I also felt that there wasn't really a guide for complete noobies like me in the character guides. So this guide will basically introduce a Simple straight-foward MiBe for peope who have just started Dungeon crawl.

Why Minotaur Berserker?

Minotaur is probably the best race for beginners who have just started playing dungeon crawl. Other races like trolls and Hill orcs are also a good options but I think Minotaurs are much more flexible as they excel at using most weapon types except for short blades. Also, being able to eat rotten meat is awesome, but if you are just going for the three rune clear, you will probably get enough bread rations and meat rations by the time you finish lair. Even though they are crap at doing anything magic related, this won't matter to you as your class will be a berserker. So basically, minotaur has little better weapon aptitudes than hill orcs and don't have to worry about starving to death in the late game or have trouble looking for armour like trolls, making them perfect race for the beginners going for 3 rune clear.

In my opinion, berserker class is generally a better choice than fighter and other similar classes. Fighters do start with better equipments and a shield, but most times, you will manage to find something like chain mail and plate armour fast enough so starting with piece of animal skin and a weapon doesn't matter that much. In addition to that, you already begin with a god and an berserk ability that will pretty much get you through early games as long as you don't do something really stupid. Also, worshiping Okawaru is such pain in the ass when he gives you negatively enchanted gifts and berserk and Brother in arms is way better than hero and finesse. Makhleb I don't recommend because I got killed by demon I summoned. I'd still like to mention that Okawaru and Makhleb is a solid god for three rune clear because Okawaru will end up giving you piece of end game equipment at some point and gives you weaker version of berserk which you can almost spam without too umch piety risks and almost good as berserk ability later on and Makhleb gives you ranged attack, heal on kill and summon bro function (which sometimes go horribily wrong). With that being said, Trog does not require invocations training, you don't have to worry about finding altar and he definitely gives you some kind of weapon that will get you through mid game and probably will give you that end game weapon that you need for 3 rune clear. So if you get used to crawl quite a bit and got bored playing berserker all the time, feel free to start as gladiator or fighter to worship Okawaru or Makhleb.

Useful controls and commands for beginners

Its a frustrating job to navigate through wall of text when you press ?? on the game screen so I'm going to introduce some useful commands so you don't have to spend hours looking for basic controls

o: pressing this will make you explore till you come across an enemy or items

tab: pressing this will make you kill things that you can kill. (DO NOT USE IT AGAINST STRONG ENEMIES)

5: pressing this will make you wait, so you will heal up. (DO NOT SPAM THIS as you will still wait if there is invisible monsters nearby and it makes you hungry too)

m: this opens up skill training menu

%: shows stats and resistances you have

A: shows mutations you have

,: makes you pick up things you want to pick up

r: reads things like scrolls or books

q: I don't know what quaff means but it makes you drink potions

p: makes you pray to whatever god you worship and offers sacrifice if you are worshiping gods that accept sacrifice (so doing this on a corpse will make you get weapons faster when you are worshiping trog)

c:chops up monsters so you can eat them (You cant eat poisonous meat if you don't have poison resistance though. Eat them whenever you are hungry instead of eating valuable rations or other food)

d: makes you drop things that you don't want. Pressing ctrl+d will ask you quantity of things you want to drop instead of dropping the whole thing

a: makes you use ability. pressing a? will describe abilites you have ( you will be pressing aa a lot )

z: makes you cast spells (you won't have any though)

\: you can choose items you don't want to pick up

>: makes you go down stairs

<: makes you go up stairs

This is probably all the commands you really need to know to explore dungeon fast and efficiently

Useful things to know

To start with,I would like to point out that you are capable of moving diagonally. Keys for doing this is extremely confusing but you will get used to it after dying few times by moving to wrong directions. (Probably a good idea to use mouse for diagonal movements) OR looks like you can use numbpads. Use them
Regarding to stairs, anything except for undead and player ghosts will follow you up or downstairs if they are next to you when you are going up or downstairs. This can be used to pick off enemies so you don't have fight a whole horde.
Normally, You want to fight in a narrow hallway so you only have to grind one enemy at a time. However, since this game lets you attack diagonally, remember that there are times 2 or 3 enemies can hit you at the same time.
Chop up monsters eat them whenever you are hungry. Especially if you have gourmand. Don't worry about contaminated meat because it doesn't do anything negative accept for giving you less nutrition. Don't eat bread ration or meat ration unless you are starving.

Oh yeah, to attack, you just gotta move towards the thing that you want to attack.

Starting off

1.Choose minotaur berserker

2.Choose Mace as your starting weapon

weapon choices

Reason I choose mace as my starting weapon is because the end game weapon you will be using is either demon whip or eveningstar and both of them don't need too much skill training. This means that you have room to change your main weapon to a good lajatang or something when you find a good artefect during mid game.

Skill training

You won't be training too much skills as you won't be learning any spells You will be maxing out


You will only put certain number of points in

Maces and flails (12 if you are using demon whip and 16 and more later if you are using Eveningstar)
Shields (20)

Or if your main weapon is staves

Staves (14)

And don't be afraid to put in few points on evocations or ranged weapons later on. (I put mine in evocations when I ran out of skills because I couldn't be bothered to use ranged weapons and you always end up with plenty of attack wands during early-mid game where you actually need ranged attack)

Remember that you don't have to invest points in staves if you aren't going to use one and vice versa for mace and shields.

Stat points

If you desperately want to use eveningstar, put all the points in strength. Otherwise, put all the points to dexterity so your evasion increases. ( Your strength will be little but higher or equal to dex in the end)

TrogTrog altar.png

This is the god you will worship for the rest of the game unless you've gone nuts and accidentally abandon him for Okawaru. I will briefly explain what his abilities do as they are pretty straight foward.

Burn spellbooks: Burns a spellbook and your piety rises. you can use it as landmines but most times you don't really need to.
Berserk: Reason why you worship Trog. Turns you into Chuck norris for few turns, lasts a bit longer when you kill something. Use it when you see something dangerous or your health is under half way and you really wanna do a death match with something. DO NOT USE if you are lethally poisoned or you gotta run away from something
Hand of Trog: Gives you some MR and heals you over time. I don't really use this as much as berserk but still pretty useful. Mainly stops Sigmund or Grinder from giving you those nasty disabled effects or saves you from dying from poison.
Brother in arms: Summons you a berserked bro who will pretty much kill everything. Probably use this when your piety level is ***** unless you really need it. Spam it about 3 times if you are in really really big fights than go berserk yourself or just use it once when you are fighting a horde of things that could kill you in the open. NOTE that it uses big chunk of piety and you shouldn't really use it unless you are dying or you are about to fight the battle of your life. Also note that they have pretty hefty health if the summoned bro isn't iron troll or stone giant so only use them as meatshields if you are desperate.

Also trog gives you weapons when you kill and sacrifice bunch of things. He will probably give you something useless like ranged weapons that you don't really need or weapons that you aren't training but I guarantee you that he will give you your endgame weapon at some point.

Early game phase

So as you start the game, press m. Turn everything off except for Maces & Flails. Spam tab and o and clear out the first few floors of dungeon. Yeah, most times you will do something stupid and die to something that you shouldn't have tab spammed but you wouldn't really have anything good anyways. Do not drink any potions till you find potion of mutation using identify scroll. Do not equip any rings or amulets before identifying them. Also, look for any type of metallic armour that happens to be lying around and put them on. Steal some whips off kobolds and carry few of them just in case your mace gets corroded. Look for flails and other dnagerous looking maces. If you happen to bump into Crazy Yiuf. You might get end game cloak and get quaterstaff of chaos. You can consider changing your main weapon to staves than. Don't bother identifying enchanted armour or weapons if you happen to find one in early games. If they are really badly cursed, just press cntrl Q and restart the game unless you have whole bunch of scrolls of remove curse. NOTE that some of the branded looking weapons that normal monsters are carrying are badly cursed ones. If you happen to have more than 5 scrolls or identify or scrolls of remove curse, don't be afraid to use them. However, things like pikel and crazy yiuf will always give you non cursed branded weapons Having said that, If you happen to find something like ring of poison resistance or some good piece of equipments in the first few floors, try to be little more careful when you are spamming tab and o. At some point, your maces and flail will be around 11 so try not to put more than you need by turning on other skills you gotta train. (I generally stop at 12 because eveningstar is much more harder to find than demon whips)

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough

Stop spamming tab key if you come across
orc priestOrc priest.png: These green bastards use smite, which can hurt you like hell. They can cast this on you as long as you are in their line of sight. Even worse, they hide behind bunch of orcs so you cant reach them. Best thing to do is get out of their sight, and lure them to melee but if you cant do this, use berserk and beat the hell out of his green togas but make sure your berserk dont run out before you kill all of em
orc wizardOrc wizard.png: Not as bad as green togas but these purple porks turn invisible and cast confusion on you, which can probably kill you if there is a priest to snipe you with those smites. If you are so annoyed by invis, narrow pass + berserk will prob easily kill them. Also, potion of curing cures confusion (took me about 50 trys till I found that out)
orc warriorOrc warrior.png: If you see him, don't ask. Just use berserk and kill him. If you are exhausted, run. He is pretty much a strong orc. That's pretty much it. If you are lucky, he will give you very early plate mail.
gnollGnoll (monster).png: For some reason, they carry lots of branded polearms and spears which hurts quite a lot in the early game. if your life is under half, consider running away if you are far away from them or just use berserk and do death match if you cant run. If you've been tab spamming and have like 5-6 life, you are probably dead even if you use berserk.
jellyJelly.png: Not really something that could kill you directly, but it corrodes your equipment. And as you Tab spam, you will end up with mace with -3 attack and good things like that. Thats why I told you to carry bunch of whips and flails you loot from kobolds and gnolls. True story, my gargoyle starved to death when I tab spammed against Queen ant with negatively enchanted mace.
SigmundSigmund.png: Your worst nightmare in the early games. Basically a stronger version of orc wizard but that probably isn't enough to describe this ugly santa. He confuses you, turns invisible and hurts you like hell with his spells and scythe. you will probably die 50% times if you see him. Other times, you might be able to run away or beat the crap out of him with berserk. If you are going to kill him, use hand of trog so he cant confuse you than berserk so you can send him back to north pole even if he is invisible. After killing him, half of your early game threat is pretty much gone.
GrinderGrinder.png: Not as bad as Sigmund but still have quite high chance of killing you. He uses paralyze and teleports so be careful when you deathmatch him using berserk. Most times, you don't even need berserk to kill him but If you meet him very early on, you probably wanna be little more careful.
Prince RibbitPrince Ribbit.png: Pretty much a blink frog. Except you have chance of seeing him pretty early. Could be really annoying cause he might blink at the same time you activated your berserk. You probably need some luck to kill him if you encounter him in early dungeons.

Other than that, things wielding good wands might kill you but normally, berserk will save your ass most of the times. Player ghosts, you probably can easily kill them with your berserk

Early game summary

Spam Tab and O until you find something good (plate armour, Shield, good weapon, ring of poison resistance)
Don't spam Tab on hard enemies
Don't be afraid to use berserk any time but make sure you are not very hungry or exhausted so you CAN actually use berserk
Check your weapons frequently so you don't have badly corroded weapon. Probably stick with branded weapon or flail at least. Whips are pretty crap (unless it has electric brand).

Mid game Phase

You probably tab spammed your way infront of the entrance of Lair entry.png lair or Orc entry.png orcish mines by now. This will be around dungeon7-11. You should have at least chain mail as your armour and maybe found a shield and good branded weapon in your hands. Go straight into the lair, or you may with to finish level 1 and 2 of orcish mines hoping to find a shop that might sell an end game Armour. Inside the Lair, you can probably spam tab on most of the things but those komodo dragons give you sickness that prevents you from healing. So make sure you explore with full health at all times by spamming 5 after a good fight. You will probably find enough food in here to last you throughout the game and probably it won't be too hard clearing out the lair. You might bump into few branches like Spider's Nest and Swamp, but don't enter it just yet. Go all the way down to Lair8 and you will probably find something useful. If you have good enough fire resistance or cold resistance Probably good idea to enter ice cave or volcano as they will definitely give you piece of Armour that has according resistance. (Especially Fire resistance for the end game) After clearing out Lair, Finish Orc mines. DO NOT even bother going into elven halls though.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Lair entry.png

Spiny frogCane toad.png: Especially if you don't have good piece of Armour and poison resistance. They just pack helluva damage and poison hurts like hell.

Blink frogBlink frog.png: They always come in hordes and blink away from you as you cast Berserk. If you are wearing something like plate mail and have good weapon to kill them fast enough, they will be easy to kill. If you have poor equipments, probably summon a bro and fight ins a narrow hallway.

Death yakDeath yak.png: Chuck Norris of all the Yaks. Find a narrow hallway (or make one with wand of digging or disintegration) berserk, and beat the crap out of them. To be honest, they are only scary when you accidentally tab spammed into horde of them or you got turned into stone by catoblepas.

Dire elephantDire elephant.png: Basically a Death Yak version of an Elephant. Do the same thing you do with Death yaks but bear in mind that they can knock you back.

Electric eel Electric eel.png: They shoot electricity at you. Hurts like hell if you don't have relec. Either move out of their sight or do deathmatch with them. Don't chicken out though because you will probably end up dying anyways if you do.

basiliskBasilisk.png: Turns you into stone. Very dangerous if you turn into stone while being gored by Death yaks and other things. Fight in hallway to prevent this from happening

Catoblepas Catoblepas.png: Probably the 2nd worst thing to see in the lair. I think it only appears on L8. It shoots random dust that turns you into stone after 2 turns if you stand in it. Move out of it. However, if you are standing in a narrow passage, you are pretty much stuffed. Alternatively, use scroll of blink or teleportation before its too late. Some horrible things like this could happen. You've gone berserk to kill hydra -> you turn into stone because of dust-> Berserk runs out -> Hydra kills you.

Brain worm Brain worm.png: Normally, wouldnt be too much of a problem for you but sometimes ther are whole bunch of them and turn you brainless. You forget to breath and die. To prevent this, potion of restore abilities or ring of sustain abilities.

Hydra Hydra.png: If you are using mace, wouldn't be too dangerous. Still use berserk though. If you are using anything bladed(Lajatang is bladed too) without fire brand, their number of heads will grow and it will make you feel like you are fighting 10 enemies at a time. If you happen to lack a fire brand and have bladed weapon, use Summon a Bro (and hope you don't get a troll cause they increase number of heads too) and go berserk and kill him before he kills you. Probably one of the most dangerous things in the Lair.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Orc entry.png

Orc sorcerer Orc sorcerer.png: Summons annoying demons like neqoxec. Kill him before demons hurt you

Orc high priestOrc high priest.png: Smites you, summons demons and there are whole bunch of them in orc 4. If you have lots of health, summon bunch of bros and berserk and focus him down. If your health is low, just use blink scroll or something, run away to orc 3, heal up and fight him again.

Orc warlordOrc warlord.png: Strongest orc of all except for Roka. Just make sure you don't have too much on your plate and use berserk and summon bro to kill him.

Saint Roka Saint Roka.png: I doubt you will see him in the orcish mines at all but if you do see him, make sure you are not fighting unending tsunami of orcs at the same time. use stair fishing to take few orcs at a time. When you clear most of the orcs, use the same way to kill orc warlord.

Mid game summary

Still tab and o spam but when you see something that looks dangerous, right click on them and if you see they are extremely dangerous, use berserk or bro summon
You might end up being sent to abyss. 90% of the time, its game over but if you are lucky, you might get out if you run towards one direction and find exit.
Be really careful when exploring orc 4

Mid game Branches

Your way to first 2 runes

Now that you've cleared out lair and orcish mines and explored up to D15. You probably discovered vault on the way but you can't enter it because you don't have any runes. Than, it is time for you to finish one of the branches in the lair. I wish you got something easy like spiders nest and swamp. Shoals and snakes pit is HARD.

The Swamp Swamp entry.png

Probably the easiest branch for you as long as you have poison resistance and relec (see invisible is good to have too). Make sure you don't fight in the water too much and summon bros when you have too much things trying to kill you. There aren't too many narrow hallways to fight monsters but generally, things in here aren't too strong to kill you except for few uniques and one helluva bastard named vapor. There are 5 levels of swamp and you will find your first (or second) rune on the 5th level which is probably full of swamp dragons and other good stuff like that.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Swamp entry.png

Alligator Alligator.png They are probably faster than you most of the time and pack helluva punch. Don't fight them in water

Vapour Vapour.png: I'm so glad they are getting rid of him in 0.15. Invisible,shoots electricity. Biggest pain in the swamps. HAVE RELEC

Thorn lotus Thorn lotus.png: I'm not too sure what they shoot at you but it hurts like hell. + they run away from you into deep water so you can't kill them. Use a wand of fireball or something.

Thorn hunterThorn hunter.png: Similar to their plant cousin but this one doesn't run away. Still packs a punch though.

Swamp dragon Swamp dragon.png: Reason why you need poison resistance in the swamp. They pack a punch and can knock you back so you probably wanna use summon bros and berserk if you see more than 1 of them.

The Lernaean hydra The Lernaean hydra.png: You unlucky bastard. Run if you hear tree breakingx27. Unless you are wearing something like crystal plate armour or something, you probably have to summon 2-3 bros and do berserk death match with him. If there are other things like swamp dragons though, forget what I said and run. You probably can't kill him unless you are 1v1 with him and have really high AC.

Swamp summary

Fight on dry lands as much as possible
Don't fight more than 2 hydras or swamp dragons at same time
Use stair fishing as much as possible
Kill vapours Kill them all
Have poison resistance and relec

The Shoals Shoals entry.png

I hate this place. I hate this place so much and I died here so many times. Make sure you have high AC and MR above ++++ along with cold resistance and if you have perma fly, you probably can finish this place as your first rune branch. Pretty much everything in here is able to kill you quite easily if you cant fly and there are mermaids which mesmerizes you and drags you into the water. I'd recommend clearing out shoals after you get your first rune and clear few levels of depth or vaults. Like the Swamp, rune is located in 5th level and be really careful when you explore shoals. DO NOT TAB SPAM in here unless you are strong enough to survive vaults. Also, if you happen to have potion of invisibility, things are going to be a bit easier so don't be afraid to use it all in here.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Shoals entry.png

Mermaid Mermaid.png: Mesmerizes you and drag you into deep water. During all that, there will be merfolks poking you with tridents and cyclopses and manticores throwing rocks and barbs at you. Just kill her fast. You can just laugh at her if you do happen to have high MR though.

Siren Merfolk siren.png: Pretty much does what mermaid does but also summons things. Deal her like you deal with mermaids though.

ManticoreManticore.png: Throws barbs at you. Barbs hurt you when you move. You die. I didn't know you could prevent barbs from hurting you by not moving as most of the things in shoals have reaching attack. However, being a melee, you gotta move to kill things. Hide behind the walls so he can't shoot barbs at you than melee him to death.

Alligator snapping turtleAlligator snapping turtle.png: Packs helluva damage with really bulky amount of health. Make sure you use berserk to kill him and make sure you won't have to deal with other monsters when you are killing him. He moves really slowly so you can kite him too.

SatyrSatyr.png: One of the reasons that makes me recommend shield. probably an inferior version of yaktaur and hurts you because they normally attack you from places you cant reach them. Fight him like you fight centaur.

IlsuiwIlsuiw.png: Sees invisible and throws icicles at you. Thats why you would need a cold resistance. Will be easier if you have High MR, Shield and Cold res. Otherwise don't go into shoals 5 because there is a very good chance of bumping into her and horde of merfolks ready to poke you to death.

Shoals summary

Don't go in here without High AC, High MR and Cold resistance
try to hide in some of the small rooms and fight as less number of merfolks possible
Be extra careful
Don't spam tab
Don't move if you have barbs
Use invisibility as much as you can but remember that Ilusiw can see you

Spider's NestSpider entry.png

Probably as easy as Swamps but make sure you have Poison resistance and See invisible. There are only few things to watch out for and you probably won't have too much problem clearing this place out. This doesn't mean you won't die here though. Watch out for Orb spiders.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Spider entry.png

Tarantella Tarantella.png: They confuse you. Combined with orb of destruction or ghost moth, they will probably kill you if you don't have potion of curing

Orb spiderOrb spider.png:Annoying as hell spiders that shoots Orb of destruction at you. They are fast and they try to run away from you. You probably wanna tab spam them as long as there are no other spiders trying to kill you. Otherwise, use scroll of fear or invisibility so you can 1v1 them. Orb of destruction hurts like hell.

Ghost mothGhost moth.png: They are invisible and drain mana. Draining mana isn't a problem for you at all but being invisible and packing helluva bite is a big problem for you.

Spiders nest summary

Have Rpoison and see invis
Watch out for orb spiders
Have enough potion of curing to heal confusion

Snake PitSnake entry.png This place is as bad as Shoals but luckily, nagas are slow and there are many narrow hallways to fight them one by one. However, You need lots of resistances like poison, fire, magic and electricity along with AC because nagas are so strong. You will also need few blink scrolls and teleport scrolls in case they are carrying distortion arrows. Also, having scrolls of immolation will immensely help out clearing the last level.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Snake entry.png

Basically, fighting with any non green nagas in a open is dangerous. Treat them like you are fighting a strong melee enemy and make sure

Naga mageNaga mage.png: Teleports other things or you. If you get teleported, there is good chance of you being teleported to group of nagas in the last levels. This is why you need high MR or have blink scroll in handy

Naga sharpshooterNaga sharpshooter.png:Basically a naga that shoots arrows at you. AND arrows hurt. wouldn't be a problem if you are fighting in a hallway but in the open, ARROWS HURT LIKE HELL.

Greater naga Greater naga.png:Treat him like orc warrior in early dungeons. EXCEPT he has constrict so he will pack a lot of damage if you dont have high AC

shock serpentShock serpent.png:Land version of electric eels. Thats why you would need rElec. Still packs a punch even with resistance. Don't fight them in open

Snake pit Summary

Make sure you have high AC,rF,rM,rP and rElec
Don't fight in the open
If you are using scroll of immolation, make sure you have conservation and high fire resistance
Carry some blink and teleport scroll in case you get teleported to unwanted places.

Unique monsters that will probably still kill you or get you killed even if you are careful

MaraMara.png: Something that you wish you'd never see in your game. He pretty much clones everythng including you. For some reason, he always appears in akward places like Swamp or Vaults 5 for me. Don't even bother fighting him if he appears in those places. Just leave him there after getting a rune. If you must kill him, just make sure you lure him into a staircase or something and do 1v1 deathmatch even though its gonna be a helluva work with his illusions.

I was planning to add some more uniques but to be honest, most of the uniques can probably be handled with berserk and summon bro combo except for those ones that could send you to abyss. But still, you can stop that from happening by having high MR or making your bros to tank for you so they cant cast banish on you. Just make sure you don't fight them with other horde of monsters.

VaultsVaults entry.png Phase

Now you have 2 runes in your hands (1 if you have crappy equipment and decided to clear first 4 levels of vault first). Go into depth till monsters are too hard to kill. Than go to vaults and clear out the first 4 levels of the vault (BUT do not go into crypts). You may also wish to go into hall of blades but I never really got anything good out of there. Than, you may wish to level up a bit more by wondering around depth or doing first 2 levels of elven halls (don't go into level 3 though) Once you feel ready, go into vault 5 and kill the welcome party and endless monsters that are after you. You will probably die here a LOT of times. My tip of advice is using scroll of immolation (considering that you do have high fire resistance and something to prevent your scrolls from burning or just drop all the scrolls beforehand). than use blink scroll to get yourself to a linear hallway and explode everything. Sounds lot easy but really hard to do. You might be lucky enough to survive and end up with golden dragon hide, which will be turned into your end game armour with enchant armour scroll. Once you've hacked through waves and waves of strong monsters, you will pick up the rune in the vaults .

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Vaults entry.png

Well, to be honest, pretty much everything in here is capable of killing you because there are so many enemies. At the same time, most monsters aren't really a threat to you in small numbers because you probably have good equipments by now

Still watch out for these

Vault sentinelVault sentinel.png: These things mark you so every single monster in the vaults come hunting for you. Kill them before they do that.

Vault wardenVault warden.png: They lock the doors AND stairs, preventing you to do stair fishing and kind of forces you to fight you in the open. Could be lethal in vault 5 so kill them as fast as you can.

Flayed ghostFlayed ghost.png: You probably bumped into one of these if your health goes below half immediately.Your health will come back to normal once you kill them so kill them before other things come kill you.

Other than that, watch out for bunch of dragons and DO NOT do the stair fishing on vaults 5.

Vaults summary

Clear out vault1-4 than get more experience before going to vault 5
Use scroll of immolation for vault 5 and blink scrolls to get advantage of narrow hallway
Be lucky enough to have almost all End game items by now (very important)
This is probably the hardest bit for you. BE REALLY REALLY CAREFUL and don't tab spam

End game Phase

Now that you have gained 3 runes and Finished clearing out the Depth, you are ready to go into the realm of zot. However, before that, make sure you have all of this

End game weapon

demon whipDemon whip.png of electricity OR lajatangLajatang2.png of speed or electricity Or equivilant version of whatever weapon you are using (It is also good to carry one of those useless looking anit magic brands along with few other branded weapon of frost or fire to deal with some draconians and spellcastors)

Full fire resistance, some cold resistance, poison and electric resistance and over ++++ Magic resistance
Mutation resistance
preservation equipment to stop your scrolls and potions getting destroyed
High AC, and Shield if you are going with one hand weapon
Enough number of scrolls of teleport, wand of teleport, wand of healing and potions of healing

If you checked everything out of this checklist, you are ready to enter the realm of Zot. (Good sign of you not being ready for this is when you were having hard time clearing out depths. In this case, use everything to get these equipment.) So basically realm of zot consists of lots of draconians, dragons and Disgusting orb of fire which really sucks. It will probably feel easier than vault 5 to be honest. Except for those toe zombie things and when you don't have enough escape tools. (I guarantee you will have them as long as you are really unlucky) You should be able to clear out the dungeon like stroll in a park if you have well enchanted electricity weapon or speed brand weapon as most things aren't resistant to electric dmg and speed is just so good that it kills everything that easily. Now just be careful and clear everything out till you find the orb of zot. Make sure you lure bite size enemies at a time and use your bro summon to take care with them along with your berserk.

Things that might kill you if you aren't careful enough Zot entry.png

Curse toeCurse toe.png: Cuts your health down like green togas in the early game and summons mushrooms. Summon your own bros and kill them before they can do any of this to you. Also, rN helps a lot too.

Electric golemElectric golem.png: Very fast and will be hard for electric brand bearers to kill him but as long as you have high enough AC and rElec, he wont be able to kill you either. Is probably dangerous when there are other things and when you are trying to run away though. Once again, Bro summon.

Moth of wrathMoth of wrath.png: I hate these things. Harmless by themselves but when they berserk something like dragons, you just gotta run.

Orb of fireOrb of fire.png: They pack lots of punch if you lack that +++ fire resistance and mutate you. They are tanky too. always only do 1v1 with these things. If there is something like curse toe or something nearby, do your best to separate them and kill them 1 by 1.

End game summary

Be careful
Be even more careful
Have rF+++rElec and mutation resistance

Get the hell out of here phase

To be honest, this was the easiest bit for me. Spam that teleport scroll after grabbing the orb so you get teleported to some place near stairs. Go up the stairs as fast as you can, don't stop unless you are really badly surrounded but there aren't anything like hellions or liches to do serious damage to you. In that case, use teleport scroll or wand. If you end up getting badly wounded, use wand of healing and potion of healing to heal yourself up. Now you just gotta escape with the orb for the 3 rune victory.

Abyss Abyss entry.png

Well, you will probably desperately reading this because you got sent to abyss by Crazy yiuf or something. I can only say you are pretty much dead unless you got sent to abyss after you cleared out vaults. If you still haven't even got to lair yet, just press cntrl q and quit. If you got up to more than lair and have item thats so good, try running one way till you find exit. Don't stop for anything. If you have amulet of resist mutation, put that thing on. If you are really lucky, you might find your way out but most times, you will die here. Things that CAN send you to abyss are

Anything carrying chaos brand weapon
Anything carrying distortion brand weapon
Unequiping distortion brand weapon (don't even bother wearing one in the first place because it teleports things away, which is bad thing to happen when you are on berserk)
Someone casting Banishment on you
Stepping on a Zot trap


Even if you do everything I tell you to do in this guide, I guarantee you that it will take 500 dead cows to actually finish the game with 3 runes. You need to be pretty lucky to find all that items I've mentioned and normally, you wouldn't be that lucky. Also, you will only learn your lesson from dying to random things that you've never seen before and try not to make the same mistake again in your next game. I've only listed really dangerous things that I died to too many times and I bet I got killed by something lame like Jessica or green rat because I was tab spamming. Every time you die to something, look it up in this wiki and you will probably find some useful piece of information and probably manage to kill it next time. I just wish you a good luck and hope you finish this damn addictive game.